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Flute Stick looked mournful as he watched the still profile of Carrot. He did not face Shawn.

'What happened to the both of you to make you wake so frightened all the time?' Shawn asked.

'Oh Shawn' Flute Stick sighed. 'It was horrible.' He glanced towards him at last. 'But its best you didn't know.'

Chapter Thirty Five

New Dreams

The journey across the seas took several days, but when at last the watchman above them in the crow's nest called that land had been sighted, there were cheers all around.

Shawn stood beside Annabel on the deck as the harbour drew closer to them. They exchanged excited glances, before looking back towards the land.

When their ship drew up gently against the harbour and was docked, Shawn was one of the first to walk down the gang plank and step upon solid land once more.

'Gods does it feel good to be standing on home soil again.'

'You're telling me' Annabel threw her hands up in the air, spinning once as she walked forwards, the hem of her dress twirling around as she went.

She stopped suddenly before Shawn, drawing closer to him, their faces inches apart. Annabel smiled seductively before speaking.

'I need a bath' she said.

Shawn threw his head back and laughed out loud.

'I hear that' he said. 'I might just join you.'

'Don't be silly' Annabel slapped his shoulders. 'There wouldn't be enough room for both of us in the same bath.'

'God will you two stop flirting' Carrot moaned at them at he floated past. 'I'm getting sick of listening to it.'

'We have to settle the new men in their place' Flute Stick added appearing beside them. 'Don't forget why we're here.'

'I know' Annabel waved them away. She considered Shawn for a moment, giving him a scrutinising look, hands placed upon her hip. 'We settle the soldiers' she said, 'then the bath.'

He smirked at her.

'Fine' he said.

They led the collection of men through the harbour, the sailors, fishermen and other common folk watched the strange band saunter by with casual disinterest before getting back to their business. The sight of these men and soldiers had become familiar to them, and they cared little for them in their minds anymore.

Just outside the harbour, was a camp, where a portion of the men they had gathered in the few months that had gone by now stayed. Tents were lined up in a small area, where bored and tired figures milled around without purpose.

It took several hours for the new men to be organised amon

gst those already there. Each had to be found a place amongst the others, a tent of their own and food.

'This is your new home' Annabel announced to them. 'You will be staying here for a while until you receive further orders.'

'I like my old home better' one man instantly replied while another protested about taking orders from a woman.

It took a long while to settle them down as they began to scuffle and fight amongst themselves.

When they were finished, one of the men asked Flute Stick, 'when do we get our horses?'

Flute Stick shot the man a comical expression, which turned into a glare.

'You don't get your own horses' he replied shortly. 'Who do you think we are?'

'Oh.' The man said. 'I was sure we would get our own horses.' He shuffled off, grumbling under his breath.

'Well' Shawn huffed loudly and deliberately. 'Since we're done here, I think I'll go and do other things.'

'Me too' Carrot added, his accent strong. 'I'm going for a drink, if any of you would like to join me?'

'We should go see Farrell' Shawn suggested. 'Just to see if he's ok.'

'I'm sure he's fine' Flute Stick replied carelessly. 'You two go check on him. Carrot and I are kicking back. Have fun. Bye!'

Carrot and Flute Stick wandered off in one direction, and Shawn and Annabel went the other. When they reached the house of healing situated at the end of the harbour, they entered the building.

Farrell's expression broke into a wide smile at the sight of them.

'Oh at last!' he declared. 'Human company! I've been so bored stuck here. Oh…and how was your trip? I hope everything went ok. You got everything done that you wanted didn't you? I hope it all went smoothly.'

'It went well enough' Shawn nodded to him, pulling up a chair beside Farrell's bed. 'We got the men we needed. Adam will arrive sometime later with the rest, when he finds another ship.'

Farrell nodded eagerly at that. 'Hey Annabel, it's good to see you.'

'It's good to see you too' she replied. She had pulled up her own chair beside Shawn's. 'I'm glad to see you in good health. I prayed for your wellbeing.'

'Did you also sacrifice a goat?' Farrell asked sarcastically after laughing at her for several seconds. 'You know I don't buy into that nonsense.'

'Stop that' Shawn glared.

'When will you be able to leave?' Annabel continued.

'I would leave now if I could. But you know what the healers are like…'

'I hope you're listening to them' Shawn said sternly.

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