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'Shut him up' Farrell hissed under his breath to the man desperately. 'Flynn' he snarled to him 'Be quiet!'

But it was too late. The kings soldiers who were given the order to 'get rid of him' were he to cause a disruption again, had already heard him.

Flynn was dragged out of the group by one of the soldiers, pulled away from the other prisoner who had tried to silence him. Fully awake now, Flynn screamed in panic, knowing what would happen. But no one was able to help him.

The others watched helplessly as he was dragged by the soldier to a more secluded area and restrained, while another soldier drove a dagger through his throat, silencing him forever.

He collapsed, and his body was dragged away before he had even stopped bleeding.

It had all been done very quickly.

Another soldier moved close to the prisoners, looming over them dangerously to see if any would make a noise or protest. Within the group Bill sunk his teeth into his own hand to stop himself laughing, biting down so hard he caused himself to bleed, but he made almost no sound. Nearby Woodworm watched silently, his face looked carved out of stone, and beside him, Adam blinked back tears, covering his mouth in shock. But none within their group made another sound.

A few weeks after that, one of the kings soldiers shouted a message across the camp.

'Your majesty! A ship has arrived at the coast. I think it's the one we've been waiting for.'

Farrell's breath and heart quickened in fear. He waited nervously for what might happen next.

A messenger was sent down to the coast to meet the new arrivals and bring them to the camp. When Arlen arrived with a handful of other men, Shawn being among them but Annabel not, and a shady character in a hood and cloak standing close beside Arlen, the king stepped forward to speak.

'Who is in charged amongst you?' the king called.

'I am' Arlen called back loudly, he and his companions standing a distance away from the king.

The king indicated to one of his soldiers to bring Farrell forwards, who waited amongst the other prisoners. He was thrown on his knees before the king.

Farrell straightened up, blinking wearily at Arlen before him. It had been a long time they had been apart, and Farrell's health, along with the others that were kept imprisoned, had greatly deteriorated. Over the days that Farrell had lost count of, malnourishment and physical torture and constant fear had made Farrell a ghost of who he used to be. But Arlen still recognised him; Farrell could see it in his eyes.

'Do you know this man?' the king called out to Arlen.

'Yes' Arlen called back.

'Good.' The king held his hand op

en to one of his soldiers, and the soldier handed him a loaded crossbow.

The king took the crossbow, and pointed it at Farrell's head.

'Tell me where Annabel is' the king shouted, 'or I kill him!'

Farrell began to panic, eyes darting all around him for some escape, heart racing, body sweating, and the last words Arlen had spoken to him ringing in his mind.

I hate you. Don't you understand this by now? I hate you! I don't care if I never see you again. I don't care if you die!

He glanced across the clearing towards his brother.

Arlen stared back at him coolly, then exchanged a glance with the hooded man beside him.

Chapter Forty Three

An Old Friend

Two months ago

They arrived on shore and docked at the harbour of Elton; Arlen spoke to the dock master and signed the correct papers, returning shortly after to the others on the ship.

'What do we do now?' Shawn asked him.

'I have to find my friend' Arlen replied. 'The journey is a bit of a long one I'm afraid. I'll meet you back here when I return. I might be a while.'

'I'll come with you' Shawn told him. 'I don't want to hang around here for ages, I'll get bored.'

'Then I'm coming too' Annabel spoke up.

Arlen glanced from one to the other.

'Fine' he answered shortly. 'If you're sure.'

The men who were to remain on the ship were told of the situation. They had enough food to last them a while, and after a brief explanation, Arlen, Shawn and Annabel made their way.

They walked to the nearest town where they found an inn that rented out horses, a town called Slikver. They took three of them, then rode the long distance to find Arlen's friend, leaving Cam and Tala and all the others back on the ship to wait for them.

'What can you tell us about this man then Arlen?' Annabel asked him as they rode. 'Who is he?'

Arlen frowned uncertainly, 'well' he sighed, 'I'm not too sure myself.'

'I thought you knew him well' Shawn said.

'I do….of sorts.' Arlen frowned in thought. 'He is a mysterious character, and very dangerous. He has many identities, and lives many different lives…I don't think even he knows who he truly is.' Arlen gazed out at the lands around them. The earth was dry and rocky, tall grasses with little purple flowers grew around them in patches, shaking back and forth in the light breeze. Upon one of the rocks near them, Arlen saw a bright yellow fleshy lizard, with jet black eyes staring at them as they went by. 'He is an assassin' Arlen continued, as they walked their horses slowly onwards along the deserted road, 'and a veteran, a body guard, a master of deception…a master of lies and poisons and secrets and shadows…'

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