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'Are you sure you are well enough to be walking around?' the healer asked Farrell sternly.

He simply waved the man away without properly answering.

After that, he decided to sit outside the healers on a bench in the sun, sitting sullenly on his own and watching as others went about their business around him. Lost in his thoughts, he was far away.

Hours later he was visited by Annabel.

'There you are. I couldn't find you inside.'

Farrell blinked in surprise as he straightened up. He had been in a trance, just staring off into nothing.


'I have some bad news' she told him seriously. 'The prince has returned.'

'Isn't that good news?'

'He says the king knows about us and that he's sending a small army here to kill us.'

'Oh' Farrell replied flatly.

'And we can't leave yet' Annabel added, answering the question before Farrell had a chance to ask it. 'Adam has yet to return with the other men we've gathered and we cannot leave without him. It would surely mean his death, and the death of all the men we've worked so hard to gather. '


'We risk waiting for him' Annabel concluded. 'The king should be here in days…'

Moments earlier

The horse rode into the camp fast, followed by a host of men about thirty in number. The rider who led them called out to herald his arrival, his state in panic.

In no time at all many had gathered around him.

'What's going on here?' Shawn hollered as he strode forwards towards the disturbance. And then he saw the prince.

'Tristan' Shawn said in surprise. 'You're back. What's wrong?'

Tristan wheeled his horse to face him, breathing heavily, pulling off his large brimmed hat and wig as he did so, and wiping off the make-up around his eyes. Because of who he was, when he set out to recruit men he always did so in disguise. Most would not spare him a second glance, dressed as he was in the bright travelling clothes of a gypsy.

'We're in danger' Tristan gasped. 'You have to listen to me.'

Behind Shawn Annabel stepped to one side slowly to get a better look at one of the riders in the group behind Tristan. His eyes were white and he stared off into nothing. Blind Annabel thought.

'The king…' Tristan breathed. 'My father…he knows about us…he's sending men here to kill us all.'

'Oh shit' Woodworm spoke from the crowd.

Barrel began to cackle beside him.

'Does he know about you' Carrot asked the prince.

'Thank the gods no. Not yet anyw

ay…not to my knowledge...' He spoke louder now, addressing the others. 'We have to leave. It isn't safe for us here.'

We can't go yet' Flute Stick told him.

'Why not?'

'We're still waiting for Adam to return with the rest of the men we gathered across the water. If we go now…..we cannot leave him to his death…and the men…'

'When are your father's men supposed to get here?' Shawn asked.

'Two days maybe…three at most' Tristan uttered, 'but we could still leave.'

'If the king finds the men we gathered here after we are gone' Woodworm said, 'then he will kill all of them. They are clearly foreigners and clearly prisoners. He wouldn't want them here. Who would?'


The prisoners are clearly branded' Shawn explained showing the naked flesh of his forearm to the prince. 'He would kill all of them and any associated with them. You should know that.'

Beside him Annabel had exposed her own forearm also. She and Shawn both shared the same mark, a burn in the skin. The twisted symbol branded them to all as prisoners and worthy only of a quick death if found out. Carrot and Flute Stick shared the same mark also.

'It was not easy getting those men' Shawn explained. 'Sacrifices were made. If Annabel or I were to be seen with these marks we would be arrested and killed. We are putting our lives at risk to get these men…we cannot leave them now….'

Tristan looked as if he were about to say something, but the words seemed caught in his throat.

'What will happen' Carrot asked the prince, 'if the king found you? Would he kill you?'

'I don't know' Tristan shook his head. 'I can't be sure…'

'We cannot go' Shawn said firmly. 'Too much is at stake here.'

'We can stay for at least a day' Annabel said lowering her arm. 'Can't we?'

'I….' Tristan began. 'I have to think.'

He dismounted his horse and strode away, brushing his blonde hair back in frustration.

It was decided later that they would wait. In that time, Tristan could not settle.

He did not sleep, he did not rest, nor did he eat. He simply stood at the harbour, staring out to sea, willing for the ship to return. And when he was not staring out to sea, he was staring at the hills behind him, where his father's men would surely come from.

Chapter Thirty Six

The Wait

'Get out you stupid bastard!'

Farrell stepped to the side to avoid the vase that was hurled at him.

'Ramana!' he bellowed back. 'Control yourself. This is my house!'

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