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   Chapter 129 No.129

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'We leave by sea then?' Adam spoke up. 'But even with the men we've lost, we could not transport them all away. There are not enough ships and not enough money.'

'We've not enough money?' Shawn repeated.

'Tristan's coin is swiftly running out' Adam explained. 'He is only the thirteenth son after all.'

'Then what do we do?' Flynn spoke up. 'We cannot leave and we cannot stay.'

'And we don't have much time to discuss this either' Shawn added. 'They may return any minute now. We have to reach a decision.'

'I could hold them off' Annabel spoke up. 'If I use my magic. I could give these men an opportunity to escape. By sea or on foot.'

'But the king would know of your existence' Shawn replied immediately. 'We cannot risk it.'

'I am not the frail girl I used to be' Annabel snapped at him angrily. 'I can fight and I can kill. And when I have to I will.'

'Once he knows about you' Shawn went on, 'they will hunt you down.'

'I'm not afraid.'

'Well you should be.'

'We don't have a leader without Tristan' Adam interrupted. 'We have to reach a decision we all….or at least mostly agree on.'

'And be swift about it' Woodworm added coolly glancing towards the hill. 'Look' he said, indicating the line of mounted soldiers that stood facing them on the lip of the hill. 'They're waiting to attack us again.'

The other straightened, all suddenly tense with fear.

'What are they waiting for?' Shawn asked nervously.

No one answered. All of them stared up in silence at the line of soldiers before them.

Over the lip of the hill just on the other side and out of sight, two men spoke.

'Tristan' the leading man said striding towards him. 'What are you doing here?'

'I was tracking a party of men here' Tristan replied without missing a beat. 'They intend to attack our father.'


'They don't agree with his kidnapping of the Weather Makers.'


'I believe one of their daughters was taken.'

'And they want to raise an army to find her?' the man strode past. 'My dear brother.' He turned back to him. 'Where have you been all this time?'

'I told you already' Tristan answered. 'I was tracking them.'

'For many months.'

'Corvan' Tristan sighed.

'Don't bother trying to f

eed me any excuses or half-truths or pure lies. It's not my business what you do. I only fight to serve our father.' Corvan paused. He smiled then, the edges of his lips tweaking. 'It is good to see you again.'

'Is it?'

'I….was beginning to worry.'

'Were you?'

'Why do you sound so surprised?' Corvan asked.

Tristan turned away.

'I even went to visit your wife. Even she didn't know where you were…I thought….for a moment…'

'That I had died?'

Corvan tilted his head at Tristan, speaking to his back. 'None of our brothers have heard from you in ages.'

'I've been busy.'

Corvan sighed. You should return to father' he suggested changing the subject. 'He is worried about you I am sure.'

'No' Tristan shook his head. 'He only worries about her.'

'In any case, you should return, he's been getting suspicious. Its time you put his mind at ease.'

'What will you do?' Tristan asked him, finally facing him again.

'I will stay here' Corvan replied, 'and finish off this lot, before they cause any trouble.'

Tristan bit his tongue, moving away before his brother could see the worry and uncertainty within him. He took a spare horse offered to him by one of the soldiers, a brown mare, and rode away from the scene, heading the long distance back to the palace alone, his father's home. All the while, thinking of those he was leaving behind, and wondering if any of them would make it.

But his father……he was not entirely sure what would happen when he met him. In the pit of his stomach, Tristan felt a flicker of worry as he feared for his life, once he placed himself before the king.

'We'll see' Tristan said to himself. 'We will see…'

'We'll split' Adam said at last to the others, leaning forwards on the table. 'Some of us go by ship across the sea. The rest of us go by land. We'll meet later in the mountains where the rest of our men wait.'

'Sounds good enough' Farrell said quickly. 'Now we have to move as soon as possible.'

The group of those surviving were split roughly in half, with one group heading towards the ships, the other remaining on land.

'We have to go back to our own land' Tala urged, speaking to Cam. 'I don't want to lose you again…not now I've just found you.'

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