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   Chapter 167 No.167

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'I will never be mad' the king answered simply, 'if I have her.'

'Then make the most of your sanity' the Weather Maker stared coolly. 'And I say for the last time. There is nothing I can do.'

The king glared, controlling his anger well despite his rage and despair.

'Then I have no need for you.'

The king approached the Weather Maker sitting in the chair, lifting his hands to grab her.

Instead of showing fear, the woman turned her head to look behind her, speaking to the figure that only she could see.

'This is my last chance isn't it? I won't ever come back again.'

'If there was anything I could do to save you...' the figure answered, not even trying to hold back his grief, 'then I would do it. But I can't help you this time……I'm sorry…'

The woman looked forwards to face the king again, but continued to speak to the figure behind her.

'Please' she said to the figure. 'Do not be sad for me. I've lived my life. Find someone younger and protect them. This is my final wish.'

She bowed her head with a smile, closing her eyes as if content. When she opened them again, she stared calmly at the king, and waited for his hands to close around her neck.

The figure watched helplessly as the Weather Maker was slowly strangled. Her body slumped in her chair seconds later and she became still, lifeless.

The king let out a breath, turning mournfully away from the woman. The figure who stood behind her glared with pure hatred at the king, in his head swearing vengeance.

The figure walked past the king and across the room. He spared one last glance back to the woman he had known for so long, feeling like he had lost a piece of himself. But with her dead, there was nothing left for him here now, and he remembered her last words.

Find someone younger and protect them. This is my final wish

The figure released his delicate wings. He tip-toed quietly to the window, and placing his hand upon the sill he climbed up. Leaping forwards he fluttered through the air and away from the tower, and that dreaded place that had become a hell.

Sarah giggled, shoving her friend playfully.

'Stop that' her friend scolded, grinning and pushing her back. 'You have to serve the lady now; you wouldn't want to keep her waiting would you?'

Sarah set the tray, with tea, sugar and a single cup and saucer. Before leaving the kitchen she composed herself, taking a deep breath and bowing her head before picking up the tray and walking out. She regained her submissive quiet character, as the servant she was expected to be, and walked quietly down the long corridor towards the room where the lady waited.

She approached the woman,

who as usual wore the most beautiful of dresses. Today it was royal blue and deep in shade.

Sarah placed the tray carefully on the low table before the woman, keeping her head low as she one by one put the cup and saucer and the sugar and the tea neatly on the table. Before she knew it, the woman's hand shot out, grabbing her by the arm. Sarah gasped in shock at the sudden movement, staring back at the woman and making eye contact with her for the first time in months. Her heart was pained to see the woman's eyes were deep with sorrow and full of despair.

'Please' the woman begged. 'Please just speak to me!'

Sarah held the woman's gaze for far too long. Several seconds later, when Sarah had recovered from the shock of the woman's suddenly outburst, she realised herself. Taking the woman by the hand and prising her fingers open so that her arm was freed again. Sarah averted her eyes from the woman, returning to habit and staring at the ground.

Sarah kept her head bowed low as she rose, turning swiftly away and scurrying off with the tray clutched to her chest. She closed the door with a snap, leaving the woman, once again, alone.

She tried not to think about it, but the guilt and sadness gnawed at her each time she was around that woman. She could only imagine how she must be feeling, to be so alone. What did all this service and good food matter when you had no one to share it with? The woman likely did not appreciate the beauty of the home she lived in. The large and lavish halls and glorious designs and colours of the mansion she had spent the majority of her life in all meant nothing, when you were trapped by them. Sarah found it sad to think, that despite being a lowly servant who spent most of her life grovelling to her superiors (which included everyone besides her own family) that she was perhaps richer than that woman. In reality, despite first glance, the woman had nothing, and the servant had everything.

Sarah tried not to think about it, for there was nothing she could do. She wished sometimes that she could go away and work somewhere else, so she did not have to see the woman's sadness and misery. But she worked where she was ordered, as a servant does.

Sarah closed the door behind her, returning to the kitchen in the servant's quarters. She danced up behind one of the girls who was chopping carrots, and poked her hard either side of her waist with a sharp prod.

The girl squeaked, leaping up into the air.

'Sarah!' she squealed. 'Don't scare me like that; you know how I hate it.'

'But I love the look on your face when you jump' Sarah giggled, tickling her friend. 'It's so amusing for me.'

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