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He did not let go, until she was dead.

Immediately after, he left his job at the inn to search for something else. Travelling alone with his horse, one day he was walking through a section of woods near a village, when he found a terrified boy with a fresh burn that covered half his face.

'Hey there kid' he frowned down at the boy. 'Are you alright?'

Chapter Forty Six

Annabel's Ending

'I've killed many people in my life' William explained, 'but never before have I felt life ebb away beneath my very fingers.'

'You're a scary man you know that?' Adam said.

'What was I supposed to do?' William snarled. 'She left me. I could not live with the heartache, and I could not let her live knowing she was with someone else.'

'You should have just let it go' Adam told him calmly.

'No' William sighed. 'I couldn't.'

'You shouldn't hang onto the past' Bill said from the doorway of the tent.

He had been absent for the longest time, and William had begun to worry. But now here he stood.

'Bill' William sighed with relief. 'You're alive!'

'You bet' Bill laughed stepping into the tent.

'I thought for a moment that the beast had had you.'

'Not me' Bill said sitting heavily on the edge of William's bed. 'I'm tough.'

'Do you mind?' William spoke to Adam. 'I want to talk to Bill alone.'

'Sure' Adam nodded, rising. He left the tent.

William spoke to Bill now.

'Bill….how have you been?'

In the confusion of the aftermath of the fight, it took them far too long to realise something was wrong. But when Shawn returned to them after going back down the mountainside to the ships to check on Annabel, he returned in a panic.

'She's gone!' he cried to Arlen. 'Annabel's gone!'

Arlen rose from his seat, speaking to Shawn.

'Are you sure she hasn't…'

'No' Shawn shouted back, grabbing Arlen's shoulders and shaking him. 'The few soldiers we left there to guard her are dead!' he faltered then, as more thoughts began to process in his mind. 'Oh gods…' he said. 'That's why the king left so quickly……he doesn't care about us…he only wanted her….'

He let go of Arlen, wandering a few steps away, and going completely pale.

'Gods…' he said again. 'I let this happen...'

'Shawn' Arlen said sternly. 'Stop for a minute. Let's think about this...'

Whatever he said after that, Shawn didn't hear him, so caught up was he in the fear and panic of losing her.

'Anna…' he whispered to himself beginning to tremble. 'I'm going to find her

' Shawn spoke loudly now.

'No' Arlen said.

'What do you mean no?' Shawn demanded rounding on him. 'Why not?'

'You're rushing into this too fast' Arlen reasoned. 'You'll put yourself in danger. Talut is going to kill the king. Annabel will be safe.'

'Why hasn't he already left yet?'

'Calm down' Arlen told him, raising a hand. 'It's no small task what he's about to do. I'm sure there's some level of preparation involved.'

'It's not good enough' Shawn glowered. 'Every minute Annabel is gone…..what could be happening to her right now? She could be suffering. In pain…'

He paused.

'I've got to go' he said, turning on his heel and marching away.

'Shawn' Arlen raised his voice following him. 'Stay where you are!'

'I don't take orders from you' he shot back without pausing. 'I have to save her. I'll do it alone if I have you.'

'You could die!'

'I WOULD RISK THAT FOR HER!' Shawn called back turning to face him again.

Arlen halted.

Shawn glared furiously at him; then began to walk away again.

'Shawn! Stop!'

Shawn didn't listen, but continued to make his way towards the horses, many of which were still saddled.

Arlen started towards Shawn before he could reach them, grabbing him from behind to try to stop him. Shawn immediately threw his head back, smacking Arlen in the nose.

He turned to face him as Arlen stumbled back.

Shawn stood there, shoulders hunched, legs apart, waiting, for what Arlen would do next.

Arlen lowered his hands from his bleeding nose, straightening up.

Arlen strode towards him; unsure of what he would do Shawn attacked him first.

Shawn grabbed him by the wrist and swung his elbow, striking Arlen hard across the face, then back again, with the bony tip. Arlen stumbled back, falling to his knees and holding himself, fighting to stay conscious.

He lifted his head towards Shawn again, upper lip curling in anger.

Arlen rose to his feet gingerly, shaking his head to clear his mind, and moved forwards again. Lunging towards him and striking Shawn several times in the chest, pushing him back, finishing off with a blow to the head. Shawn staggered, but recovered quickly, spinning around and grabbing Arlen's wrist as he made a move for him again. Holding his wrist and pulling Arlen toward him as he struck out, kicking him with the base of his boot in his waist below Arlen's ribs. Arlen staggered back, holding himself double over, his head still swimming from when Shawn had hit him first.

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