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   Chapter 147 No.147

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'That is not for you to know' the princess glowered.

'What will you do with her?'

'Your persistence annoys me' the princess said to Shawn, her upper lip curling in a snarl. 'If you insist on knowing, then I will tell you something.'

She cupped her hands before her. Within her palms sparks formed, like little dancing fireflies, they crackled, quivering in the air briefly before fading away into nothing.

'I have the powers of a Weather Maker, but I was not born this way. Your Annabel can help me in ways you couldn't even imagine.'

'If you were not born that way' Arlen voiced. 'Then how did you….?'

Talut looked on silently. The princess glanced behind her, to a figure the others had not noticed before. It was a mysterious figure, dressed all in black with black gloves, and a bird's mask which covered the face. The figure stood there silent like a spectre, and did not move.

'I give you until tomorrow to make your decision' the princess said straightening. 'I have much to do. Excuse me.'

She strode out of the room briskly, shortly followed by the mysterious masked figure. The figure paused for a moment, staring at them, as if deeply intrigued, before moving on. After them, the royal parents, the king and queen went, silent as they had been.

'What have you done?' Shawn spat at Talut the instant they were alone.

'Relax' Talut said casually. 'Everything's fine. God you're so impulsive, and overemotional. That will get you in trouble one of these days.'

Shawn grabbed him by the arms suddenly, shoulders hunched and muscles tense.

'Let go boy' Talut said dangerously back at him.

Shawn didn't move; the two glared at each other unblinking. Shawn lowered his head, but did not break eye contact; his body began to shake in anger.

'I could kill you in one move boy' Talut growled. 'If you want your girlfriend to see you again, I suggest you let go.'

'Shawn' Arlen spoke up firmly. 'Let him go.'

Shawn gritted his teeth in fury, lifting his hands slowly and deliberately off Talut's shoulders and stepping back. He stormed off across the room to stand by the window, glaring out through the ivy at the trees below in silence, anger bubbling away inside him.

Behind him Talut blinked several times before turning casually to Arlen. 'Do you want to pick a fight with me too?' he asked Arlen.

'I'm not here to fight with you' Arlen replied. 'I didn't come all this way for something so unproductive, my friend. And besides' he added, 'you would only win.'

Talut bowed his head.

'But Shawn is right. What have you done? This wasn't supposed to happen.'

'The princess by law owns all Weather Makers in this land. They are hers by right.'

'Putting aside the fact it's wrong for one person to own another' Arlen spoke, 'I find it disgraceful that you would allow this to happen.'

'No' Talut said. 'You didn't tell me what she was. I could have prevented this if I knew. Speaking of which, if Annabel is really that important to you, why did you bring her all the way here?'

'She wasn't safe at home' Arlen replied. 'But you already know that. It's the same for all Weather Makers.'

'In any case' Talut said crossing his arms, 'she is safe until you decide how to use the one favour I own the princess. Set Annabel free, or accept her army and travel back home to kill your king and save all Weather Makers there, including Amaia.'

Arlen hesitated.

'No' Shawn spoke up turning to him. 'You cannot even consider….we have to free Annabel.'

'But' Talut spoke almost teasingly, 'if you do that you lose the help you could offer Amaia.'

'Is this a game to you?' Shawn growled. Talut could see the hate and raw fury in him.

Talut sighed, closing his eyes.

'Fine. I see how much she means to you. I do not wish to torture you further.' He straightened. 'I will tell the princess that you wish to free Annabel.'

'Do it now' Shawn demanded.

'Can't' Talut answered shortly. 'The princess is gone already.'


'I don't know' Talut said tiredly. 'She hates the palace; she makes much effort to spend as little time here as possible. She's not bound here. We will receive another audience with her tomorrow morning.'

'But Annabel….'

'Will be fine in the meantime' Talut reassured firmly. 'We'll stay here overnight until we can see the princess again. I'll find a servant. There's bound to be loads of spare rooms here in this vast palace.'

That night, Shawn did not sleep at all, and the hours and minutes dragged on agonizingly slowly, until at long last the morning came and they stood before the princess once again.

'Well what's your decision?'

'Set Annabel free' Shawn demanded.

'Really?' the queen turned to him. 'You would choose this girl over receiving an army? You must think the world of her.' Shawn's expression darkened over her casual tone. 'Well…if she really means that much to you, it's not right for me to keep her.' She clicked her fingers at a nearby guard who swiftly left the room.

A short time later he returned, with Annabel beside him.

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