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   Chapter 159 No.159

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Arlen gritted his teeth, persistent. He moved quickly again, grabbing Shawn as he went to strike him, sweeping his leg behind Shawn's, knocking him off balance and throwing him to the floor. Arlen knelt on his chest and punched him hard in the face; Shawn was only able to free himself by slashing up at Arlen with a knife he had hidden up his sleeve, rising again as Arlen drew back. Arlen was quickly able to disarm him before swinging a fist at him again. With one hand Shawn diverted this blow, with the other hand he struck Arlen hard in the abdomen, using his own body weight against him and throwing him to the floor. Kicking him once hard in the side and balling his fist, using his body weight to strike down at Arlen again in the abdomen as hard as he could.

Shawn pulled back as Arlen held himself, moaning in agony and unable to fight any longer.

'Enough' he gasped. 'Enough...

Shawn straightened and stormed off, heading again towards the saddled horses. He mounted one of the steeds, pausing only briefly to glance down at Arlen as he sat up gingerly. Other men from nearby who had seen the fight, approached to see if he was alright. Shawn kicked his horse hard and rode swiftly away.

'Are you alright?' one man said to Arlen as he lay on his side. 'What happened?'

'I'm fine…' Arlen gasped. 'I'll be fine…'

Arlen accepted the soldiers help as he put an arm around him and lifted Arlen to his feet. Arlen staggering again, leaning heavily on the soldier for support and grasping his head. He straightened, moaning as his body pained him.

'What happened here?' the soldier asked him.

'Nothing' Arlen said through gritted teeth. 'Not much….'

He groaned again, holding himself.

'I'll be fine' he whispered, taking his arm back from the soldier who supported him.

'Perhaps you should see a healer?' the soldier suggested.

'No' Arlen shook his head, standing tall now. 'I've lived through much worse. I'll be fine.'

Talut left them shortly after, setting out to kill the king once he had prepared all he needed.

He vanished into the night to complete his task. Back at the camp, the others waited.

'Why don't we go after them?' Adam suggested to Arlen after a time.

'No' Arlen droned. 'There is nothing we can do that Talut won't do himself. If anything we'd just get in the way.'

'But Shawn…'

'No' Arlen said quietly. 'We cannot help him.'

Adam watched Arlen closely. His face was cut and swollen and bruised, and there were numerous other bruises over his body, hidden

from view beneath his clothes, the wounds he had sustained from his fight with Shawn. But although they hurt him, Arlen hid the pain. It was nothing he wasn't used to.

Adam cursed under his breath, gritting his teeth.

'What is it Adam' Arlen asked him not looking at him.

'Where is Tristan?' he muttered in response under his breath. 'He's been gone for ages….he wasn't amongst the dead last time we were attacked, and he hasn't met us here.' He glanced away before looking back again. 'Where on earth is he? It's awfully suspicious if you ask me.'

'I'm sure you're right' Arlen nodded bleakly. 'I very much doubt he is dead. Planning something behind our backs most likely, I'm sure we will see him again sometime.'

Shawn rode the distance to the capital without rest. By the time he arrived at the palace, his horse was exhausted and near ready to collapse.

He tied the creature up nearby, somewhere hidden where it would not be seen. He watched the place for hours, walking back and forth, trying to find the best place to enter.

After a time he saw a small tunnel protruding from the rocks at the back of the palace. It was narrow and dingy, a small river running nearby.

He approached through this way, sneaking down the quiet corridor beneath the rocks. He had found the right place. This was the exit from the jails.

He clung in the shadows for hours, feeling horribly exposed as he listened to the murmurs of guards nearby, and with nowhere to hide, he stayed crouched where he was, until the voices moved off.

The corridors were long, and there were many different paths winding and twisting and turning, there were so many places guards could emerge from and catch him.

Shawn put the thought from his mind. He proceeded, coming behind an armed guard who stood with his back to him. Shawn hid for many minutes behind a corner, before stepping out, having not heard another sound for a long while.

'I have a crossbow aimed at your back' he spoke in a low voice. The guard immediately tensed. 'If you move, turn around or make any noise I'll kill you.' He waited for a moment. 'Where are the others?' he asked quietly. 'You can speak.'

'They come and go' the guard answered shortly, not daring to turn. 'There's no one here at the moment.'

'Where is the black haired woman that was brought here recently?'

'Are you her lover?' the guard asked with a sneer in his voice.

'Piss me off' Shawn answered quickly, 'and I kill you. Where is she?'

'End of the corridor on the right.'

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