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   Chapter 143 No.143

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'Fuck off and die you bitch-pig son of a whore!'

'Now mother' Talut frowned affectionately down at her. 'That's no way to speak to your son now is it?'

'Burn in a pit of fire you demon-scum!'

Talut sighed in exasperation.

'I love you too mother' he said wearily.

Talut marched past her and into the house, handing the medicine to one of the servants. 'I wish you the best of luck with these' he told Eilliah.

'I'll try to mix it with her food' the young lady told him, 'and see if she doesn't notice.'

Talut nodded at this idea. 'Just…' he began, 'don't hang around too long when you give it to her……if she suspects there is something in it……well…' he broke off. 'Just don't hang around for too long. Eh?'

'Understood' Eilliah nodded.

She took the medicine and retreated to another room.

'Now' Talut said clapping his hands together and speaking to the others now. 'Where were we?'

'Amaia?' Arlen prompted.

'Oh yes.'

'What's wrong with her?' Shawn asked him, glancing about the room around them which was small and cosy.


'Your mother. Why is she like that?'

'Oh' Talut bowed his head. 'It's a very sad thing that happened.' He moved over towards the mantelpiece as he spoke, lifting one of the pictures that rested upon it. 'She only used to be this way' he said to the picture, 'in the last few years. Before that….she was happy, used to smile….she used to make me oat cakes….and orange buns….they were good….those were the days.'

'What happened?' Annabel asked carefully.

'Her mind changed' Talut replied. 'I can't explain it. I don't understand it myself. Despite all my knowledge and skills….even I cannot help her.' He sighed deeply. 'All I can do now' he said, 'is to accept her the way that she is, and care for her until she dies.' He looked down at the picture. 'I do this' he said, 'because I remember how she used to be, and I remember how well she looked after me when I was young and growing.' He showed them the picture he held. It was a portrait of a woman, old but still pretty, and healthy with colour in her cheeks. She was smiling. 'This was her before she changed' Talut told them.'

'She looks completely different' Arlen said.

'Yes' Talut replied sadly. 'She was happy back then, friendly. Not the ghost she is now. I've spoken to so many people about her condition, and no one can help me. All I can do now is buy me

dicines to suppress the symptoms and make her more….manageable.'

He placed the picture back on the mantelpiece and turned to speak to them again. 'Now' he said in a happier tone, 'the royal family….'

'You really think they will help us?'

'It's like I said before' Talut replied to Shawn. 'Favours.'

'So when do we see them?' Annabel asked him, seated at the table. 'Will we go to the royal palace?'

'No' Talut laughed shaking his head. 'The princess does not like her own home all that much I'm afraid. She tries her best to spend as little time there as possible. No' he said again. 'We will find her somewhere else. After nightfall, she will be deep within the city.' He smirked. 'I will find her' he reassured them. 'Don't you worry. Now in the meantime' he said, 'would anyone like some gin to pass the time?'

That evening under cover of darkness, Talut led them back into the city, through the streets which mere hours ago were brimming with busy folk, but were now deserted.

'I don't mean to doubt you' Annabel began tentatively, 'but are you sure we're heading to the right place?'

'Of course' Talut sang back confidently as he marched ahead of them. 'If anyone knows the princess……….I know where she is' he finished.

They came off the main street, heading now onto narrower side-alleys. They walked for some time, zigzagging back and forth along the path, Annabel quickly losing track in her mind of which direction they were heading.

'Are you sure we're not lost?' Annabel asked him after a time.

'Of course we're not lost' Talut scoffed. 'I know this entire city as well as I do my own home, every nook, every cranny…'

They came to an alleyway that was so narrow, a normal sized person was only just about able to walk it, though they were not even able to lift their arms up to the side. They walked in single file through this alley, one after the other.

'Are we nearly there yet?' Annabel asked Talut who walked ahead of her.

He paused only to glance back, a few seconds later slowing before a small door. 'It's through here' he said cheerily.

'I don't like this' Annabel replied instantly.

'I don't know what you're so afraid of' Talut said turning to the door.

'I'm not afraid' Annabel said indignantly.

'Yes you are' Talut replied. 'I can tell.'

He opened the small door which swung inwards, having to duck low to fit through it.

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