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   Chapter 145 No.145

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She grabbed his wrist as he made to leave.

'Wait' she whispered in the dark. 'Don't leave me.'

He turned back to her.

'This house is so strange' she said to him. 'I don't think I could fall asleep on my own.' She lifted her eyes to his. 'Could you stay with me tonight? And keep me warm?'

She let go of him, letting her hand fall back to her side as she waited for an answer.


He smiled at her, brushing her long black hair back and tucking it behind her ear.

'Of course' he whispered to her.

They moved over to the bed and Annabel sat down, withdrawing beneath the sheets and shuffling back as Shawn climbed in beside her.

Annabel snuggled into him, resting her cheek against his shoulder.

'This is nice' she said to him.

'Yeah' Shawn whispered. 'It is.'

She breathed a heavy sigh, running her hand over his bare chest and closing her eyes.

'Anna?' Shawn spoke quietly after a while. But she was fast asleep.

Shawn sighed deeply, holding her to him.

'Sweet dreams' he said to her, turning to kiss her forehead, before relaxing his body, and giving himself up to sleep.

The next morning, all four of them rode to the palace, with Talut leading the way, mounted upon a bronze and white stripped stallion, a strange creature, with bright blue eyes.

'I simply love these lands' Talut was saying, throwing his arms out as they rode. 'The air is always so pure, and the mountains so beautiful. Perhaps one day when you are not so busy, you should wander these wilds, where there are many wonderful things to see. You know' he said, glancing back at Annabel and Shawn, 'if I were to ever get married, it would be here.'

They reached the palace a few hours later. It was a grand building, striking and beautiful with many tall spires. A great path of pale stone was built for many miles, leading all the way to the entrance of the building. The palace itself when they reached it at last, was surrounded by lush and thriving gardens, overflowing with fruit and flowers and bees and birds.

When they came to the entrance of the palace and dismounted their horses, they found the princess already waiting for them at the top of the steps. Several stable hands stepped forwards to take their horses as she spoke to them.

'Follow me' she said promptly before marching away.

They picked up their pace to keep up with her stride as the large double doors were held open for them by the palace guards. She led them through the grand entrance hall, made of pale and shining stone, and through an archway that led to a long corridor. Annabel took in their surroundings as they went. The columns that held up the ce

iling were beautifully carved in depictions of vines and twisting roots set at eye-level. Intricately detailed and painstakingly sculpted were delicate flowers carved from the very stone itself. Each petal was individually chiselled, and painted in glossy coats of bright colours to protect it. Around some of these columns, grew actual plants and flowers that overflowed from the garden nearby, some of which were creeping into the building and clinging to the edges of the corridor they walked.

'Through here' the princess spoke when they reached the end of the corridor, holding a door open for them to enter the next room. 'After you.'

The four of them filed in, Talut moving first and the rest following after him. They entered a room, which was plain in comparison to the stunning hall they had just left. The walls were smooth with no depictions, with one large oval window set in the wall at the back of the room, overlooking a garden that grew at a lower level. The view through the window was far more interesting than what was inside the room itself, where there were only several chairs surrounding a plain oval table. Sitting at the table, were two figures, one male, one female. They were finely dressed and mature in age. It was clear at a glance as the princess entered the room after them, closing the door behind her, that these were her parents, the king and queen. They shared the same physical features, even though they presented themselves quiet differently. The royal parents looked 'normal', while their daughter looked like she had been raised on the streets in violence and in turmoil.

'Please sit down' the princess spoke shortly, and the others obeyed. She herself remained standing, while her parents looked on silently. 'Now' she began. 'I believe you wish to ask something of me.'

'Yes' Talut said briskly. 'These fine folk here' he indicated Arlen, Shawn and Annabel, 'seek to ask you favour.'

'I owe them no favour' the princess said raising an eyebrow at them and sneering slightly. 'Why did you come before me with this?'

'Arlen here' Talut went on, 'is a good friend of mine.'

'That means nothing to me' the princess continued. 'You could be sharing the same bed and that would make no difference to me.'

'As I understand it' Talut went on, 'you owe me a favour. And for the record' he added hastily glancing towards Arlen, 'we do not share the same bed.'

'So you would use your one favour we owe you' the princess spoke slowly, 'to help these people?'

'Yes' Talut nodded once.

'Very well' the princess crossed her arms. 'I agree to this.' She addressed Arlen then. 'What aid do you wish of me?'

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