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   Chapter 127 No.127

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Some days later, the beatings began, sometimes in the middle of the night and without warning. And it was several days after that, that Cam was approached again by a guard, carrying a hood and shackles.

'No please not again! Get away from me!'

Some days after that, Cam began his hunger strike.

He was force-fed by a tube through his nose. It was an agonizing thing to experience; sometimes the liquid would go to his lungs by accident.

'Please….' He whispered to the guard beside him one day as he lay tied down to the bed, '…just kill me….'

An unknown time after that, they were freed.

Soldiers from outside the prison swarmed the place one day, tearing down fences and freeing the prisoners. With them, came men and women dressed in deep gold robes. Holy Ghosts. Religious figures.

One of them took Cam by the hand, helping him to stand. He was emaciated now, far beyond even a shadow of his former self.

'It's alright' the Holy Ghost said to him with a kind smile. 'You are safe now.'

He walked with Cam, holding his arm out for Cam to hold, giving him support as they moved slowly. Free from his mask and shackles, Cam headed slowly to the outside world.

Beside him Flynn had also been freed from his own confinements. He lifted his head high, smiling at the sun.

'Fantastic' Flynn said, guided by another Holy Ghost. 'Lovely day…the sunlight….unbelievable!'

'This place is beautiful' Cam said in a hoarse voice. 'I thought it was ugly before. Is that all the flowers….? I'm hearing the birds…seeing the clouds….the green and the yellow….the buttercups………I've seen nothing for so long.'

All of the prisoners were assessed after that, and given whatever medical care they needed.

'Why has this happened to us?' Cam groaned to the Holy Ghost, sitting before him at the table.

'Politics' the man replied simply. 'Our king has a lot to answer for. Now can you list as many words as possible that begin with the letter F?'

Cam stared at him.

'Umm……uuuuu…….' His head sagged. 'Finality.'

'Good' the Holy Ghost smiled encouragingly. 'Any more?'

'God no' Cam shook his head, tears streaming down his cheeks. 'I can't think….'

Chapter Thirty Eight

Swift Decisions

They embraced one another, each holding the other so tight as if afraid to let go, as if letting go would lose the other again.

'Oh god' Tala sobbed

, burying her face in his clothing. 'I prayed every day and every night for you to be returned to me.' She lifted her head up to his, tears streaming down her cheeks. 'I was told you were dead…' she said to him, 'but I didn't believe it.'


'I tried to find you' she said her voice shaking. 'The king tried to silence me, tried to arrest me….but things happened…'

'We were taken away to a camp' Cam told her. 'Flynn and I both.'

'Flynn?' she glanced behind Cam, spotting Flute Stick, who gave her a nod and a wave. 'You're alive too?'

'Adam' Tristan took a step towards him. 'We cannot linger. My father's men will be here very soon to attack us. We have to leave immediately.'

'Why haven't you already left?'

'We stayed to wait for you' Tristan explained. 'Shawn and Annabel were most insistent, but now we have to leave.'

The foreign prisoners were shepherded across the harbour, watched as usual by the bored looking sailors and fishermen.

'What's going on?' one prisoner asked. 'Where are you taking us?'

'Hush' Tristan snapped at him. 'Be quiet and you will find out.'

'I hope you're all up for some travelling' Adam hollered to them.

'Travelling?' one man echoed, a head, one of many, bobbing about behind them. 'What is this? A circus?'

'They lack discipline' Shawn noted.

'As to be expected' Tristan replied. 'Disobedient…disloyal…dishonest…it's all I ever expected of prisoners.'

'Do you think they will fight for us?' Annabel worried.

'They've come this far' Tristan said glancing back at her as they strode towards the camp, 'only because this unknown future we offer them is better than the certain death they faced in their homeland.'

'You think we will fail.'

Tristan slowed to a stop at Annabel's words, the gruff men surrounding them walked onwards.

'I cannot deny' he said, 'that the further down this path we go, the further I think we will fall. These men…' he lifted his head. 'They are no match for my father's soldiers, who are everything a soldier should be.'

'Then why have we come this far if you think we will fail?' Shawn spoke.

'Because I have to try' Tristan answered back. 'For Amaia….it doesn't matter how many of these men are lost…if there is a chance of reaching her, then I would take it.'

'Are you really her father?' Shawn asked flatly.


'Not Farrell?'

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