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   Chapter 150 No.150

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'And can these children stay with you for a short while? I'll collect them when I return. I promise.'

'Of course' Talut nodded. 'Goodbye now, and have fun. Wherever you're going.'

Arlen walked away with a strong feeling of guilt and a heavy heart.

'So where are we going?' Annabel asked him as the three of them walked together back through the market in the city.

'We need ingredients to make this poison' Arlen spoke in a mutter back to her in case anyone was listening. 'Some I need to buy; others we need to find ourselves.'

They followed Arlen about the market that day as they bought a variety of strange substances and powders and plants. Afterwards, as night began to fall, they travelled on foot to the mountains nearby were they waited for the full moon. Under the glow of the white light they picked a special kind of flower that only emerged at this time beneath the stars. Arlen quickly treated them, then tucked them away in a little pouch, before moving on to their next destination beneath the moonlight.

'Where do we go now?' Shawn asked Arlen when all the ingredients were collected and the poison had been brewed.

'To find his son' Arlen grumbled back. 'Justin…'

They travelled for many days to another place, until they reached a large estate built on open land.

'Nice place' Shawn noted as they stood on the lip of the hill overlooking the estate. 'I thought it would be smaller.'

'The boy lives here alone with only a few servants and teachers that care for him' Arlen said in a low voice. 'I doubt even the princess herself had a better upbringing than the boy is having now.'

Shawn shook his head to himself, muttering under his breath. 'I still can't believe I'm participating in this.'

'I've just thought of something' Annabel spoke up. 'Who is the boy's mother?'

Arlen pursed his lips. 'A woman of great importance' he replied.

'Why does she not care for him then?' she asked.

'Because of who she is' Arlen replied vaguely. He considered the two behind him. 'Are you ready?'

'No' Shawn replied.

'Let's go' Arlen said.

They dismounted their horses on the lip of the hill and tied them up so they would not wander, walking the rest of the short distance to the house and knocking on the front door.

Shawn and Annabel waited nervously behind Arlen as he waited for the door to open. Annabel reached for Shawn as he stood beside her, taking his hand and giving it a squeeze to reassure him. Shawn squeezed her hand back, quickly letting go as the door opened a crack.


Yes?' an elderly lady dressed in the black and white of servant's clothes greeted them.

'We're here to see the boy' Arlen spoke firmly to her.

'What boy? There is no boy here.'

'Play no games with me' Arlen told her, 'Talut sent us.'

'Why?' the old asked suspiciously.

'To check on him' Arlen fabricated. 'Something happened and he fears the boy may be in danger. He can't come himself obviously. He just wants someone to check to see that he is alright.'

'We could tell him' the woman replied. 'We have messenger birds here.'

'Yeah well he seems to trust me more' Arlen said arrogantly back at her. 'How would I know of the boy if he hadn't told me?'

'You could be the one who intends to put him in danger' the servant replied.

'And if I was then how would you stop me?' Arlen asked her.

The servant didn't reply, but simply peered at them through the crack in the door.

'Let us in' Arlen told her. 'I assure you we mean no harm. You can inquire about us with your messenger birds to Talut later. But if you don't let us in, then I must assume you are the ones who mean to harm him.'

'Alright' the servant replied, seeing his reason.

She opened the door fully, stepping back to let them in.

'Where is he?' Arlen demanded, striding into the entrance hall, Shawn and Annabel followed silently in his footsteps.

'In the next room' the old lady indicated, staring at Shawn and Annabel suspiciously as she spoke.

Arlen could tell she wanted to ask about them, but thought better of it, knowing perhaps that she if she did ask, she would be lied to anyway. Arlen glanced towards the kitchen in the room behind the old lady, where he saw several more woman dressed in the same black and white.

'Thank you' Arlen replied shortly, before turning on his heel and marching towards the other room the old lady had indicated.

He paused when he entered the room, seeing the young boy sitting on the sofa and peering at them curiously. There was an open book on his lap.

Arlen half-turned back to the two behind him, seeing the servants watching from the hallway beyond, they had all stopped what they were doing to watch the strangers.

'Close the door' Arlen mumbled to Shawn.

Shawn felt a twinge in his stomach as he obeyed.

Arlen approached the boy with a smile.

'Hey' he said taking a seat next to him. 'You're name is Justin isn't it?'

'Yeah' the boy replied.

'Justin' Arlen went on. 'I'm afraid I have some bad news. I don't mean to scare you, but right now your life is in danger.'

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