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   Chapter 154 No.154

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Arlen screamed as he felt his shoulder dislocate, fumbling desperately on his person for something, anything that could save him. When finding nothing, he balled his fist that was trapped, firing the weapon and penetrating the beast's fleshy skin. The beast moaned in agony, letting go of his arm. Arlen instantly turned his attention to the other arm that held him by his ankle, firing the last dart in the wrist weapon. The beast dropped him, stumbling back and nursing its wounds, screeching in rage.

Arlen sat up. He watched with unnatural calm as the beast thrashed around wailing, his hand went to his dislocated shoulder, and he took a deep breath. He knelt, bending his elbow on the side where his shoulder was dislocated to form a ninety degree angle, ignoring the pain as he did so. He turned his arm to the side, slowly rotating it upwards and raising his arm slowly, until his shoulder slipped back into place, gritting his teeth and groaning as he did so.

He let out a heavy breath, relaxing slightly and turning his attention back on the beast which had seemed to calm slightly, and in turn was turning its attention back onto him.

It began to grumble, a low echoing moan that sounded over and over again. It heaved its bulky mass towards him again, moving closer.

Arlen watched as it approached, his mind working furiously.

'I've seen you before' Arlen spoke calmly to the beast as it drew ever closer still. 'I know your weakness.'

The gap closed between them. Arlen reached into his pocket, pulling one of the three bombs he carried, the ones he had bought in the market in the land across the sea.

The creature grabbed him again with both its arms, lifting him up as Arlen twisted the top of the bomb, lighting the fuse. He jerked his head around as he was lifted higher into the air, grasped tightly by the putrid and deformed hands of the beast. He hurled the ball, aiming for the creature's mouth, and watching as the bomb slid down its vile throat. He gritted his teeth, groaning in pain as the creature made to pull him apart again, intending to kill him. But seconds later, the bomb exploded, and Arlen was released, falling to the ground. He picked himself off the ground again, gazing back at the abomination as it howled and screamed, burning on the inside, consumed by a great figure.

The creature reached for him again, with more aggression and anger than before. Arlen rolled to the side, avoiding its lunge, cutting it again and again as it wailed in anguish. But consumed by fire and in pain, Arlen managed to avoid its blows as it thrashed around desperately; leaping out of the way of a falling mound of rock as the creature stumbled back, hitting the mountain behind it.

Arlen faltered then, suddenly noticing something. A lump on the beast that was different from the other deformities on its body. As Arlen stared at it closely, he sa

w that it was throbbing, beating.

'A heart…' Arlen whispered.

He threw away the sword he had hastily picked up, choosing instead another fallen weapon, this time a spear. Kneeling and glancing up briefly at the creature as he worked, he pulled out another bomb, twisting it in the middle and pouring the entire contents of the flammable liquid onto the sharp tip of the spear. He pulled out the third bomb, the last one he had and twisted the top, lighting the fuse and using the spark to light the oil coated on the spear tip.

Arlen threw the bomb away; it rolled and exploded behind him as he rose again to his feet, the tip of the spear burned brightly now, wreathed in flame and glowing in the dark. He strode towards the beast as it thrashed around, moving faster the closer he drew towards it. Arlen was meters away. He reached an arm out to balance himself, pulling the other arm back, the one he held the spear with, and threw.

The flaming spear soared through the air and hit its mark, penetrating straight through the beating heart and driving through the soft pink mass.

It screamed a human scream, a girl's scream, as the whole body was consumed in a roaring ball of fire, a red hot inferno.

The thing wailed in agony, every inch of it quivering. It burned like a torch, before fading away like a spirit until nothing was left of it except ash, which floated away and scattered in the wind.

Arlen let out a breath, stepping back, but not taking his eyes away from where it had stood. 'Gods' Adam whispered as he stared at Arlen, seeing what he had done. 'He isn't human…'

Arlen strode away, heading across the rocks and towards Farrell who knelt, hidden in the shadows. He reached a hand out for him to take.

Farrell stared up at his brother uncertainly, before accepting his hand silently, and rising to his feet.

'I don't believe him' Arlen said to Farrell later on when they were alone.

'Why?' Farrell whispered back, his crippled hand held close to his chest.

'The king has no loyalties to tell us either true or lies' Arlen replied. 'I feel the same as I do before.'

'But what if it's true?' Farrell spoke hesitantly.

'It isn't' Arlen answered stubbornly. 'Amaia is alive. And we will find her.'

'Do you really believe that?'


'But why?'

'Because' Arlen answered, 'I have faith…'

Standing side by side they stared out onto the world below them. The sun cast its glow onto the land at their feet, lighting up the golden river before them as it ran its gentle course into the sea. The green earth that stretched as far as they could see was a picture of tranquillity and peace, a far world from the one they lived now, where their hearts stirred only in darkness. Arlen and Farrell could not see the beauty around them; only feel the cold chill of the morning air, and the loneliness of the world in which they lived.

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