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   Chapter 141 No.141

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Shawn hissed at him, baring his teeth and snarling.

'Talut' Arlen frowned seriously. 'Leave them be.'

'Alright fine' Talut sighed turning his back on both of them. 'Now what was it you wanted?'


'Before you tell me' Talut interrupted Arlen, 'first let me show you the market. It is a most splendid place indeed. You're not in a rush are you? Good' he answered quickly when he saw Arlen hesitate. 'Then come and let me show you all, this wonderful place.'

'I'm telling you' Talut was saying, leading the way through the crowd as they explored the market, 'you can buy anything here. From food….to demons… diseases….'

'Why would anyone want to buy a disease?' Annabel asked with disgust, wrinkling her nose.

'Why would anyone want to buy a poison?' he countered.

She fell silent.

'There are all sorts of folk who come here' Talut explained. 'They come from far and wide, all to be in this one place, this market that is held once every three months only.'

'I guess we came at the right time then' Shawn said meekly.

'You did indeed' Talut beamed back at him. 'This place exists for only eight days before the merchants move on. People try to make the most of it.'

They came across a curious thing on their way through the market. In a section of street that widened out into a small square, they saw a creature. It was large enough to be able to potentially ride, with enormous leathery wings, a long whip-like tail and the head of a bull, with massive horns pointed forwards and downwards.

'What is that thing?' Shawn asked.

'It's got many different names in many different languages' Talut answered, 'and many in the same language. Most people just call it a flying cow.'

'Flying cow?' Annabel repeated sceptically. 'That's a silly name.'

'It's just a nickname that stuck' Talut shrugged happily.

The creature was heavily chained where it stood, crouching down low with wings bound and eyes dull. Its colour was the most beautiful black and vivid red stripped, with a shaggy black mane running down the nape of its neck.

It didn't resist the chains, or try to free itself from them, instead swayed on the spot where it was, slowly back and forth.

'What's wrong with it?' Arlen asked.

'Oh. It's been drugged' Talut answered casually. 'You can't expect to bring a thing like that to a place like this without taking such measu

res' he waved his arms away at the creature dismissively before moving on.

'Who would someone buy something like that?' Shawn asked. 'What possible use could you have for it?'

'My dear boy' Talut chuckled back at him. 'You lack imagination. That thing is worth more gold than you'll ever see in your life. It's a status symbol, for only the very richest few who exist in this world. They are very rare indeed. You're lucky to even see one today. No doubt there are a few very rich folk wandering around here today. Someone might even buy it.'

'It makes me sad' Annabel mumbled, 'to see such a beautiful creature chained up and treated like that. It should be flying free in the skies.'

'You'll get over it' Talut smirked at her. 'And it can't actually fly. The wings are only for display. It's like I said' he beamed, 'you can buy anything here. Even children.'

They all slowed to a stop, Annabel accidentally walked into Shawn who had stopped in front of her.

'Sorry' she stumbled back. 'Did you say children?' she asked Talut speaking to him.

'Take a look' Talut pointed.

He indicated further down the crowded street, where there stood a woman with three small children, one she held by the wrist, the other two hid behind her timidly.

'Wait here a minute' Talut said to them. 'The stall I'm looking for is just over there' he pointed. 'I'll be right back.'

He left their side. Arlen watched Talut as he headed to a tiny and unremarkable looking stall a short distance away.

The three of them waited in the middle of the street, the other people passing by them, Arlen turned his sights back upon the woman with the children. She noticed his attention and moved towards him.

'I have some fine children here if you're interested' she said to them. 'They can work around the house or learn any trade you teach them. They're still young' she said. 'You can make them what you want.'

The children were aged between five and seven; the middle child was a girl.

'Why are you selling your own children?' Shawn asked her repulsed.

'I can't afford to keep them anymore' the woman said promptly. 'The husband's gone and wants nothing to do with them, and what I work barely affords food for me alone.'

'How much are they?' Arlen asked.

'A thousand marks each' the woman replied.

'Seems a bit expensive' Arlen noted. 'How much is that in crowns?'

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