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'You've got a lot of growing to do Amaia' Farrell told the baby softly, touching her head tenderly. 'My precious treasure.'

Tears came to his eyes as he spoke this, and he turned then towards Ramana who remained still.

Farrell leant forward, kissing his wife's forehead.

Farrell turned over, and woke gently.

He didn't know what had caused him to wake. There was no one else in the room with him, and all was quiet.

He rose from his bed, wandering over to the window, past the statue of the god Filis on the mantelpiece, and gazing outside.

Outside a blind soldier walked across the harbour, holding onto the arm of another soldier who led the way, the two of them walking slowly.

'I can smell the sea' the blind man said.

'Yes Alfie' the man who led him answered. 'We are by the sea. The waves are gentle, the sky is clear…' he looked around.

'Are we standing on a harbour?' Alfie asked.

'Yes we are' the other man replied.

'The ground feels different. I can feel the wood beneath my boots as I walk' Alfie said.

'Yes Alfie' the other man replied.

Alfie blinded slowly, his milky white eyes shining.

'What else is there?' Alfie asked. 'Tell me what you see……I want to know.'

The other man glanced about him.

'There are children playing…' he began, 'men fishing off the coast, birds flying above them….and a ship on the horizon.' The man faltered at this. 'Could that be the ship?' he asked himself. 'Alfie' he said to his companion. 'We have to find the leader, the one who set us free. We're walking back now. Keep hold of my arm.'

Alfie obeyed as they moved away from the harbour, walking at a gentle pace.

A short time later, there was a crowd of men gathered at the harbour, waiting eagerly for the ship to dock. Tristan was among them, constantly glancing nervously about him.

At last the ship reached the harbour. Adam was the first to walk down the gangplank, stepping before the crowd and greeting Tristan and the others quickly.

'I'm glad things went well' Shawn told him as the men behind Adam gradually left the ship.

Adam nodded shortly. 'I'm sorry we weren't here sooner.'

He was about to speak again when a female figure from the ship pushed her way forwards through the crowd, coming to stand at the bottom of the gangplank and staring at Carrot who stood beside Tristan. She had tanned skin, wore gold armour and had long dark hair tied in a plait.

She stepped towards him slowly, eyes wide with shock and utter disbeli


'Cam?' she whispered. 'Is that really you?'


Chapter Thirty Seven

Past Events

'Cam. I've got a bad feeling about this.'

'What would you have me do?' he argued back. 'Just leave?'

'Why not?'

'How could you suggest such a thing? You know what they do to deserters. Do you want to see me killed?'

'Of course not! But…'

'Tala' Cam said, lifting her chin carefully up. 'You're overreacting.'

'Cam please' Tala said. 'I've never felt this way before…there's something very wrong about this, I just know it.'

'It's just your mind playing tricks on you' he told her dismissively, moving through the kitchen of their home. 'There's nothing to worry about. I've done this a thousand times.'

'This time will be different' she said stubbornly following him.

'Why? Because you had a funny dream? Oh Tala' he shook his head

'Don't be so condescending' she snapped, giving him a shove. 'I mean it. Something isn't right.'

There came a knock on the door behind him, Cam glanced around to see his good friend standing there.

'I don't want to interrupt' Flynn said, 'but we've got to go now. They won't accept us being late.'

Cam turned back to Tala.

'Let's not fight now' he said to her. 'Please.'

She huffed at him, pursing her lips, but submitted to his words.

She uncrossed her arms, moving towards him and kissing him deeply. Cam held her tight, feeling the touch of her skin, smelling her perfume, hearing her breath.

'Wait for me' he told her.

'I will.'

'I love you Tala.'

'I love you too.'

He let her go, turning his back on her and striding towards his waiting friend, grabbing his sword by the door as he went. He left his home and mounted his horse tied up outside, the two of them rode away without looking back.

'I hope everything is alright' Flynn said to him as their horses rode at a trot.

'Of course it is' Cam replied confidently.

'What was she worrying about?'

'Oh' Cam shrugged. 'She said says she's got a bad feeling about today.'

'Oh' Flynn replied. 'That's strange.'


'Because I had the same feeling as well…'

The two rode through the busy winding streets of their city. Trotting their horses past the merchants with their spices, calling out to potential buyers, and the Holy Ghosts dressed in deep gold that walked to the temples with their heads down and hands together. Above them a voice sang out to the city, letting everyone know that it was midday and time for prayers.

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