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   Chapter 149 No.149

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'Keep your voice down' Arlen hissed.

'How old is his son?' Annabel asked.


'Gods above' Shawn stepped back, hand going to his forehead and brushing his blonde hair back. 'What is he going to do when he finds out?'

'Nothing' Arlen said. 'Until he gets his antidote.'

'And then?'

'He will kill me.'


'Listen to me Shawn' Arlen said seriously. 'Neither Talut nor his son will be in danger. They will both get the antidote, because Talut will not refuse to help us if his son is put in danger. The king will die, no long will Weather Makers be kidnapped….who knows what happens to them once the king has them….but I bet it's not good. And Amaia…' Arlen drew a shuddering breath, balling his fists. 'Shawn' Arlen said, a darkness falling over him. 'We have to do this. The only one who will suffer for this is me.' He looked Shawn in the eye, staring deeply into him. 'I have to do this' Arlen told him. 'For Amaia.'

'But Arlen' Shawn said, looking at him differently now. 'Will he really try to kill you?'

'Yes' Arlen said firmly. 'I've known him for a very long time. I know what he's like. He will try to kill me' he drew a deep breath, 'and he will most likely make me suffer before I die. But he will try to kill me, and he will succeed. I am no match for him, and I never will be.'

'But Arlen…'

'Shawn listen to me' Arlen hissed in a low voice, rounding on him and grabbing him by his shoulders, shaking him as he spoke. 'I would do anything for Amaia. Anything. The fact that I believe she might still be alive is the only reason I am standing here. That day I lost Ramana…' he let go of him, stepping away. 'The only thing that kept me sane….kept me from taking my own life…or being driven mad by grief, was the fact that Amaia's body was never found…. She's out there somewhere Shawn. She could be scared, in pain…suffering…I have find her. Don't you understand? She's the only reason I wish to live at all now.'

But Arlen….' Shawn mumbled uncertainly. 'You will die…'

'Then I will die a happy death, knowing that I did all I could to find Amaia.'


'Shawn…she is the only thing that matters to me in this world. I would willingly suffer the worst tortures everyday if it meant that she would be found, alive and well. She's my only reason for living…' he turned his back on them so they would not see the tears in his eyes.

I mi

ss her he thought in his head, gods I miss her so much…

'You have to help me…' he whispered to them. 'Please…'

Shawn stared at his back for a moment before answering.

'Do you promise me that Annabel will be safe if we do this?'

'Yes' Arlen said without pause. 'And if not, you can kill me yourself. I won't try to stop you.'

Shawn exchanged a glance with Annabel, who gave him a nod.

'Alright' Shawn said reluctantly. 'I can't believe I'm agreeing to do this, especially to a boy so young, but I will do it.'

'Thank you' Arlen whispered, not turning back to them. 'Now please leave. I wish to be alone. I will speak to you both again in the morning about what we need to do.'

He waited for the sound of the door to close and footsteps to recede down the corridor, before falling to his knees and sobbing into his hands.

Please…. He prayed to the gods in his head. Please let her still be alive. Amaia…I will find you if it kills me……I will find you if it's the last thing I ever do.

The next morning, Arlen woke long before anyone else, even before Talut. He left and wandered alone the streets in the city on the doorstep of the home. All around him the market was already bustling, the merchants rising early to make the most of their business, filling the air with their calls as they shouted out to potential customers.

When Arlen did return hours later, he was accompanied by three young children.

'Arlen' Shawn began in surprise. 'I didn't realise you had that much money.'

'I managed to convince their mother to give them up for nothing' Arlen explained, glancing back at the two brothers and one sister. 'It would after all cost to keep them right?' he said. 'And who knows what might happen to them if I didn't take them?'

'Noble' Shawn replied, 'but what are we going to do with them?'

'I think it was a good thing that you did' Annabel said kneeling before the children and smiling. 'It's alright little ones' she said to them. 'You're safe with us.'

'They could always work around the house' Talut spoke glancing down at them, 'or help care for the animals we have out back.'

'Talut' Arlen said. 'There is something I must do with Shawn and Annabel. We'll be gone for a while. Will we be welcome back where when we return?'

'Of course my old friend' Talut beamed back without the slightest suspicion. 'You are always welcome in my home.'

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