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'Shawn is older' Ramana argued, speaking loudly over Amaia's protests at being treated like a child. She put her hand over Amaia's face and shoved her back playfully, causing Amaia to become even more irate and indignant.

'Hush now' Ramana cooed at her as Amaia became ever louder. 'You can have maybe a tiny sip when you're a little older.'

'But that's not fair!'

'Shush my child' Ramana whispered, kissing her forehead. 'Be still.' She held her again, this time gently. Her other hand she reached out for Farrell, pulling him towards her in a hug. 'These days…' Ramana sighed blissfully content, 'have been the happiest in my life…'

'Ramana….' Farrell whispered, lip quivering and tears coming to him. 'I miss you so much…'

He looked then to Amaia, who stared blankly back at him.

Farrell reached a hand forward to touch her, intending to caress her and stroke her hair back. But he woke before he was able to do so, staring up at the canvas of the tent above him.

He let out a sigh, feeling his heart sinking in his chest. And then he heard the noise again that had woke him. Nearby, just outside his tent, he could hear Woodworm's voice.

He was shouting and kicking up a fuss. Farrell listened to him. He sounded to be in pain.

Woodworm moaned again, gritting his teeth and throwing his head back as he lay on the bed outside. Around him were others like him that had been injured in the fight, but because his wounds were severe, he was one of the first to be seen by a healer.

'Give me drugs!' he demanded clutching his wound. 'Give me medicine! Make it stop hurting!'

'Keep still' Adam ordered him, trying to hold him down.

Woodworm tensed, lying back and obeying as the healer lifted his shirt to see the wound. He had been stabbed.

He tensed in pain, screwing his eyes tight shut as the healer pressed a cold damp cloth to his skin to clean the blood away.

'Will you hurry up man?!' Woodworm demanded. 'I haven't got all day!'

A few hours later and Woodworm rested on a bed in one of the tents, still and quiet as he slept. Adam found him again and spoke to him, Woodworm being a light sleeper, woke as he heard him approaching.

'They said you wouldn't make it' Adam told him. 'They said you would die for sure.'

'Well they were wrong then weren't they' he replied.

'You should have died' Adam pressed. 'That wound was severe. How did you live?'

'Willpower' Woodworm answered flatly. 'I am desperate to l

ive. I must live.'

Adam hummed thoughtfully to himself.

'Earlier' Adam spoke, 'you said something. You said you can't die….because you can't meet her again. What did you mean?'

'Ahhh' Woodworm sighed, shifting in his bed. 'That is a tragic story indeed, and I suppose I may as well tell someone now before I die, and my name isn't really Woodworm. It's William.'

He took a heavy breath, closing his eyes as he did.

'I'll tell you what I meant' he said. 'Someone may as well know….before I die…as all men do in the end.'

Chapter Forty Five

Past Events

William stilled, listening to the sounds outside his bedroom. There was the sound of muffled talking, people moving from one room to another, but not going towards his.

He looked down again, sitting on the floor with his trousers pulled down to expose his thigh.

He took another steady breath, lifting the knife, and ran it across his skin. The long cut he had pressed into himself was one to join many others on his thigh, some old, some new. He was about to make another, when he froze.

There were footsteps heading towards his room.

William rose swiftly, pulling his trousers up and very carefully tucking the knife in his belt behind him. He waited, standing at the back of the room against the wall.

His bedroom door opened, and William saw him standing there.

He smiled. 'Your mother's just gone out' the man said closing the door after him.

William stared hard at him as the man moved casually to his bed.

'She won't be back for a while now.'

William did not answer.

The man sat on the bed, smiling at William.

'Why don't you come over here?' the man suggested nicely.

'I think…' William said firmly, 'I am rather happy where I am.'

'Don't make this harder for yourself.'

William still didn't move.

The man sighed, rising and moving towards him.

'Stay back!' William snapped at him, producing the knife and pointing it at him. 'You will not touch me again.'

'What are you doing?' the man sighed wearily.

'Keep your…' William made a face of disgust, 'filthy hands off me. I'm getting away from here' he said, still pointing the knife and heading carefully to the door, never taking his eyes from the man. 'I'm leaving. I'm going someplace better.'

'Where will you go?' the man asked lazily.

'Anywhere' William growled back. He let go with one hand the knife, and fumbled behind him for the door handle.

'But your mother….'

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