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   Chapter 160 No.160

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Shawn approached him slowly.

'Where are the keys to the cells?'

The guard hesitated, glancing down at himself.

Shawn made a lunge for him, the two fought; Shawn struggled against the burly armoured man, managing to subdue him long enough to plunge his knife downwards through the guard's shoulder between the armour. Jerking the knife back as the unfortunate guard crumpled beneath him.

He snatched the keys from the dead man, and was just dragging his body back to hide it, when another guard rounded the corner.

They both froze in shock at the sight of one another.

Then the guard drew his sword, starting towards him. Shawn raised his knife. They fought, but in the close quarters of the narrow tunnel, the guard was at a disadvantage, and Shawn was able to beat him back, driving the knife into the man's armpit between his armour. But not before he felt the tip of the sword sink into him, and back out again.

Shawn pushed the guard back, letting go of the knife that remained in the body of the guard as he fell.

Shawn leant against the wall behind him, holding his side, feeling suddenly afraid.

He dared to look down at himself, sobbing in frustration.

He was bleeding.

Shawn straightened up, forcing himself onwards. He bent down to pick up the fallen keys, making his way back down the corridor and towards the cells.

He headed to the end of the corridor, towards the door on the right. As he went by several other doors, he passed other figures that were imprisoned. Having been alerted by the sound of fighting, they stood at their doors, peering through the little barred windows towards him.

Shawn counted seven faces. Seven Weather Makers imprisoned here besides Annabel.

Shawn passed them, and reached the door at the end of the corridor.

'Anna' Shawn hissed.

'Shawn?' came the response immediately.

Annabel's face appeared.

'What are you doing here?' she asked him incredulous.

Shawn grimaced in pain, gritting his teeth; hand pressed to his side.

'I came for you' he gasped. 'I couldn't leave you.'

'I thought you had forgotten about me.'

'No' Shawn whispered back to her, touching her face through the bars. 'I could never….' He glanced down the corridor, before lifting the keys.

'What about the others?' Annabel asked him when the door was open.

'I can't save them' Shawn told her firmly. 'I'm sorry….I just….they know I'm here…'

'Shawn?' Annabel asked him, worry laced her tone. 'What's wrong?'


hing I'm fine' he answered abruptly. 'Now come on, we have to hurry.'

He followed her down the corridor, but couldn't keep up.

'Which way?' she asked him when they reached the end of the corridor which split in two.

'Left' Shawn whispered, following after her and trying his best to straighten.

Annabel walked swiftly down the corridor, rounding a corner but immediately stepping back.

They waited there for the voices of the guards around the corner to fade away. Behind Annabel, Shawn leant against the wall for support. He was beginning to pale now; he could feel the warm touch of the blood running from the wound and down his leg.

Annabel looked back at him wide-eyed.


His knees buckled, and he slid down the wall, hunched over.

'Shawn' Annabel hissed in a whisper. 'What happened?'

She moved his hand away forcefully as he held himself, to see what was wrong.

'You're hurt…' she stammered drawing back at the sight of blood.

Shawn didn't answer.

'This is my fault' she panicked. 'I'm so sorry.'

'No' Shawn told her. 'It was my choice to come….I couldn't leave you…'


'I couldn't leave you' he repeated.

There were tears in his eyes.

They escaped the prison.

Their progress was slow, Shawn walked with his arm slung around Annabel, and she did her best to support him. But when they reached the outside world again, it wasn't far along the road they had walked when Shawn collapsed.

'Shawn!' Annabel cried in horror.

'I'll be fine' Shawn said, his voice shaking, and skin ever growing paler still. 'I'll be fine…'

'Please don't die' Annabel begged him. 'Please….I love you…'

He met her eyes.

'Anna' Shawn whispered to her, reaching out to touch her face, his body quivering as if he were freezing. 'Tell…tell my family….'

But they were the last words he ever spoke. As Annabel held him in her arms, caressing his face with a shaking hand, she saw that he was already dead.

She bowed her head over his, as the realisation was slowly sinking in.

'No Shawn…' she whispered to him as she began to cry. 'Please don't leave me….'

She looked down at him, hand beneath his chin, turning his head up to face hers. But he saw nothing.

'No……….oh gods no….this can't be happening.' She leant forward, sobbing into his chest, falling back on her heels, holding his dead weight in both her arms.

She screamed, pulling at his hair and clothes, bawling hysterically as she rocked him back and forth.

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