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'That's terrible' White Feather cried, looking genuinely distressed at this. It was as if when she spoke the words, he felt her pain and sorrow within him. 'I felt your sadness from afar' White Feather told her. 'That is what drew me to you. Weather Makers and fairies like myself have an ancient bond which dates back to long ago, longer than anyone can remember.'

'Weather Maker?' Amaia repeated. 'That is the first time I have heard that word. Is that what I am?'

'Yes' White Feather bowed. 'It is.'

'My mother was a Weather Maker' Amaia said, 'she passed her gift onto me. If you could call it a gift.'

Amaia raised both her hands before her, staring at her open palms.

'Weather Maker…' she said.

Chapter Fifty


'Hey look!' Amaia called running from her mother's side. 'Butterflies!'

Amaia leapt forwards, squealing and giggling in delight as she chased them. She jumped, trying to catch the butterflies fluttering about, but they lifted higher into the sky and out of her reach.

Amaia smiled up towards them as they disappeared from sight. She turned, the hem of her dress swirled as she did so. Amaia crouched, running her fingers through the grass and picking a flower from one of the many scattered about. Amaia lifted the flower to her lips, smelling the beautiful scent.

'It's so pretty' Amaia said, 'I wish I could keep it. I wish flowers would stay pretty forever.'

She drew the flower away from her, concentrating hard. The flower began to whiten. Frost grew down from the petals and down the stem, enveloping the whole flower in an icy glaze.

Someone suddenly grabbed her arm, wheeling her around. The flower slipped from her fingers and fell, the frost quickly melting away as it lay in the grass. Amaia stared up into the face of her mother, who was livid with rage.

'Never do that again!' Ramana hissed through gritted teeth, shaking her violently. 'Do you understand me? Never, ever again!'

Amaia stared up at her mother in utter shock and disbelief.

'Promise me' Ramana whispered, tightening her grip on Amaia's shoulders. 'Promise me you will never do that again.'

She was hurting her as her nails dug into her arm, but Amaia didn't try to resist.

'I promise' Amaia whispered back.

'What's wrong?' Farrell asked as he approached them.

Ramana released Amaia, turning to face him.

'Nothing' Ramana replied sternly, glaring at her daughter who shrank uncertainly under her mother's gaze. 'I was just tea

ching Amaia a very valuable lesson.'

Farrell shrugged this off, and continued. 'Look Amaia' he said, kneeling as he produced an item hidden on his person.

Amaia glowed at the sight of it.

'It's a little person' Farrell explained, dancing it through the air to demonstrate. 'We could make more of them together if you like.'

Amaia snatched it from him greedily, but Farrell did not tell her off for this. Amaia stared wide eyed down at the little toy man made of straw and twig.

'We could make a whole town' Amaia said.

'I've just had a good idea' Farrell said enthusiastically at her thought. 'We could make this town, with all the people that you know, and the buildings. And we could make little mini fences for the fields.'

'And we could make your scary horse too' Amaia said bouncing up and down excitedly. 'I'm so happy! Could you help me make them? Pleeeeeze!'

'She was furious when she saw me using magic. I've never seen her so angry before. My mother never raised her voice to me, not ever. But on that day, I thought that she would hit me. Amaia hugged herself at the memory.

'I was frightened.'

White Feather watched her silently as she told her story. There was a sadness about him as he listened, a strange sort of understanding, like he had heard a similar story before.

'I have not used my magic since that day' Amaia continued. 'But perhaps by then it was too late.' She sighed, turning away from White Feather. 'I've thought of it a lot in the years I've spent here. Perhaps on that day someone other than my mother saw me. Maybe it was one of my father's soldiers, or perhaps a traveller or merchant that was passing through the town. I must have been seen by someone, because that was the only time in my life that I have ever used my magic… and I've been afraid to ever since.' Amaia's lip began to quiver. 'It was not long after when………when….'

She took a steady breath.

'What happened?' White Feather asked tentatively. 'Was that the day you were taken?'

Amaia's eyes glazed over.

'That was the day' she finally continued after a time, 'that my life changed…'

Ramana sighed wearily, resting with her chin on her hands. For some time Amaia played, completely distracted with her own games.

'Hey look! Mother look!'

Ramana lifted her head, straightening up to see her daughter lying on the ground on her belly with her arms and legs sprawled out awkwardly.

'Look!' she gleamed, crawling forwards. 'I'm a beetle!'

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