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   Chapter 169 No.169

The WeatherMaker Hearts Desire By Lady Lilium Characters: 4986

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He closed his eyes; smiling as he revealed four, long thin glass-like wings that grew from his back in a glow of white light. They were beautiful, with black veins running down them, looking almost like spider web patterns, or the patterns on a leaf. And for some reason, at the sight of them, Amaia suddenly felt very safe around this character. She felt that she could trust him.

'Amaia' White Feather gleamed. 'We have a lot to catch up on.'

'So tell me about yourself.' Amaia said as the two walked side by side through the many rooms. 'Where did you come from?'

'Where did I come from?' White Feather repeated. 'I came…' his eyes grew distant, 'from a place far away, a terrible place. Before I met you, I served another.'

'You serve me now?' Amaia asked curiously.

White Feather grinned, turning to face her. He placed a hand across his chest, dropping to a knee and bowing low. 'For hundreds of years, my kind have served your kind, we are your guardians and servants.' White Feather opened his eyes, looking up to her again. 'My kind are rare, our only purpose in existence it to protect and watch over you.' White Feather fixed Amaia with a deep stare, his body frozen in position. 'I will always be loyal to you, I will never waver. Wherever you go, I go. I will obey your every wish, no matter what. Even if you asked me to take my own life, I would do so willingly, and with happiness.'

'I would never ask of such a thing' Amaia breathed.

'Then what would you ask of me?'

Amaia reached forwards, holding White Feather gently by his shoulders and lifting him to his feet again.

'I ask you only to be happy' she told him. 'And I would never ask anything wrong of you.'

'Then let me serve you' White Feather begged her. 'That would make me very happy.'

'Then stay here with me' Amaia said. 'For as long as you want.'

White Feather glowed at this. He held his hands together over his heart, breathing a heavy sigh. 'Oh, Amaia, we're going to be the best of friends, I just know it.'

Amaia smiled at this. 'But…' she said, 'what happened to the one you served before?'

A dark look crossed White Feather's face, and Amaia for a moment wondered if she had been wrong to ask. But White Feather was willing to answer.

'She was murdered' White Feather hissed, with raw venom in his voice. He snarled then, and Amaia for the briefest of moments was afraid of him. But then White Feather relaxed his body, letting out a deep breath. 'I knew her' Wh

ite Feather began, 'for a very long time. But' he went on, 'before she died, she asked me to find someone to protect, someone like you' he said, raising his head to her. 'I never realised I would find you in such a beautiful place.'

'This place?' Amaia said sadly, holding herself. 'This is a prison'

'But it is a wonderful prison' White Feather sang, throwing his arms out dramatically. 'There are worse places you could be after all.'

'I know' Amaia mumbled. 'I've spent most of my life here alone in these rooms, but I've learnt a lot about the world through books and such. I've read of all kinds of things, good and bad. I have learnt about prisons that exist, and have existed, they are terrible places I know…but…at least......people in those prisons have company.'

'It's alright now' White Feather told her, 'we have each other.'

Amaia paused. Her eyes drifted past White Feather, and to his wings behind him.

'They look so fragile.'

'Trust me, they are not as delicate as they look' White Feather winked. 'Would you like to touch them?'

White Feather turned around so that Amaia could reach them. She ran her finger lightly over the black veins in his wings.

'They're so beautiful' Amaia breathed. 'I wish I had wings just like that.'

'I would give them to you if I could' White Feather smiled. 'But I'm afraid they are attached to me.'

Amaia giggled. 'The way you speak, ' she said to him, 'it's very strange.'

'Do I amuse you?' White Feather asked, placing his hands on his hips. He twirled, flicking his hair back as he did so and facing Amaia again.

'You know, this place is really big' White Feather said, changing the subject. 'I don't think I've seen a dwelling with so many rooms so large. I must say, you certainly have a lot of space to wander in.'

'It is quite big' Amaia agreed. 'I grew up in a large home. But this is far larger than the home my father owned.'

'Your father?' White Feather asked. 'Tell me more about your father, does he live here?'

'No' Amaia smiled sadly. 'He is far away.' Her gaze drifted towards one of the windows, beyond which was a world she did not know.'

'Does he come to visit you?'

'No' Amaia sighed miserably. 'I'm sure he doesn't even know where I am.'

'What do you mean?'

'I was stolen from my family' Amaia explained, 'when I was very young. I have lived here alone in these empty halls for perhaps ten years, maybe more. I have lost track of the days…these past few years.'

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