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   Chapter 148 No.148

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'Anna!' Shawn rushed up to her, holding her face in his hands. 'Are you alright? They didn't hurt you did they?'

'I'm fine' Annabel told him hastily, smiling at him and holding him back.

'We wouldn't do anything to her until it was decided she was fully ours' the princess explained. 'I assure you she was well looked after. Ask her if you don't believe me.'

'Were you?'

'Yes Shawn. Don't worry' Annabel chuckled lightly at him. 'I was very well looked after. The food was good, the bed was soft, they treated me well…there was even entertainment.'


'Don't worry' Annabel smiled patting his arms. 'I'm fine, I told you. Everything's alright.'

Shawn embraced her then, holding her close.

'Thank the gods' he whispered in her ear as he held her tightly. 'I was so scared…'

One night, when they were back at Talut's home, Arlen wandered through the quiet house alone, unable to sleep. He found the old lady sitting in one of the chairs downstairs.

He watched her for a moment, deep in thought. His attention drifted towards the mantelpiece where there was the picture of herself in younger and better days. Beside this painted picture was another that caught his attention. It was a painting of herself, with a man that must have been her husband. They were both leaning into each other, smiling widely.

Arlen took the picture, slowly lifting it from the mantelpiece. He approached the old lady with it.

She looked up at him, and began to snarl, on the verge of spouting a stream of vile words at him. Arlen held the picture out for her to see before she could do so.

The old lady hesitated. She stared at the picture, and then a gentle smile crossed her face. When she smiled her whole demeanour changed, and she was beautiful once again.

She took the picture from him gently, gazing down at it with tears in her eye.

'My loving husband' she sighed. 'You were the heaven and the earth to me.'

Still smiling she closed her eyes, falling back into her chair and becoming still, clutching the photo to her chest.

'It looks like you've made my mother very happy' came a voice.

Arlen saw Talut who stood leaning against the doorframe with his arms folded.

'It was nothing' Arlen said. 'Really.'

'Still' Talut grinned. 'It looks like I owe you a favour.'

'Now that you mention it…' Arlen began.

'No' Talut interrupted quickly. 'I cannot leave th

ese lands' he said. 'I will not.'

Arlen went to his room later to think. He thought long and hard about his next decision before asking Shawn and Annabel to meet with him.

'Ok listen' Arlen said to them. 'I have a plan. We came all this way and we can't leave empty handed…so I've been doing some thinking.'

'You really think we can convince him to help us?' Shawn asked him doubtfully.

'Convince' Arlen spoke reluctantly, 'isn't the word I would use.'

'You want to force him to help us?' Annabel straightened. 'But how?'

'Well' Arlen began slowly. 'I've been doing some thinking. Like I said, we've come all this way, and I can't….wont…leave empty handed.'

'I don't like where this is going' Shawn told him.

'I have a plan' Arlen continued as if Shawn hadn't spoken. 'I need your help to do this. But don't worry' he added casually, 'only I will get the blame for this.'

'I really don't like where this is going' Shawn said flatly.

'My plan' Arlen went on, 'is to poison Talut, and hold the antidote for ransom until he does for us what we want.'

'I don't like it either' Annabel added.

'It's the only way.'

'Isn't this man dangerous?' Annabel frowned at him. 'Really dangerous? Shawn and I don't know anything about him, but you do.'

'Yes' Arlen agreed reluctantly. 'I know him very well, which is how I know that he will only suspect me of this, and not either of you.'

'Arlen' Shawn said. 'I really really don't like this.'

'You won't help me? For Amaia?'

Shawn glanced towards Annabel.

'Shawn' Arlen said firmly. 'I swear by the seven gods and on my life, that neither you nor Annabel will be put in danger by helping me.'

'You're sure he won't hold us guilty?' Shawn asked him. 'You're sure we can get away with this if we try?'

'I assure you he won't suspect a thing' Arlen told him. 'He trusts me more than anyone else in the world. Save for one person.'


'His son.'

'And you would throw that away?' Shawn raised an eyebrow sceptically.

'For Amaia' Arlen whispered. 'I would do anything.'

'So if we poison him and hold the antidote' Annabel spoke up, 'he will agree to help us.'

'No' Arlen said. 'He does not care about his own life enough to be controlled like that. Which is why we're going to poison his son also.'

'You cannot be fucking serious?' Shawn spat at him. 'What kind of people do you think we are?'

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