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   Chapter 136 No.136

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His father didn't answer, only grabbed her by her upper arm, and dragged her to the bedroom.

Violet called for Bill, and Bill called for Violet. But it was no use. Bill couldn't help her; he couldn't even stand now, due to an injury in his leg. Instead he was made to lay where he was, listing to his sister screaming in the next room, and hating himself for not being able to do anything about it.

It was many years after that, when Violet went missing.

At breakfast the next morning after she had failed to return home, Bill crossed the kitchen quietly, preparing his food slowly, but never taking his eyes off his father as he went about his business.

His father, eating his own breakfast leisurely, didn't look at him.

Bill sat opposite him, eggs and sausages and toast piled on his plate, which he didn't touch.

'Where is she?' he whispered to his father.

His father looked up.


'Where is she?' Bill whispered again.


'My sister' Bill said through gritted teeth.

'I think she might have run away' his father said dismissively, staring back down at his plate and beginning to eat.

'I don't believe you.'

'I don't care' his father said raising his head again.

Bill's heart was hammering inside his chest, he did not break his gaze with his father, but stared defiantly back at him, until his father looked down again, and continued to eat.

Bill left the table without touching his food, and wandered through the woods by his home.

It was many years later, when he found something there that shocked him. His sister's bracelet, one he had gotten her for her birthday, a thing she had cherished, buried within a pile of bones.

He was waiting for his father that evening, standing by the door with a heavy hammer in his shaking hands. And when his father walked through the door, Bill swung as hard as he could at his head.

He fell like a stone. Bill threw away the hammer, stepping over his father and dragging him across the kitchen to one of the chairs where he proceeded to tie him up. But before he finished tying all his limbs, his father came around.

He roared in furry, lunging for Bill who leapt back in shock. Bill then turned instantly towards the hammer he had discarded, making a start for it. But his father was already untying himself from the chair, and Bill had lost his advantage.

Without words or explanation, Bill swung at his father again, this time facing him. His father caught the hammer, and managed to part it from him, striking Bill and sending him reeling. Bill stumbled and fell to his knees, when he felt his father's fist on the b

ack of his head he collapsed on his front.

His father grabbed him by the hair, putting a knee on his back so he could not get up.

'I HATE YOU!' Bill snarled back at him through bloodied teeth as his father lifted his head back.

His father didn't answer as he slammed Bill's head over and over again against the hard floor.

He eventually after the longest time got off his back, lifting him on his feet and dragging him across the kitchen. Bill fighting to stay conscious could not resist, weak and concussed, he could not fight back as his father grabbed him roughly again by his hair, and plunged his head into a bucket of water.

The icy water suddenly woke him, bringing him crashing back to reality. His father released him, lifting his head out of the water for the briefest moment before forcing him back in. Bill began to panic, reaching desperately to the table beside him and fumbling for anything that could help him. He found a knife, stabbing his father's hand and managing to free himself.

He threw his head back, drawing a deep breath of air and sparing nothing before lunging for the fallen hammer again.

But his father having recovered faster than Bill had anticipated, grabbed him before he could reach it, and Bill sobbed in despair as he was dragged back, and the hammer moved further away from him.

This time his father did not take him back to the bucket, but to the burning stove. His father grabbed his head again, forcing his head down upon it. Bill screamed, as the heat burned one side of his face.

He stumbled out of the door, not knowing how he had escaped his father, he ran through the village and away from his father's cursing as he made after him.

Bill fled into the woods, hearing his father following some distance behind him.

He ran for only a short time in a blind panic before he stumbled and fell, landing awkwardly on a fallen tree. The moss on the bark was damp beneath his hands.

He could hear his father somewhere in the woods behind him calling for him, cursing him, swearing to do all sorts of horrible things to him once he caught him.

Bill let out a sob, biting into his hand to keep himself silent. He felt no pain, only adrenaline.

He had nowhere to go, believing he couldn't survive in this world on his own, and remembering what he had found in the woods of his sister that day.

'I should have protected her' Bill whimpered to himself. 'I should have been able to save her….'

Behind him his father's voice was coming closer. Bill dared to glance back. He could just see his father's silhouette in the trees, and he was heading his way.

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