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   Chapter 120 No.120

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He looked around him; utter silence was all he experienced now. He saw no movement. Farrell spoke, but it felt like he was addressing the very darkness himself.


His voice, though he spoke it softly, sounded loud in the still world around him.

'Where are you?' he whispered now, as if speaking to himself.

He felt a touch from behind him, arms reaching gently around him, holding him tenderly. Ramana rested her cheek against his back, sighing deeply, content.

Farrell lowered his head, smiling. He lifted his hands to Ramana's arms that held him, holding her to him.

'I love you' she whispered from behind him.

'I love you too' Farrell responded.

He heard her sigh happily again.

She let go of him, and he turned, but she was gone.

The next he saw her; she was waiting on the stairs. Noticing that he had spotted her, she skipped away, heading up the stairs towards their bedroom.

He followed her, stepping carefully through the darkness and up the stairs. He reached the open door to their bedroom. Two hands reached out of the shadows and grabbed him, pulling him into the room.

Farrell bent forward and kissed his wife, the two wrapped up in each other's arms. Farrell felt something strange, like an electrical current running through his body as he touched her. The hairs on his body were standing on end as they caressed one another.

He pushed her back into the room, further and further until the back of her legs touched the end of the bed. She slowly fell back onto the bed, inviting him towards her. Ramana reached her bare foot out to him, running it down Farrell's chest. Through the closed window, the full moon shone, and Farrell could see his wife lying back on the bed. Her long beautiful black hair thrown back and her arms above her head as she watched Farrell expectantly. The clouds gliding across the sky outside concealed the moon once again. The bedroom fell into shadow, and Ramana's outline as she lay on the bed, became concealed.

The room became suddenly cold. Farrell heard Ramana shifting on the bed before him, perhaps moving away to give him space to enter. Farrell moved onto the bed, reaching Ramana who had crawled toward the headboard. Bearing over her, Farrell felt a cold draft on the back of his neck, though the window was closed.

He lifted the skirt of her dress up, running his hand up her thigh. Ramana shivered, her breath shuddering.

The room felt cold, felt icy.

Ramana grabbed his shirt roughly, ripping it apart and tearing the buttons away, running her claws dow

n his chest.

Farrell woke abruptly, startling the healer that stood over him.

'Oh sir' she gasped. 'You gave me such a fright.'

'What are you doing?' Farrell snapped at her, heart racing.

'I'm just checking on your injuries' the lady replied evenly. 'And I think I might give you something to help you sleep' she added, 'you are ever so restless.'

Farrell didn't answer as he lay his head back down. He stayed there silent and still, as the healer carefully pulled back the bandages that covered his chest to check on the burns beneath. It was a nasty injury, and the scars were likely to remain grotesque for the rest of his life.

The healer worked quickly and replaced the burns with fresh bandages. She gave him two drinks, one to help him sleep and another to ease the pain. Then she left. Farrell shifted uncomfortably, propped on several pillows with his arm in a sling. The lump on his collar bone still had not gone down yet.

He took a deep breath, and was asleep shortly after, the drug quickly taking effect.

'I like the feel of the water between my toes' Annabel was saying as she splashed her feet in the sea.

'Do you like the feeling of fish nibbling your feet?' Shawn asked.

'That would tickle a lot I imagine' she replied.

They sat now at one of the smaller harbours built closer to the water. Beside them small boats rocked in the water, which was cool and refreshing. They were alone here at this time, and had the place all to themselves.

'I love the fish here' Annabel said kicking up the sand beneath her and watching through the clear water as the fish quickly gathered to eat what they could find. 'They're all so tame.'

'A lot of people swim here I suppose.'

'You know what I love more than fish?'


'Starfish.' She beamed at him. 'Do you like starfish?'

'They're ok I suppose.'

'You don't like them?'

Shawn shrugged at her. 'It's just a fish.'

Annabel tutted, rolling her eyes at him. 'That's such a man answer. I think they're so pretty. Like sea horses, they're so unusual. It's almost as if they're from a different world.' She winked at Shawn. 'Don't you think?'

'Maybe' he replied shortly.

'You're so funny.'

'I don't mean to be.'

'That's what makes you so funny.'

Shawn shook his head at her, frowning.

'Why don't we go for a swim?' she suggested.



'I thought you didn't like the water that much' he said to her.

'Some days…when the water's not too cold…well…' she went on with a sly grin. 'The truth is I want to see you swim.'

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