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   Chapter 146 No.146

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'We need an army' Arlen told the princess.

'For what purpose?'

'To fight against the king and kill him.'

'Why do you want this?'

'Because…' Arlen bit his lip in thought. 'Because…'

'The princess is familiar with the Weather Makers' Talut told him. 'You can tell her.'

Arlen glanced at Talut, before speaking again.

'My daughter is a Weather Maker' Arlen began. 'She has been…kidnapped by the king.'

The princess cocked her head curiously as she listened.

'The king is a dangerous man' Arlen went on, 'my daughter is not the only one who has been taken. There have been many before her, and will be many more to come…unless something is done.'

'Why does he take the Weather Makers then?' the princess asked.

The royal parents, the king and queen listened silently.

'The prince' Arlen said, 'has told us that he kidnaps them, believing they have the power to save his wife.'


'She is…in a coma' Arlen told her. 'Or so the prince tells us.'

'And the prince tells you that the Weather Makers can save her?'

'That's what the king believes' Arlen mumbled.

'And you trust the prince?'


'Then why do know him?'

'He is helping us.'


'He has his reasons.'

The princess shared a glance with her parents. Something passed between them, and the princess turned back to Arlen.

'Who are these who accompany you?' the princess asked Arlen.

'This is Shawn' Arlen explained. 'He is my nephew.'

'And the lady?'

Annabel raised her head.

'This is Annabel' Arlen said after a pause.

'Why is she here?' the princess asked.

'For her safety.'

'Safety?' the princess said to Arlen.

'She is a Weather Maker also.'

The princess' eyes instantly lit up.

'Is she?' she spoke slowly.

The edge of her lip curled in a smile and her cheek twitched.

'I would very much like to see your powers' she said to Annabel.

Annabel hesitated. Arlen glanced to Talut, whose eyes flickered to his. There was something strange about his demeanour then.

Arlen realised suddenly with a twinge in his stomach what it was.


'I don't know if this is such a good idea' Shawn spoke up as Annabel stood to obey.

Nearby Talut clenched his jaw.

'Nonsense' the princess scoffed. 'If you have powers, I want to see it, or else I might not be so willing to offer you my support.'

Annabel and Shawn exchanged a hesitant loo


Shawn did not try to stop her as Annabel took a deep breath, turning to face the window at the back of the room, beyond which was the garden.

The others within the room all diverted their attention towards the glass then, as Annabel performed her magic.

Ivy grew just beyond the window, before their very eyes it crept upon the glass, blotting out the light until the room within was cast into shadow.

'Remarkable' the princess breathed. 'A Weather Maker brought to me, before my very feet.'

The princess then strode to the door, shouting out a command in a foreign tongue. Instantly, two guards that had been stationed outside the room marched in. They descended upon Amaia, each grabbing her by an arm and dragging her. She screamed, trying in vain to free herself. Shawn instantly rose to his feet, grabbing one of the guards in an attempt to stop them. In one swift move the guard drew forth a sword, pressing the tip into Shawn's belly.

Shawn raised his hands in submission, stepping back as the other guard dragged Annabel away. Unarmed, Shawn was powerless to protect her.

'Where are you taking her?' Shawn demanded in a wavering voice.

'That is none of your concern' the princess answered curtly as the guard sheathed his sword, straightening and marching out of the room after the other guard that held Annabel.

She called out to him, and he called out to her, standing there helpless and lost.

'Anna!' he cried.

'Don't try to use your power!' the princess ordered her as the guard closed the door behind him. 'Do so and I will make you regret it.'

They were gone from sight now, and silence filled the room. At least for a short time.

'What are you doing?!' Shawn rounded on the princess. 'Where are you taking her?'

'Watch your tongue or I will cut it out' the princess replied, leaning forward with her hands rested upon the table. Nearby the royal parents sat ever silent, and on the other side of the table, Talut and Arlen had not moved.

'This is your fault' Shawn spat at Talut. 'You let this happen!'

'Calm yourself' Talut replied levelly back. 'I'd hate for you to be told again.'

'Talut' Arlen spoke calmly. 'What's going on here?'

'I owe you one favour' the princess said straightening again. 'You have a decision. Receive an army and let us have the girl, or leave here as you entered.'

'And let her suffer what fate?' Shawn demanded.

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