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   Chapter 115 No.115

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'It's alright' Flute Stick said untying the naked woman on the bed. 'They are at peace now.'

'I wasn't expecting this' Annabel said.

'I have learnt through my years' Flute Stick said lifting the dead woman in his arms, 'that the most evil people hide amongst us, and do so well. They could be your neighbour, that person down the road who sells you bread, even your own children.'

Annabel scratched her sweaty palms without realising she was doing it.

'Are you going to help?' Flute Stick asked her, as Shawn behind her lifted one of the woman from the red bath.

'I think they would be too heavy for me to carry……' as she spoke this, she seemed to hesitate at her own words.

'Fine' Flute Stick told her. 'That's fine. Just get the door for me at least.'

As they made their way back to the garden to bury the women, they found by that time all of the prisoners had been freed. There were hundreds of them, they crammed the tiny space in the garden, at the doorways around the edges and at the windows above them, all looking down at the centre where stood a man. Adam was his name. He was one of the men they had found some months ago who had, along with many others they had gathered in that time, agreed to join them in their cause to fight against the king. He had done so because of some punishment he had suffered on the kings orders, despite his previous years of service, despite the fact he claimed innocence. That is why he turned against the king now.

He gave a speech to the prisoners around him, standing on a chair that had been brought out for him; he was elevated above the others, speaking out of what they did today and why, and what they wanted in return. His speech was interrupted however by a cry from one of the men in the balcony above them. The man ran to the lower level and pushed his way through the others to reach Shawn who carried the dead woman from the bath. Sobbing hysterically and holding her face, the man wailed in despair, cursing the gods, cursing all men and cursing himself.

Annabel nearby did not watch, instead ordered the other men around to keep back and keep their distance. They obeyed.

The man was calmed, the women were buried; all of them, and Adam continued explaining their situation to listening ears, finishing by telling all the men, that those who wished to leave, could do so of their own free will. Many were listed criminals, and if they stayed in their homeland would be recaptured and punished for sure, but were free to leave if they wished. By the end of the day, only about half the men freed from their cells had chosen to stay.

The other half had wandered and dissipated, never to be seen again.

'Well' Carrot said, flicking back his red hair as he counted the men that had remained. 'It could have been better.'

'It could have been worse' Flute Stick added.

The prison was abandoned, and the long journey to the coast on foot began. When they reached the ship that was waiting for them at the harbour, they found there was not enough space on the ship for all the men.

'I will stay here' Adam offered. 'I will find another ship and follow you with the others when I can.'

'Are you going to be alright?' Shawn asked him.

'I'll manage' Adam replied drying. 'Don't worry about me.'

He grasped Shawn by the wrist, patting his shoulder roughly.

'Now go. Take who you can and get out of these dreadful lands and I will do the same.'

'I'll see you at home' Shawn nodded, 'when we reach our own soil.'

'I will count down the days' Adam said letting go of him. 'Now get a move on.'

Shawn, Flute Stick, Carrot, Annabel and all those they could fit on their waiting boat, boarded and set sail.

Shawn watched from the rear of the ship as Adam's profile grew smaller and smaller the greater distance grew between them. Eventually he grew tired, and descended into the belly of the ship to get what rest he could in this rocking world.

He was woken sometime later, by the sound of a violin playing. It was night time by then, and when he entered onto the deck of the ship, he saw the sky above him was blue and the clouds dark. The wind was faint, and the only sound besides the melody that had woken him, was the sound of the canvas sails waving in the breeze as they hung from the spar above him.

The tune that came to him now was a heart-wrenchingly sad melody, but at the same time it was beautiful. The high pitched notes played eerily on the night, and as Shawn approached the source of the music, he saw Annabel, sitting against the foremast, the blue light of the night's sky shining down upon her. For a moment, it took his breath away.

Annabel lowered her violin when she had finished, lifting her head towards Shawn. He went to sit next to her, glancing down at the instrument in her hands. It had been a gift he had bought for her some months ago, ever since he had heard her play for the first time before the gypsies, he had wanted to buy one for her.

'That was beautiful' he said.

She smiled silently at him, running her fingers over the smooth shining wood. It was not a standard violin she owned, Shawn had chosen it because of its unusual colour. It was painted a deep and beautiful blue.

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