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   Chapter 114 No.114

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The entire garden moved as if in a powerful hurricane, but the only wind that was created in the walled garden in the centre of the prison, was that created by the living plants themselves as they whipped around.

When it was all over mere seconds later, the garden returned to its peaceful state as if nothing had happened, leaving behind it blood and carnage. Broken bodies and death were everywhere.

The guards master froze as he saw the dead men all around him; he was suddenly speechless and pale as snow.

As soon as it was all over, Shawn, who had remained silently watching at the edge of the garden alongside the other former prisoners, ran towards Annabel. Behind him, Carrot and Flute Stick followed after. Carrot quickly grabbed the last guard that remained alive, the one that had let them out of their cell, and held him tightly around the neck until he stopped moving. The other men who had been freed wandered forwards aimlessly, staring at the scene around them in shock and disbelief.

'Annabel!' Shawn said when he reached her. 'Are you alright? I was so worried!'

He cupped her face as he spoke, fussing over her injuries. The blood had stemmed its flow on her face, but she was still covered in it.

'I'm fine' Annabel smiled encouragingly back. 'I'm sure though….you've seen me looking better.'

'I'm sorry we had to put you through this.'

'It's fine already' Annabel said wearily. 'I told you several times I agreed to this.'

'But still…'

'Shush' she told him sternly.

They both turned their attention then onto the guards master, the only one remaining who was not among them.

'What should we do with him?' Annabel asked Shawn, watching the guards master who was now too shocked to be able to speak.

'We should kill him. It's not safe to let him live, especially since he's seen you use your powers.'

'I suppose' Annabel hummed. 'Still. He was good to me. Of a sorts.'

'His intentions were still wicked' Shawn replied coldly.

'Do you want me to do it?' Flute Stick asked them, appearing at their sides.

'If you don't mind' Shawn said. 'Carrot' he said to him. 'Why don't you free the other prisoners?'

'Are you still sure this is all a good idea?' Annabel asked Shawn as Carrot ran off to free the others, and Flute Stick began to slowly strangle the unfortunate guards master beside them. 'The guards master said they were all bad people' Annabel continued as she watched the man die.

'I'm sure we've been through this' Shawn told her. 'We need men enough to fight the king and save Amaia. Some here will be bad, but it's like you said, if in this country they are happy to imprison a woman just

for voicing an opinion that doesn't sit well with others and force her to suffer for it….well….I bet half the people here at least are innocent.'

'I suppose you're right' Annabel said turning away from him. 'I just can't wait to sleep somewhere decent tonight. I'm desperate for a bath.'

'Me too' Shawn agreed.

'This is all very impressive by the way' Flute Stick butted in as he surveyed the scene around them, after he had strangled and thrown the now dead guards master to the floor.

All the earth and plants had returned to normal, and it looked like the garden had not been disturbed in any way. Besides from the bodies, everything looked in place.

'Yes' Annabel said to Flute Stick. 'But I've never used my powers like this before. It feels…strange….good even. I didn't know I was capable of such things.'

'In years to come' Shawn shot her a sideways glance, 'your powers could become even stronger.'

'With practice' she smiled at him.

'Come on' Shawn said to them. 'We should look around.'

The last few remaining guards were quickly delt with by the freed prisoners, and Shawn, Annabel and Flute Stick were free to wander as they pleased.

The whole place, with the exception of where the guards ate and slept, were miserable places to be, all lacking sunlight. But the last place they came to was the worst of all. The living quarters of the guards master.

Inside the room was spacious and beautifully decorated. But the image was destroyed by the bodies of women that were scattered around the room. Some partially dressed, some completely naked. One rested on her knees upon a table, her arms above her head, she was held up by her wrists by chains that hung from the ceiling. Protruding from her body were several crossbow bolts.

Another was tied to the bed by her wrists and ankles. It was unclear at a glance how she had died.

And three were sitting in a wooden bath, the water now cold, with slit throats and wrists. The water was red.

'Gods…' Shawn whispered, covering his nose and mouth.

'I've seen worse' Flute Stick commented offhandedly behind him.

'Maybe you should be somewhere else' Shawn quickly said to Annabel.

'I'm not a child' she snapped angrily at him. She approached the kneeling woman on the table, staring at her closely. 'Its…' she began.

'Thinking the same thing as I am?' Flute Stick asked coming to stand beside her. 'All the bolts avoid vital organs. This poor girl was made to suffer, for a while by the look of it.'

'We should burry them' Shawn told them.

'You're probably right' Annabel turned her back on the kneeling woman. 'This must have been so horrible for them.'

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