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   Chapter 163 No.163

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'Here' the healer said, stirring a white powdery substance into a glass of water and handing it to Arlen. 'Drink this. It will ease the pain.'

Arlen reached forwards with shaking hands and took the glass, putting it to his lips and drinking.

Before he was even half finished, the glass slipped from his hands, and he threw his head back, screaming at the top of his lungs and pawing at his stomach. The healers all rushed to him, trying to hold him down as he thrashed around.

'What's happening?!' Farrell called to the healers in panic. 'What's wrong?!'

'It must be the poison' one healer shouted, another beside her bound a gag around Arlen's mouth to keep him silent, fighting him as he clawed desperately at her arms as she did so, leaving scratches in her skin which bled.

Farrell watched helplessly as his brother struggled, Arlen's eyes screwed tight shut, tears running from them.

His body began to convulse, he was heaving as if he were about to be sick.

'Quick!' the older healer barked. 'Take that off and let him go!'

The instant the gag was removed and the healers released him, Arlen rolled onto his side, being violently sick. Farrell's crippled hand went to his mouth in shock. Arlen had coughed up blood.

The room fell silent. Arlen stayed hanging off the edge of the bed, having fallen silent also. He gagged again, throwing up more blood, and the medicine he had ingested.

He rolled onto his back again, moaning in pain and clutching his stomach, shifting constantly, never staying still. He didn't speak, but began to cry. The healer beside him leant over him again, beginning to examine him. Arlen's blood dotted the front of her white dress.

The old healer turned from him silently, taking Farrell by the arm and marching with him out of the room.

'I must speak with you' she murmured to him, leaving the other healers to tend to Arlen and closing the door after them. 'Come with me to my office.'

'I know what ails him' the old healer said in a low tone a short while later. 'I'm afraid the news isn't good.'

'Just tell me' Farrell urged. 'Please!' his voice shook as he spoke, the horror of witnessing his brother in so much pain was more than he could bear.

'Please' Farrell whispered quietly now. 'I have to know the truth.'

The old healer pursed her lips, she answered only reluctantly.

'Your brother has been poisoned' the older healer replied. 'It is a particularly nasty poison, its purpose to cause as much suffering as possible before death. If the victim ingests anything, medicines and painkillers included, the poison in their system begins to react. They cannot even drink water.'

'What can we do?' Farrell whispered.

'I'm sorr

y' the healer bowed her head. 'There is no cure. The best thing we can do is to end his suffering.'

'No' Farrell began to shake his head. 'No….'

'It's the only way' the healer spoke gently. 'The other alternative…..' she broke off. 'It's best if we end his suffering as soon as possible.'

'I want to see him again' Farrell said in a dead tone. 'I have to.'

'If you must. He is your brother' she said. 'It's your call.'

Farrell rose from his seat slowly, moving away from the desk and leaving the office. He wandered down the corridor, reaching out to the wall for support.

He stopped at the end of the corridor, covering his mouth with a hand, his body hunched over as he fought back tears.

He glanced up, seeing the closed door to the room his brother lay in.

Farrell straightened, heading reluctantly over to it.

He opened the door and stepped in, closing the door quietly behind him. Inside the room was dark, there were no windows. His brother was on the bed utterly still, lying on his side curled up and holding his stomach.

Farrell approached him slowly, standing before him.

'Arlen?' he said in a low voice. 'Can you hear me?'

Arlen did not move. Farrell knelt before him, reaching out a hand to gently shake him.


He slowly opened his eyes, staring back at Farrell blearily. There was no recognition in him. His skin was sickly pale and beaded with sweat.

He stared at Farrell for a few seconds, his gaze out of focus, before closing his eyes again.

Farrell blinked several times, fighting back his tears, his face screwed up in grief.

'Arlen' he sobbed, grabbing his brother's hand, it was cold to the touch. 'Please…' Farrell begged, 'please don't die……please don't leave me…….I can't live in this world without you….' He bowed his head, tears streaming down his cheeks now. 'There's too much in my life I've already lost….too much in my life that I regret….' He leant forward, resting his forehead against Arlen's. 'I'm sorry Arlen' he whispered. 'I'm sorry this happened to you……I'm sorry I couldn't protect you…'

He rose to his feet and headed out of the room, glancing back one last time at his brother through his tears, before he left.

He went away to be alone after that, his feet taking him to a secluded part of the temple, far from the other holy figures that wandered the silent corridors. He found himself a time later in a small room, a private quarter meant for praying alone. Before him was a statue, a depiction of the goddess Kachi. A beautiful maiden, the mother of the sea, where it was believed all life began. Head thrown back, arms extended, she was surrounded by great eels which were enveloped around her scaly tail.

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