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'Is life always this uncertain?' Shawn asked Arlen.

'Life is always uncertain.'

Chapter Forty One

Past Events

He didn't know when it first began, couldn't remember that far back, but he grew up thinking it was normal, and living everyday in fear.

'Bill' called a voice. 'Bill! Come here.'

Bill scurried across the kitchen towards his mother, clutching his little toy horse to his chest.

'Take your sister' his mother hissed to him wide-eyed, 'and hide somewhere safe. Your father's coming.'

'Come on Violet' Bill said to his younger sister beside him, taking her by the hand and running with her to the next room.

He waited there behind that closed door, watching through the crack as his mother stared out the window, biting her lip the way she always did when she was nervous or scared.

Behind him his sister Violet clutched at his sleeve tightly, clinging onto him.

'It's ok little sister' Bill whispered back to her. 'I'm here.'

Bill looked back through the crack, leaning into the door and breathing as quietly as he could through his mouth.

Then came the noise they dreaded.

The front door opened, and heavy boots came stomping in.

'Where are the children?' came a booming voice.

'They are outside playing my dear' his mother replied. She sounded happy, but Bill could hear the edge in her voice and the way it wavered.

'Where's my food? Why haven't you cooked anything?'

There was silence, and then the sound of someone being slapped.

Bill saw nothing through the crack as his parents went out of sight, but he heard the beating, and then he heard the begging.

He withdrew quickly from the door as he heard his father's boots approaching, dragging his sister with him and hiding with her in a cupboard nearby before either of them were seen.

His father opened the door and stormed through the room, then back outside, perhaps to go look for them. But Bill dared not leave the cupboard, not even to check on his mother. He was too frightened, and could only imagine how his poor sister was feeling.

They stayed there for hours, listening for their father.

Everything in the house would fall still again, and things would calm down. Only then did the pair feel safe to leave their hiding place.

It was always the same afterwards. Afterwards he would tell her how sorry he was, and how much he loved her, and how he would never do it again.

But it was all a lie.

Nothing changed.

Things would continue the same way every day, but as the years went on, things became worse. It was every single day now that his father would raise his voice

and say the most horrible things to his mother, and Violet began to cry.

'Shut her up!' his father would yell at Bill. 'Shut her up!'

And then he would round on his mother, raising his hand to her again as if it was her fault. But this time it didn't happen behind closed doors, and Bill saw everything, cowering in the corner of the kitchen, cradling his crying sister in his arms. Covering her ears and forcing her head to face his so she did not see.

One day, Bill had had enough, and he came to stand between his mother and father the next time it happened. His father Bill thought, must have only backed down in surprise, because the next time Bill tried to protect his mother, he took her place.

His mother screamed as his father beat him, kicking him and punching him, backing down only when he seemed to tire. She cradled him afterwards, crying as she held him, and speaking to him harshly.

'Why did you do that?' she would say. 'Why?'

'I had to protect you mother' Bill answered back weakly, aching all over. 'I had to.'

In the corner of the room, Violet cried.

His mother told him not to do it again, but Bill wouldn't listen, and in the days and years that followed, his father would turn more of his attention onto Bill, and less on his mother.

Bill suffered terribly for it, but he felt happier, because at least now he was protecting his mother. But the day would come, Bill would think in his head, when he would be big enough to hit him back.

Those were the days he feared the most.

It was many years later, when Bill and Violet had grown up a bit more, that their mother vanished.

'Where is she?!' Bill screamed at his father.

'Don't you speak to me like that' he father warned him, pointing a finger at him.

'Where is she?!' Bill repeated again, banging his fists on the table.

His father rose from his seat, starting towards him. But Bill was ready, with one hand he blocked the fist his father aimed at him, with the other, he struck him back. But he was still young, and only in his teens. His father was able to overpower him easily, and when Bill was on the floor, he didn't kick him like Bill was used to, instead went over to the stove.

'No!' Bill cried, throwing his hands up in submission, seeing what his father was about to do.

But it was no use, his father emptied the kettle over him, and that's when he screamed.

His sister came rushing in, falling to her knees by Bill.

'Oh gods…' her voice was shaking, as were her hands when she touched him. 'What have you done?' she shrieked up at her father, holding her brother protectively.

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