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   Chapter 128 No.128

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'I think you're lying' Annabel said.

'I don't care what you think' Tristan shot a glare at her. 'I know the truth.'

The group entered the camp, joining those already stationed there. The men were told of their orders and that it was time to leave. They began to bustle around in a disorganised manner, rolling up the tents and gathering their meagre possessions.

'Cam' Tala spoke firmly striding behind him. 'I want to talk to you.'

'About what?' he asked pausing.

'I don't want to do this.'

'Do what?'

'I cannot fight.'

'Then why did you come?'

'I did not think that I would ever see you again' she said. 'I thought things would be different.'

'But you answered the call of war.'

'Cam' she said taking his face in her hands. 'We have to leave this place together….while we still can….while we still have each other.'


'I gave up hope on you Cam' she said, biting her lips to stop them quivering. 'I searched and searched for you….for so long….I gave up hope….I thought you dead.' As she spoke, tears spilled down her cheeks. 'I spent my days fighting…like in the old days…it was all I had….all that kept me going.'

Cam placed his hand upon hers, holding it tight as she spoke.

'I didn't know you'd be here' she said in a whisper. 'Let's just leave…let's go home.'

Cam stared back at her.

Then they both heard a call from one of the men nearby, a call that ran over the camp and sent everyone into confusion and panic.

'Soldiers!' came the cry. 'Soldiers!'

Tristan lifted his head, his breath catching in his throat.

His heart stopped in his chest.

'We've stayed too long' he whispered.

All around them faces turned towards the hill, where there stood a line of men on horseback, their armour shining in the sunlight.

Panic ensued. The men in the camp scattered, trying to find their weapons. Tristan remained where he was unmoved, staring at his father's soldiers upon the hill.

The soldiers rode them down, tearing through the camp, killing all in their path. The men on foot fought back as best they could, caught by surprise and unorganised, they stood little chance.

Tristan stood still where he was, standing tall and unflinching before the charging soldiers. None attacked him.

Tristan caught the eye of one of the men who rode towards him. The man turned in the saddle as he passed by, brow furrowed in confusion at the sight of Tristan.

Seconds later a horn sounded, blown by one of the men on horseback.

The cavalry began to retreat. They rode back towards the lip of hill, led by one figure that rode before t

he rest. Tristan watched as the men disappeared back over the hill. The camp around them fell into a hustle of shouts and sounds of the dying.

Tristan simply walked away.

The aftermath of the attack was that of confusion as men wandered about trying to find one another, and finding those that were dead.

'Cam!' a voice called above their heads. 'Cam!'

'I'm here' he broke through the crowd, finding Tala again. 'I'm safe.'

She embraced him, crying into his shoulder.

'Oh thank god' she breathed.

'What was that all about?' Woodworm demanded as he strode through the wreckage of their camp. 'What just happened?'

'I don't know' Adam replied. 'They retreated so suddenly.'

'We have to get out of here' Flynn said stepping forward. 'They're sure to return soon.'

'Where is Tristan?' Woodworm called. 'Where is he?'

A short time later, and they still remained at the camp.

'Do you realise that this is near impossible for us to succeed' Arlen spoke across the table in a raised voice. He and several others had gathered together to talk. Tristan still could not be found, and he was not amongst the dead. He had simply vanished, and there was no clear leader without him. 'We were doomed from the start' Arlen went on. 'There is no way for us to get enough men without the king noticing. And even if we did, we don't stand a chance against his army with this rabble of prisoners and veterans. Most are too old or too young…..we will all surely die.'

'I thought you better than this' Farrell shot back. He had been found amongst the injured, and bore several new wounds now to go alongside his old ones. 'I thought you believed we had a chance.'

'Now I see clearer.'

'You're not giving up' Farrell told him.

'I didn't say I was' Arlen shouted back, fingernails digging into the table before him as he spoke.

'We can't stay here' Adam spoke over the two before things could escalate. 'We have to leave as soon as possible.'

'They would catch us' Arlen mumbled to himself, running his fingers through his hair.

Woodworm and Barrel and Flynn watched them argue silently as they stood around the table. Shawn and Annabel were there also. Cam was not, he was elsewhere.

'We may not have to leave on foot' Shawn spoke up. 'There are still ships waiting at the harbour. That could be our means of escape. If we leave on foot….' He shrugged. 'Arlen is right. We have only very few horses; they would catch and kill us all for sure….even a child could follow the footsteps of so many men, and Annabel….' They glanced at each other. 'She is not safe here' Shawn finished.

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