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   Chapter 130 No.130

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'I will come' Cam nodded. 'Of course I will.'

'I won't' Flynn spoke up.

'What?' Cam glanced around in shock. 'But…we've always stuck together.'

'I'm sorry' Flynn uttered stepping back. 'I cannot return to that place….after what they did to us….how we suffered…'

'Flynn…' Cam moved towards him, letting go of Tala.

'No' Flynn replied beginning to shake. 'I cannot….I cannot…too much…'

'Flynn' Cam said going to him, grasping his arm firmly. 'We are like brothers.'

'I cannot return' Flynn said again. 'I am afraid.'

'Then this is where we part' Cam said. 'Goodbye Flynn' he said embracing him. 'Maybe we will see one another again someday.'

'I hope so' Flynn breathed, holding him tightly back. 'I really hope so.'

Behind them Tala drew a sharp intake of breath.

The soldiers who had waited on the hill were charging again, the thunder of hooves from the beasts was growing louder as they advanced.

Adam called for the men to rally, but disorganised and poorly trained, this prisoners misfit of thieves and rapists and heathens were a poor match for the kings trained soldiers. They would be lucky to survive a second charge, and it was unlikely their attackers would retreat again.

'Annabel you have to help us' Adam screamed, rounding on her. 'They'll kill us all!'

'No!' Shawn ordered charging forwards. 'You'll be put in danger!'

Annabel tensed, watching the charging wall of mounted soldiers draw ever closer by the second; listening to Shawn and Adam who stood either side of her.

'You've done it before' Adam shouted. 'You can do it again!'

Annabel saw the horses were nearly upon them, their riders a terrifying sight. Faces of men who were ready to kill. Faces of men who were not afraid to be killed.

Annabel took a slow and steady breath, raising her arms out high. In her heart she felt there was little choice. Last time she had hidden, now she was ready to fight out in the open.

'Ana no!' Shawn cried.

But it was too late. Annabel had summoned her magic. A great wall of roots shot up from the ground before them, creating a wall between them and the charging soldiers.

The horses screamed in terror, rearing up and bolting away, the soldiers caught by surprise fell back, some toppled from their horses, they began swarming around behind the wall of roots in confusion. And then the calls began as the roots above them grew into trees and sprouted bright green leaves and flowers.

'Weather Maker!' came the voices that circled around the men aroun

d the camp. 'There's a Weather Maker here!'

Roots shot out towards their enemy, killing soldier and horses alike, ripping them limb from limb.

Shawn stepped back as a horse's head was thrown to his feet.

He lifted his eyes slowly back towards the massacre. Some of the men tried to fight, some retreated.

Shawn spotted amongst the riders, a soldier wearing fine armour bearing the crest of a wolf running up a mountainside. He watched as the prince wheeled his horse around and rode, back up the hill and away. Only a handful of the attacking men survived.

When it was all over, Annabel let out a deep breath, looking over what she had done, looking over the mangled mass of torn bodies around them, and their own men that remained; now cowering in fear.

When it was all over, Shawn strode up to her, grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her.

'What have you done!?' he shouted at her. 'What have you done!?'

'Shawn…' Annabel stammered. 'I couldn't…..I had to protect us…'

'The king will know…he will know about you….' his nails dug into her shoulder painfully as he began to tremble, fingers turning white, '…he will hunt you down…'

'Shawn…' she whimpered. 'I'm sorry…'

He embraced her then, forcefully so, glaring at the scene behind her.

'It's ok' he whispered. 'I will protect you if anything happens…I promise…'

Annabel held him back, her relief turning to sorrow. She began to cry into his shoulder.

'It's ok' Woodworm said calmly as he wandered through the aftermath, surveying the carnage that surrounded them. 'We have more men hidden elsewhere, under Tristan's control. They will be kept safe until we need them.'

He stepped over the twisted and gnarled roots of a fallen tree, the earth around him torn up. His foot lowered into a shallow puddle of blood as he walked onwards, following Adam who moved slowly. The bodies were all around them.

'This is where we split then' Adam said, wiping blood from his eyes. He raised his head, speaking loudly to all so that he may be heard. 'They are sure to return with more men, but at least we have more time now. So' he called coming to a stop. 'Who goes where?'

Chapter Thirty Nine

Dancing Across the Map

'Wait!' Farrell called after Arlen as he boarded the ship.

'What?' Arlen shot back without turning.

'Where will you meet us when you return?'

'You already know the answer to that' Arlen replied simply. 'By the mountains. By the coast. From there we will meet with the rest of the prince's army.'

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