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   Chapter 151 No.151

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'You're father sent me' Arlen explained.

'I don't know my father' the boy replied.

'He is an important man, who works in a very important job. But what he does is dangerous also, and it because of this that you've been put in danger.'

'Why?' Justin asked again, his eyes wide like dinner plates now.

'There are those who wish to hurt your father' Arlen went on, 'and to hurt him, they've gotten to you.'

Justin glanced towards Shawn and Annabel who waited silently by, before looking back at Arlen.

'How?' Justin asked.

'Last night, an assassin crept into your room....'

'Am I safe here?' the boy worried.

'Yes' Arlen answered quickly. 'He was an exceptional man, there are no others as skilled as him, save for your father. But he's gone now, your father killed him to protect you, but he has already poisoned you.'

The boy paled.

'Am I going to die?'

'No' Arlen said reaching into his coat and pulling out a small vial. 'But you have to drink this' he told him. 'It's the antidote. It will save you. I rode here as fast as I could when I found out what happened.'

'Who are they?' Justin asked, staring at Shawn and Annabel with a confused expression.

'They're alchemists. They make medicines' Arlen explained to the boy. 'They made this antidote together, and they've come with me now to make sure you drink it.'

'And my father trusts you?' Justin asked.

'Yes' Arlen nodded. It was the first truth he had told since he entered the place. 'Here' he said handing the boy the vial. 'Drink it all.'

The boy unscrewed the vial and drank the entire contents. The poison inside was clear, colourless, odourless and tasteless.

'And this will make me better?' the boy asked when the liquid was all gone.

'Yes' Arlen told him, taking the vial back. 'Everything is fine now.'

He rose to his feet and made to leave.

'Before you go' the boy spoke up, Arlen paused, 'am I safe in my bed?' the boy asked. 'There's not going to be another assassin in my room is there?'

'No' Arlen shook his head. 'That assassin is dead now. This house is the safest place you can be.'

Arlen strode out of the house without another word to anyone, followed quickly by Shawn and Annabel.

On their way back to Talut's home, they moved through the city again. It was the last day of the market, and Arlen spotted something of interest. A weapon that strapped to the wrist, it was a tiny device where if the trigger was pulled, a dart wo

uld shoot out. It was high powered and with a good aim could be potentially fatal.

'Talut has one of these' Arlen said examining it. 'He never takes it off. He always hides it beneath his sleeve. Maybe I should get one.'

He bought it, alongside three other small items. Three bombs small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. Twist the top, and the fuse would light, twist the centre and the ball would open, spilling the flammable liquid that could be used to light fires.

The three of them returned to Talut's home, where he was waiting for them.

Arlen slipped his hand onto his pocket before approaching him.

'Talut!' he cried jovially, approaching him with arms wide open. 'It's good to see you again.' He grabbed Talut by the hand, shaking it vigorously. 'It's so good to see you again.'

Arlen immediately stepped back and turned around, slipping into his mouth a small tablet and swallowing it whole. The antidote to the poison he had just smeared on his hand.

He faced Talut again, who was watching him closely with an uncertain look in his eyes. Arlen had dropped the act suddenly, his expression became stern.

'Arlen' Talut said seriously. 'Why did you visit my son?'

'When I just shook your hand a moment ago' Arlen told him, 'there was poison on my skin. You've got it now.'

Talut lifted his hand, staring at his palm in shock, then back at Arlen.

His head lowered, his shoulders moved back, and his eyes darkened as he clenched his fists.

'You poisoned my son to force me to help you.'

'You love your son very much' Arlen said, 'as I love my daughter. We would both do anything for our children. Help me, and I will tell you the name of the poison so you can make the antidote. You won't see its effects until after six months, when it will slowly begin to kill you, and your son. Try to guess the antidote, or take the wrong one, and it will quickly begin to kill you.'

'You'll die for this' Talut threatened. 'Mark my word.'

'This was my decision' Arlen told him. 'Know that. Shawn and Annabel had nothing to do with it.'

Talut narrowed his eyes dangerously, but said nothing.

'You will come with us across the sea to kill the king' Arlen told him. 'But before we leave, I want you to convince the princess to send a small army to aid us, we will need the extra men.'

Talut didn't answer.

'I will be waiting for you back at the ship in Elton harbour' Arlen said. 'In three days time, I want you to be there.'

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