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   Chapter 152 No.152

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Talut still said nothing.

'I'll be waiting' Arlen said walking away without looking back.

He left with Shawn and Annabel, and with them went the three young children he had left behind in Talut's care. All of them began their journey back to the waiting ship.

Three days later, and Talut arrived at the shore. With him came two hundred men, on a ship of their own.

'How in god's name did you manage to convince him to do this?' Shawn asked in wonder, watching nervously Talut on the ship beside theirs as he glared their way.

Talut turned and stalked off.

'And where did he get the men from?' Shawn added. 'They look like they belong to the king himself.'

'They do' Arlen told him. 'Those are royal soldiers.'

'How did he…?'

'The princess is the one who rules this country, not her parents. She tells them, and they do. In reality this is her army.'

'Then how on earth did he manage to convince the princess to give us these men?'

'Because Talut and the princess are secret lovers, they're infatuated with each other, and his son, the one we poisoned, is her son also'

Shawn instantly paled. 'We poisoned the princess's son?'


'You could have told me!'

'Why?' Arlen glowered at him. 'It would only have made it harder.'

'Are you absolutely sure Annabel is safe?' Shawn pressed, glancing back at Annabel who sat further away on the deck with her blue violin on her lap.

'Yes' Arlen replied. 'I know Talut all too well. It's me he will punish for this, and only me.'

'I hope you know what you're doing' Shawn replied dryly, not in the least bit comforted.

'I do' Arlen told him sadly. 'I have known Talut for over ten years, and I know what he is capable of.'

'Arlen' Shawn said seriously. 'If Annabel is hurt because of this, I will never forgive you.'

'I know' Arlen mumbled.

The ships set sail, and they returned to the place where they had agreed to meet with the others. But not all went with them. Cam and Tala had stayed behind, having found each other, they wished no longer to be a part of war.

'Goodbye' Arlen had said to them; and thank you for all you've done.

'I hope you find what you're looking for' Cam said to them.

Behind Cam stood Tala, around her were gathered the three children.

'We will raise them like a true family' Tala had sai

d. 'As if they were our own.'

When their ship reached their homeland, they found a messenger waiting for them, a messenger bearing the crest of the king, a wolf eating a half-moon.

'The king wishes to see you' the messenger said. 'He is waiting for you in the mountains.'

Chapter Forty Four

The Beast of Abomination

'Who is in charged amongst you?' the king called.

'I am' Arlen replied.

Farrell was brought forwards and thrown on his knees before the king.

'Do you know this man?' the king called out to Arlen.

'Yes' Arlen hollered back.

The king pointed the crossbow at Farrell's head.

'Tell me where Annabel is, or I kill him!'

Arlen watched his brother coolly. Farrell he saw had begun to panic, quivering on his knees and eyes darting all around.

Arlen exchanged a glance with the hooded Talut beside him. Talut glanced down at Arlen's wrist, where he wore his hidden weapon.

Arlen looked calmly back at the king.

'Now what would you want with Annabel?' he shouted to him. 'She is just a girl.'

'No' the king shook his head. 'No don't play games. I know what she is. I know what she can do….' he took a deep breath. 'I know everything!' he raised his voice. 'I know about the Weather Makers. I know about your quest. I know about Amaia!'

Arlen's heart jolted then, breath held, eyes wide, he was about to speak again, when Farrell before the king began to stand.

He heaved himself to his feet with great effort, turning to face the king he spoke.

'What do you know of Amaia?' Farrell groaned to the king, holding his body as if he were in pain. Arlen saw at a glance that he had been tortured; he saw his crippled hand, the wounds over his body.

'I know that you think she is your daughter' the king grumbled back. 'I know she is a Weather Maker.'


'I met her.'

'Where? When? Where is she?' Farrell fumbled over his words in an effort to get them out. 'Where is she?!'

'She's dead!' the king snapped. 'I killed her.'

Farrell's world instantly sunk into a pit of despair.

'No…' he whispered, legs trembling, unable to stand anymore he fell to his knees. 'No you can't…..'

Shaking hands slowly went to hold his head as his body hunched over.

'Noooooo!' he groaned in anguish, rocking back and forth and clawing at the ground. 'Nooooooo….'

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