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   Chapter 113 No.113

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And it was true, the many guards on foot had rushed forwards into the garden to defend their master, and more were coming behind them. Annabel counted about fifty, and that didn't include the archers in the windows above them. They had stayed firmly put, but now they had their crossbows aimed at her. They wouldn't shoot though, not yet anyway, for fear of hitting the guards master.

I should have known Annabel thought. She cursed to herself, looking back to the grounds around her at the men that surrounded. No matter. I think I could still manage.

'I must say' the guards master began. 'This has never happened before. What are you going to do now?'

'Shut up I'm thinking' Annabel shot back.

'No' the man replied quickly. 'I'm done with these games, though they've been fun.'

He jerked his head back sharply and without warning, head butting Annabel right on the nose. The guards master turned on her in one swift movement the second her hold on him had weakened, snatching the knife from her hand in one easy sweep.

He threw it up in the air and caught it several times, watching her with amusement as she clutched her bleeding nose.

'Now what were you thinking?' he asked her. 'You think you could really subdue me, a little girl against a fully grown man?'

'I'm not a little girl' Annabel said into her hands.

'What do you plan to do now?'

'To ask you….no…order you to hand over your keys and release the prisoners' Annabel answered quickly back.

The guards master threw his head back, roaring with laughter.

'You are a funny one' he hollered. 'Here you stand surrounded by men that will kill you the instant I give the signal, and yet you try to order me to do….what was it…..release the prisoners? Now why would you want a thing like that?' he sheathed his knife, narrowing his eyes curiously at her. 'What on earth are you thinking?'

'You'll find out' Annabel replied, holding her bleeding nose. She straightened up, facing him properly now, fresh blood smeared on her hands and face. 'That really hurt.'


'Hand over the keys' Annabel indicated the bulge on his chest beneath his shirt that was roughly key-shaped. 'Now please.'

'I should throw you back in that filthy cell with all the rapists, see how you feel about things then, and you could reflect on your stupidity while you're being torn to shreds.'

Annabel sighed deeply, not at all intimidated by his threats. 'This has been very sloppily done' she said to herself, taking in her surroundings. 'Oh well' she shrugged. 'Next time….'

She took a deep and steady breath.

Suddenly out of the ground at the guards master's feet, ro

ots and thick vines shot out and wrapped themselves around his legs, pinning him in place, causing him to cry out in alarm.

'Hand over the fucking keys!' Annabel screamed at him holding her hand out.

He didn't hesitate now in doing so, and as Annabel snatched them from him, shouts came from all around them from the guards that surrounded.




The guards with the crossbows in the windows above them were hollering also, lifting their weapons and aiming.

'If they shoot me you die' Annabel told the guards master calmly. 'Tell them to lower their weapons.'

The guards master snarled at her, regaining himself enough from the shock to begin to feel anger towards her. He turned around at much as he could with his legs pinned in place.

'Don't shoot' he called reluctantly. 'Everyone back down!'

The guards each took small steps back, and the crossbowman lowered their weapons slightly, but none relaxed.

'Your man was right by the way' Annabel told him. 'You shouldn't have trusted me.' She spoke then to the nearest guard. 'You! Take these keys and free the prisoners in the cell opposite the one I was kept in. You know which one that is?'

The guard hesitated. The guards master explained briefly which cell she meant and the guard nodded, understanding clearer now.

Annabel threw the keys to him so he would not have to come close to her. She waited for him to return.

Less than a minute later he did so, surrounded by a group of men and looking extremely uncomfortable. Annabel nodded acknowledgement to the small group of former prisoners; and to one in particular who was most familiar to her. Shawn who stood amongst them. But they did not enter the garden, not yet.

'Now what?!' the guards master demanded exasperated. 'What on earth are you trying to accomplish here?'

Annabel spared him knowing smile, before finishing what she started.

The guards master could only watch helplessly as terror and confusion was sown in the garden, as all the plants and trees thrashed around as if they had minds of their own.

It was like a nightmare. Huge roots shot up from the earth and slammed into bodies, grabbing individual men and hurling them into the air or against the solid stone walls, breaking their bones on impact. Even the archers in the windows were not safe, and could only scream and cry in horror as one by one they were slain. Great twisting vines shot out at them from all around, grabbing them around the torso and tightening until they suffocated. Or simply entering their mouths and growing straight into their lungs, where they blossomed into large flowers.

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