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   Chapter 121 No.121

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'Come on' she said eagerly rising to her feet. She pulled her dress over her head, leaving only her white under dress on, before moving forwards and sliding into the water.

'Come in' she called back to him. 'It's lovely and refreshing.'

'It's not too cold for you I hope.'

'It's just about right' she answered. 'It's lovely and cool.'

Shawn took his boots off, standing and pulling his shirt over his head.

Annabel watched him closely, taking in his muscular chest and lean frame as he slipped off the harbour and made his way through the water towards her. She purred to herself as he came within reaching distance, lifting her eyes up to him, while his eyes travelled down.

'Come on' she said, pushing herself back into deeper waters and swimming away.

He followed after her.

'Where did you learn to swim?' he asked.

'There is a small lake near where I used to live. My brother and I used to go there a lot when we were young. We used to play games in the water, like tag, and hide and seek…..he would always win.'

'Sounds like fun' Shawn raised an eyebrow mischievously.

'No' Annabel sang back. 'You would only win.'

'All the more reason to play' he said moving closer to her.

She swam away from him, enticing him to follow.

'Let's see how far we can swim out.'

They ventured into deeper waters, diving down to see what was below. Shawn took her hand as they swam together below the surface, pointing out to her a shoal of jet black fish with pointed tails that darted past. She smiled to him, and nodded back. They dived several times, coming back up for air after seconds. When Annabel began to grow tired, Shawn let go of her hand.

'Stay here for a moment' he said to her. 'I've just found something.'

She waited for him as he dived down once again, surfacing a short time later some distance away.

'Ana!' he called to her, and she swam over to him.

When she had reached him, he held his hand out to show her something he had found.

Sitting on his palm, was a little starfish.

'What are you going to do when all this is over?' Annabel asked him when they had left the water.

Her skin had become wrinkled she had spent so long in the water, as had Shawn's. They both sat now in the sun to warm up after swimming for so long in the cool water, still wearing the damp cl

othes they swam in. They were seated upon the harbour again.

'Don't know' Shawn shrugged. 'I never really thought much about it. Ever since I was young, I've always wanted to be a soldier like my father. I suppose that's sort of what I'm doing now.' His eyes grew distant then as he thought of Brice. 'He was a good soldier' Shawn continued, 'my father. When I was young…seeing him in all his armour, mounted upon his war horse… was so incredible. I remember thinking…that I wanted to be like that some day.'

'I'm sure it was very exciting for a little one' she agreed. 'I never saw such things.'

'Well my father and both of his brothers…Farrell and Arlen…they were all soldiers….so….' he shrugged again. 'I suppose I was inevitable that I wanted to be the same.'

'He died in battle didn't he?' Annabel asked him, speaking to the water before her.

'Yes' Shawn answered quietly.

'Do you worry…….that the same might happen to you?'

'Well…we all die in the end. And it's just the path I've chosen.'

'But…' Annabel went on, worry creeping into her voice. 'What if you die?'

'What if you die?' Shawn countered turning to face her.

They stared at each other for a moment, before each looked away.

'What did your father look like?' Annabel asked after a time.

'You know I…' Shawn lowered his head, 'I don't remember…'

They both stared out to sea. The water was still like glass, and there was not a breath of wind in the air.

'What do we do now?' Annabel asked after a time. 'What happens from here?'

'I suppose' Shawn said raising his head, 'we just wait for the prince to return.'

They sat together in silence. Above them the lazy clouds drifted overhead.

'Farrell' Ramana sang. 'I make you a cake!'

Farrell stared at her with a flat expression, sitting upon the hillside that overlooked their little town.

'It's lemon' she said presenting it. 'Your favourite.'

She cut him a small piece and held the fork to his mouth. Farrell watched her, then leant forward to eat the slice.

'It's good' he said.

'I know' she beamed. 'The cakes I make are always nice. Do you know why?'


She leant forward and whispered in his ear. 'Because I make them.'

Farrell couldn't help but smile as Ramana leant back.

She tried a piece of the cake herself.

'It's perfect' she said.

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