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   Chapter 140 No.140

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'Such a strange place' Annabel noted as she took in her surroundings. 'I've never seen anything like this before.'

They walked for only a short time before Arlen slowed to a stop before one of the houses.

'It's this one' he indicated.

Annabel and Shawn stood one step behind either side of him; together they saw the house Arlen pointed out. It was small and unremarkable, just like the many others that surrounded it. From an outside glance it looked as if there was only one room per floor, with four floors. The glass windows were small and beneath them growing in little baskets were a collection of flower that grew of many colours.

'Cosy' Annabel beamed. 'I like it.'

'It's not the kind of place I expected to find him' Shawn mused to himself.

'What did you expect?' Arlen shrugged at him. 'A dark cave at the bottom of a mountain? Or perhaps some hut in a swamp?'

'No' Shawn answered back. 'I thought it would be …bigger.'

'Hm. What for? He doesn't own a lot of things, being on the move all the time. Or at least…that was the case before he retired.'

Arlen's eyes travelled down the house to the front door, where there was a little old lady sitting in a chair by the front steps.

'Come on' he said, opening the tiny wooden gate that led to the house, leaving his horse tied to a post behind them to wait, 'and don't make eye-contact with the lady.'

'What?' Shawn scoffed.

'Just trust me' Arlen replied shortly.

As they approached the door, Shawn deliberately stared at her, to see what would happen. The lady was weak and frail looking; she had hair that was as white as snow, and eyes that were blood-shot red.

As they approached her, they could hear her mumbling.

'….decrease the population….no….not like that…..'

Her eyesight was poor, and she only noticed them when they were almost at the door. She opened her mouth to address them.

'Go fuck yourself you filthy wretch! I'll see you drown in a pit of poisonous lava!'

'Heavens above!' Annabel declared, stepping back in shock, hand going to her mouth.

Immediately a younger lady rushed out of the house to confront them.

'I'll see you flayed alive you inbred swine!' the old lady ranted on. 'Go eat your own entrails you demon-spawn.'

'Gods have mercy' Shawn mumbled to himself as he watched her.

The young woman who had left the house glared at him.

'There is only one god in this kingdom that we worship' she told him bluntly. 'And he does not concern himself with foreigners.'

Arlen shot a dark glare towards Shawn, a look that said he knew Shawn had

deliberately disobeyed him.

'Just keep your mouth shut and do as I say' Arlen mumbled under his breath, before turning to the woman and ignoring Shawn. 'Eilliah' he said. 'You don't know me, but I know you. Tell me where the master of this house is.'

'Is he expecting you?'


She narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

'He would be more than happy to see me' Arlen told her. 'After all, fish are hard to catch with bare-hands.'

She visibly relaxed at that.

'Talut is in the market' she told him.

'Thank you' Arlen dipped his head.

'It's a big place' the woman replied. 'If you don't find him there, come back and wait for him here.'

'Of course' Arlen nodded.

Arlen marched swiftly away, heading to the city that was right on the doorstep of the home. The three of them left their horses tied up outside the small house; they entered the city.

'What was that about?' Shawn muttered after him when they were out of earshot of the woman who watched from the doorway them as they walked away.


'What was that about the fish?' Annabel whispered to him as they hurried after him.

'Code' Arlen answered simply. 'Talut has many. It's a good method for him to keep track of those he trusts, and those who wish to betray him.'

'I hope it's the right code' Shawn asked dryly.

'What if he means to kill us?' Annabel worried aloud.

'He doesn't.'

'He sounds a bit scary to me' Annabel mumbled.

Arlen shook his head. 'I think you'd be surprised. He is an approachable man, usually…at first. He uses a friendly demeanour to lull people into a false sense of security. Most people who meet him instantly like him. You'll be the same' he told them, 'you'll see.'

When they reached the edge of the market within the city, they found that the man they sought was already waiting for them.

'Arlen my good friend!' the man cried throwing his arms open. 'It's been a long time, a very long time!'

'Talut' Arlen acknowledged. 'I should have known you'd be waiting for us.'

'Was I waiting for you' Talut asked, 'or did I bring you here?' he smirked at Arlen. 'And who is this fine young couple?'

'Shawn and Annabel' Arlen told him.

'Are they lovers?' Talut asked instantly. 'They are lovers!' he cried at their reaction to his words as Shawn and Annabel glanced awkwardly at each other before looking away. 'No' Talut corrected himself. 'They want to be….but perhaps are too afraid to admit it to each other. Take my advice' he said wagging a finger at them. 'Take the chance while it's there, or else it might just be too late.'

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