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   Chapter 112 No.112

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'What a tedious man' the master sighed once the guard had gone. 'I find him most tiresome, most tiresome indeed.'

He looked to Annabel, who stared away from him at the floor in the corner of the room.

'You are not a servant' the man told her. 'You can look at me.'

Annabel turned her head towards him, meeting his gaze.

The guards master leant back against his desk, eyes travelling up and down her body.

He reached for a bottle nearby and poured the liquid into a glass.

Annabel immediately drew a sharp breath as he approached her.

'I'm not going to hurt you' the guards master said handing her the glass. 'Please, drink this.'

Annabel did as she was told, the wine that ran down her throat was cool and refreshing.

'I would say that I hope the others have treated you well' he said taking the glass back from her. 'But I know that would not be the case. I just hope they did not treat you too harshly.'

He moved closer to her, lifting her chin and looking into her face. She had a swollen lip and a black eye.

'Hmm. I suppose I shouldn't expect any less.' He moved back, leaning on his desk once more. 'You're not from around here are you?' he said. 'You have a foreign look about you.'

'I…travelled here on a ship across the sea…with…some people….' She said. 'I was taken from my home….and…..'

'You're not familiar with our customs' the man said. 'The people here are very protective of their beliefs. Some suffer horrible deaths just for not believing. But don't worry. You're safe now.'

'I…' Annabel said. 'I wish to see the sun. I have been underground in the dark for such a long time.'

'It will be done' the guards master waved casually at her. 'We have a garden here, a beautiful one at that.'

'You do?'

'Of course' he nodded. 'Many of us spend a long time working here; some of the guards even live here. We grown our own food, and when he have time to spare, we even grow flowers.'

'I would love to see these flowers.'

'Then follow me' the guards master said straightening.

The garden was a pleasant enough experience, at least compared to the dank and overcrowded cell she had come from, it was a small paradise that grew in the centre of the prison.

The two walked slowly through the walled garden, though Annabel couldn't help noticing the many figures standing in the arches around them. There were armed soldiers on foot at ground level, and in the windows higher up, guards carrying crossbows loaded ready to fi


'This is a nice place' Annabel commented, facing the guards master again.

'I'm glad you like it' he replied. 'I come here often to collect my thoughts, especially on days like today when the sun is so beautiful. It helps our fruit and vegetables grow large and healthy.'

He picked an orange from a nearby tree, reaching his hand out towards her, offering Annabel the fruit.

'Keep it' Annabel said. 'You will need it more than I do.'

'What do you mean?'

'I need more than that to get my strength back' Annabel replied. 'That right there' she indicated the orange in his hand, 'could be the last meal you ever have.'

A silence passed between them.

'What?' the guards master answered shortly.

'I want you to call all your men down here.'

'And why would I do that?' he asked her, sounding amused now.

He lowered his hand. The orange fell from his fingers as he stared at her with a fixed expression.

Annabel in her head considered her options, though she dared not make a sudden move.

She giggled, showing her hands in submission. Annabel glided slowly towards him then with confidence, making sure he saw exactly what she was doing, smiling seductively as she moved closer; their faces inches apart. Her hand unseen slipped into his coat.

'I know I have no power over you' she purred to him. 'I know you can do whatever you want with me. But could you do me one small favour and turn around…please?'

'What is your plan?' he asked her, though his voice was gentler than before.

'That would spoil the secret' she said. 'It would spoil the fun.'

He grinned hungrily at her then, stepping back and turning around.

As soon as his back was turned, Annabel grabbed him roughly, holding him around the body with one hand, and with the other, she held to his throat the knife she had slipped from his coat. She pulled him towards her, backing herself against the orange tree behind to give her some protection.

'What are you doing?' the guards master said in shock now. Clearly this was the last thing he had expected.

'I want you to call all your men down here' Annabel repeated, speaking in a harsh voice as she held him tight. 'All of them.'

'That is against protocol' he answered evenly back. 'Even if I ordered them to do it, they would not be allowed. I have men higher above even me you know.'

'Then call who will come.'

'No need' the guards master answered, his body thoroughly relaxed. 'They are already on their way.'

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