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   Chapter 137 No.137

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Bill didn't run, he only froze, thinking in his mind. He couldn't leave, and he couldn't stay.

Maybe I should let him have me he thought. And face the same fate as my mother and sister….and join them both in death…

He heard a twig snapping nearby, and jerked his head around, seeing standing before him a man he didn't recognise.

'Hey there kid' the man frowned down at him. 'Are you alright?'

And then the man glanced past him, and towards his father as he came tearing through the trees and into the open.

'I'm going to fucking rip you limb from limb boy!' he screamed.

Bill rolled on his back to face him, pale with shock and unable to utter a word.

'Is that your father?' the stranger asked Bill glumly. 'He doesn't seem very nice does he?'

'Who the fuck are you?!' the father yelled at the stranger. 'Leave this place wanderer, you don't belong here.'

'Maybe I should teach him a lesson' the stranger spoke down to Bill, who didn't answer, but seemed to have slipped into shock.

The stranger hummed thoughtfully to himself, stepping over the fallen tree Bill leant against, and drawing his sword as he did so.

A brief encounter, and his father stepped back, clutching the wounds on his arm and chest where the stranger had slashed him.

'Leave now old man' the stranger called to him. 'Go back where you came from.'

Bill's father glared at the stranger, holding his injures which bled profusely.

'You'd better not come home boy' he growled to his son, before turning on his heel and stalking off.

'Hey' the stranger said to Bill once his father had gone. 'Are you ok?'

Bill stared up at him silently, as if he couldn't believe what had just happened.

'You're safe now' the man said. 'My name is William. What's your name?'

Bill stared at him, and then began to laugh.

Chapter Forty Two

Things that Happen

Bill's father had found their pursuers and told the prince Corvan everything he needed to know. Farrell and the others had tried to escape by heading through the mountains, but Corvan now knew where they were and which way they were heading. They stood no chance to outrun them on foot. They were swiftly found and captured. The king, who had taken a special interest in them because of Annabel, had travelled in person to see them. But even though Annabel was long gone, the king would accept no excuse or reason. He had expressed surprise at first sight of Farrell especially, but Adam also. But it made little difference who they were or what services they had provided him in the past. None of that mattered anymore.

'I have to have her' the king insisted again.

'Why do you want her?' Farrell groaned.


I've never come across a Weather Maker that fights like that. If she is as I've been told she is, then she is the most powerful I've come across yet.'

'She's not more powerful' Farrell tried to reason. 'She's just more experienced.'

'She is stronger than the others' the king insisted.

'No she isn't!' Farrell shouted back.

The king sighed wearily, turning back to the torturer.


The burly man again tightened the giant screw which trapped Farrell's arm. Farrell threw his head back, screaming in agony as the bones in his hand were crushed.

Sometime later, Farrell was taken away and returned to the other where he lay, falling asleep in minutes.

That night, he dreamed of Ramana.

They were sitting on a beach together, the small waves rolling up the sand and tickling their feet, before retreating and returning again.

Farrell glanced to the side. Ramana was smiling at him. She looked so happy, so beautiful. She leant towards him, pushing him back down against the sand, and resting her body weight upon his. Her long dark hair fell forwards; as she bent down to kiss him, shielding them from the world.

Farrell's arms came up slowly as he kissed her back, caressing her body. It felt so good.

The next day Farrell was brought before the torturer again, and the king began to question.

'I don't know' Farrell answered, his voice shaking. 'Please…no more.'

He screamed again, as the burly man pressed the red hot brand against his naked skin. A new burn to join the many others that now covered his back. Tied firmly to a tree and unable to move, he was forced to endure the agonizing process.

Sometime later he was taken away to rest and recover, and the next man was brought forwards.

Things had continued this way for some time, but the king insisted that he would wait for Arlen and the others to return, with Annabel. No matter how long it took.

'I must have her' the king repeated time and again. 'I must. Now tell me where she is.'

'I don't know' Adam said firmly. 'They set sail and vanished. We don't know where they went or when they will be back. If they're even coming back at all!'

'It's not good enough' the king shook his head. 'Continue' he said to the torturer.

Adam screwed his eyes tight shut, gritting his teeth. His screams of pain echoed through the camp, sending terror into the hearts of every prisoner there.

Every time it was a constant reminder to each person, that they might be next.

One evening, Flynn woke screaming and thrashing around. Cam was not there to comfort and protect him, instead one of the other prisoners tried to hold him down, which made him panic even more.

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