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   Chapter 116 No.116

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'That was a close call for you earlier in the prison. I hope you weren't too scared by it all.'

'I will manage.' Annabel faced him properly. 'We knew it would work though didn't we? We knew he had a weak spot for women, we spent a long time after all gathering information before attempting what we did.'

'Even so, I fear it could have gone much worse. For all the information we collected and we didn't know….well….' he broke off. 'That is best forgotten about.'

'Those women…' Annabel began, '…no' she finished. 'There is nothing I can say to soften it. They all suffered horribly and probably didn't deserve it.' She lifted her violin as if intending to begin playing again. 'They were probably all good people' she mumbled then pausing. 'Some might even have had children.'

'You've changed you know' Shawn said to her, 'since I first met you.'

'As have you.'

'You've changed more.'

'Well. I was never a soldier like you were. I hardly left my village. Seeing the world….I've always wanted it, but never imagined it would be quite like this. Some parts yes have been horrible, but….I feel I have learnt so much since I left my home. I don't necessarily regret leaving, though the circumstances…' she bit her lip. 'I wish I could have said goodbye to my parents.'

She lowered her violin again, casting her eyes out towards the sea.

'When was the last time you saw your family?' Annabel said to him.

'It's been over ten months now. Why do you ask?'

'Do you think I could see my own family soon?'

'I don't think that would be a very good idea. I think it would still be too dangerous, with everything that's been happening. You might put them in harm's way.'

'Is that why you haven't seen your own family for so long?'

'No' Shawn spoke slowly. 'I've just….never gone back there…I haven't had the opportunity to see them.'

'Do you think they're worried about you?'

'Probably' he shrugged. 'I'm sorry, but you can't see your own family because of what you are. The king is hunting down Weather Makers, and if you try to make contact with them, especially now…' he broke off. 'You wouldn't want them to suffer for it.'

'Perhaps you're right' Annabel sighed. 'I just miss them so much.'

'I know' Shawn nodded. 'I miss my own family too.'

She leant back. 'I often wonder what they're doing. At this very moment…' Annabel thought aloud, 'in the evenings my mother likes to stitch. My father likes to read. He ha

s many books; he can't get enough of them. I never picked up that trait from him myself. I had other interests.' Annabel fell silent for a moment. 'Come to think of it, I am not much like my parents at all.'

'We are not always like our parents.'

'Are you like your parents?'

'I…' Shawn began. 'I am more like my father was.'

'What was he like?'

'He was…brave' Shawn nodded. 'A good man. Kind……and a good father. I miss him terribly.'

Annabel smiled sadly at him.

'It would have been nice to have known him' she began. 'I think…'

But she was suddenly cut off then by the sound of a scream of terror coming from the lower deck. Annabel and Shawn both instantly tensed.

Shawn rose to his feet and ran towards the source of the noise, behind him Annabel stood, but remained where she was, holding the neck of her violin with both hands anxiously.

Within the ships sleeping quarters, Shawn found Carrot screaming and thrashing around in panic in his hammock.

'No please not again! Get away from me!'

'CAM!' Flute Stick was shouting as he shook him. 'Cam! It's alright you're safe!'

Carrot fell back in his hammock gasping and shaking violently.

'Oh god….thank god…' he placed a hand over his face. 'It seemed so real….'

'I know' Flute Stick comforted, his voice gentler now. 'We're safe, we're both safe. Just…try to get back to sleep.'

Carrot rolled over on his side, taking a deep and steady breath; then falling still. Flute Stick looked exhausted, but instead of going to his own hammock to sleep, sat beside Carrot in a chair close by.

Shawn watched this curiously. Behind him the others they had rescued from the prison, the soldiers, mercenaries and slaves and innocents, were stepping out from their rooms to see what the commotion was about. No doubt it had been alarming for them to hear.

'Ere, what's all the noise?' one called.

'Go back the sleep' Shawn commanded him. 'All of you. Everything here is fine.'

They slowly began to disperse again, slipping back behind the doors they had come from. Everything fell silent and still once more.

'I'm sorry' Flute Stick said to Shawn as he entered the room. 'He cannot help it.'

'I know' Shawn nodded.

He took an empty seat beside Flute Stick, glancing over towards him.

'I can't help but notice' Shawn said breaking the silence, 'that the two of you always take turns in sleeping.' He waited. 'You never both sleep at the same time.'

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