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   Chapter 142 No.142

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'You're a foreigner?'

'Wasn't that obvious?'

Arlen then spotted Talut coming back towards them.

'I'm not buying them' Arlen said as he watched Talut coming closer.

The woman scowled at him as she moved off, dragging the children with her.

'What was that all about?' Shawn sneered in disgust. 'This place is not that far from our own home and yet it is so different.'

Talut returned to their side.

'I'm back' he declared. 'Now should we get something to eat?'

'What did you buy?' Annabel asked him.

'Medicines for my dear sweet mother, and by god does she need it. We'll see how well they work. 'Now come on' he said briskly to them, 'I'll show you a nice place to eat.' He led them way. As they went he asked them briefly, 'you weren't thinking of buying those children were you?'

'Now this is the place to be' Taut said to them a short while later as the four of them sat around a tiny table with four tiny bowls of food placed before each of them. 'What do you think of the food? It's pretty good isn't it?'

'It's better than it looks' Annabel told him, poking the grey stuff mixed with green stuff that sat at the bottom of the bowl, with the tiny headed long handled spoon they had been given.

'It's a fish' Talut informed them. 'A special kind of spiky fish that lives in deep waters in rocky places, it's very hard to catch, a real delicacy.'

'And what's the other stuff mixed with it?' Annabel asked.


'I could have guessed' she said. 'The green was a bit of a giveaway.'

'Oh no' Talut corrected. 'The grey is the seaweed, the green is the fish.'

'Is there anything else I can get for you?' a passing servant bowed to them.

'No thank you Fitz' Talut beamed. 'Wait. I should have asked you if you wanted anything else' he spoke to the others. 'Do you guys want anything else?'

'I think we're fine' Shawn replied, struggling to get his green sloppy fish on his tiny headed spoon.

'I think we're fine' Talut relayed the message to the servant, who bowed again and moved on.

'Dammit why are these spoons so small?'

'To make you savour the food' Talut told him. 'It's a very rich dish. You just don't realise how rich until after. If you were to be given a larger spoon, it would make you quite sick indeed. Remember' he said wagging a finger at them, 'eat it slowly.'

'Isn't this place expensive?' Shawn asked pushing his bo

wl away, having had his fill.

'It is.'

'Does that mean we owe you money?'

'Nope.' Talut leant forward slyly, speaking to Shawn in a seductive whisper. 'I know people' he said simply, before leaning back and falling silent, with no further explanation. 'Now what did you want to speak to me about?' he asked Arlen in a regular tone.

'Well' Arlen spoke slowly. 'Where do I begin?' He thought for a moment. 'My daughter is missing. I want you to help me find her.'

Shawn turned to him. 'Your daughter?'

Arlen shot him a warning glare.

'Ah yes' Talut said knowingly. 'Amaia. The girl with two fathers. She was taken by your king twelve years ago wasn't she? I thought you had found her.'

'I lost her again' Arlen replied shortly.

'Well' Talut sighed, reaching forwards to his glass of water and drinking deeply before placing it carefully back down. 'That is unfortunate.' He ate several of the small savoury biscuits sitting at the centre of the table before addressing Arlen again. 'And what do you need my help for?'

'I…' Arlen began, dropping his eyes in thought before continuing. 'I want you to kill the king.'

Annabel stiffened at that, and Shawn frowned.

'Kill a king?' Talut repeated. 'That is no small task. I presume you presume that the Weather Makers will stop being kidnapped once the king is…should we say…gone?'

'That is what I presume' Arlen concluded. 'So. Can you help?'


'Why not?'

'I am bound to these lands' Talut answered vaguely. 'I cannot leave my home.'

Shawn who was listening silently narrowed his eyes, glancing from one to the other.

'I cannot help you' Talut repeated. 'But……I can take you to someone who may be able to help you instead.'

'Who?' Arlen asked.

'The royal family.'

'Why would the royal family help us?' Shawn voiced.

'I am a busy man' Talut murmured to him, 'a man with many skills who knows a lot of people. Even royalty. Some of the people I know even owe me favours.'

'And you would use one of those favours to help me?'

'Arlen' Talut said sounding dejected. 'You wound me. Haven't the two of us been friends long enough?'

'Are you serious about this?' Arlen asked.

'Yes' Talut nodded. 'But first, before anything else I must return home. I need to give these to my mother' he said, patting the pocket where lay the medicines he had just bought. 'By god does she need them.'

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