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   Chapter 153 No.153

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Behind him Arlen had not moved. He only stood there in a state of shock and as pale as a ghost.

Farrell lifted his head as the king swung at him with the butt of the crossbow. Farrell was knocked to the side, jerking his head back at the king who strode towards him, lifting the weapon again. Farrell crawled desperately away on his hands and knees upon the rocky earth.

Arlen threw his arm straight, aimed and fired the weapon at his wrist. Above Farrell the king stumbled back, grabbing his throat where the dart stuck out, blood seeping between his fingers.

Arlen glanced to his side, seeing Talut had done the same as he had and fired the weapon at his wrist.

'You missed' Talut snapped at him.

Within the group of prisoners behind the king, Woodworm rose to his feet, striking the guard nearest him.

The king rounded and marched towards his horse as chaos ensured, pulling the dart out of his neck and holding his bleeding throat. The dart had just missed a major artery, and the king would yet live.

In the group of prisoners Woodworm was fought off, weak from hunger and pain he was little match for the man he had picked a fight with. The soldier managed to free himself without too much trouble, turning on Woodworm and swiftly stabbing him in the gut. Woodworm collapsed as the soldier jerked the knife away again.

'No' he sobbed desperately to Adam who had rushed over to him, hands held over the wound that was seeping blood at an alarming rate. 'I can't die!' Woodworm cried defiantly. 'I can't meet her again!'

The sounds of war echoed all around them as the two sides began to fight. Behind Arlen, Shawn and Talut had followed their own soldiers, the ones the princess had given then, armed and ready to fight.

Adam desperately dragged Woodworm back and away from the fray, pulling him to the edge of the fighting and watching silently from a distance. He lay there with Woodworm leaning into him, arms around him as he held him from behind. He pressed down on Woodworm's belly, putting pressure on the wound in a desperate attempt to stop the bleeding.

The two of them watched as the foreign soldiers from across the sea, wearing their silver armour that glinted in the evening light, fought the men of the king, who bore the royal crest of a wolf swallowing a half-moon.

Adam held Woodworm close as they watched the king's men being slaughtered. The king had retreated, fleeing on his white stallion.

Adam drew a slow gasp at what he saw next, even Woodworm's eyes widened in shock and fear.

A colossal beast that seemed to form out of the very air itself appeared before them. It was a monstrous mass of pink fleshy skin, with two massive arms that pulled it forwards. Its torso was deformed and twisted, with several smaller flailing arms that grew out from a mouth in the centre, which was nothing but a circle

of sharp teeth. Around the torso behind what must have been the creatures head, were a collection of eyes and smaller mouths and horns.

It was an abomination.

The men began to scatter in fear, even the king's men fled as the beast dragged itself forwards, slow and cumbersome. It moaned a terrible sound that echoed in the heads of the soldiers, sounding as if it was in agony, as if it's very existence caused it pain.

All the men ran; save for one.

Arlen remained where he stood, facing the thing head on.

The abomination reached one of its massive arms out towards Arlen, who slashed it with a sword, charging fearlessly towards it.

The beast howled like the wind in a storm as its arm was dismembered, hitting the ground and rolling away. Arlen lunged forwards, driving his sword straight into the creature's front, its soft skin easily letting the blade slide in all the way to the hilt.

The thing screeched and howled in agony and rage, Arlen winced as the high pitched cries echoed in the hills, he rolled away as the beast went to grab him with its remaining forearm, leaving the sword where it was. Arlen backed off, hands clapped over his ears and grimacing in pain as the noise sounded. The beast grabbed the sword that impaled it, jerking it out and throwing it aside before rounding on Arlen.

Arlen watched his sword sail away through the air, before glancing back at the beast.


The thing swung out at him with its remaining forearm, lunging with frightening speed and hitting Arlen, sending him flying.

Arlen hit the ground hard, rolling to a stop. Temporarily disorientated he lifted his head, body swaying side to side as he rested on his front, propped up on his elbows as the world tilted. He shook his head violently to clear his mind, seeing a weapon before him as his vision focused.

A spear dropped by one of the soldiers, a good weapon with long range.

Arlen reached for it, but was unable to grab it, before he felt a hand around his ankle.

Arlen was dragged backwards, pawing at the ground and snarling in anger at the spear that was growing quickly further and further away from him.

Arlen was pulled back towards the beast that lifted him into the air. Arlen turned his head towards the mouth as he was held upside down. A horrifying mass of jagged teeth, formed around a mouth that had no jaw but was just a hole. Arlen realised suddenly with fear how easily he could fit into that large mouth.

But the beast did not try to ingest him, at least not yet. Instead Arlen felt a hand grab one of his wrists, and held upside down he looked up towards the ground, and saw with dread that the massive forearm he had cut off had regenerated. Terror gripped him further as he realised what the beast was trying to do, as it pulled him in opposite directions. It was trying to rip Arlen in two.

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