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   Chapter 111 No.111

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Annabel stumbled again.

'If I have to tell you one more time I shall kill you myself' the guard snapped again, this time pausing to glare at her.

Annabel avoided his gaze, instead looking down at her feet, like so many of the submissive and fearful people imprisoned around her had adopted as habit. But he need not carry out this threat, for they had arrived where the guard had intended.

At the end of the corridor, was a heavy door with rusted metal studs set in the wood, and a small window at head height that from the other side could be opened and closed by a sliding panel. The guard knocked on the door and waited. Seconds later, the panel slid across and a face appeared.

The panel closed again; there was another pause, and the sound of a bolt sliding across was heard.

The door swung open.

'Come in' said an elder voice; and Annabel was dragged forwards again and into room.

Taking in her surroundings briefly she saw it was an office of some sorts, and not a pleasant one at that. Amongst the various torture devices displayed around the room were bookshelves and cupboards, even a drinks cabinet. There was a heavy desk set against the wall at one end, a tall backed chair, and many burning candles to keep the darkness as bay, as there were no windows.

'Now what problems do you present me with today' the elder gentleman asked the guard curtly.

The elder gentleman who had spoken must have been in his forties or thereabouts, rugged, a little worn with some scaring about his face. He dressed well, but at a glance, Annabel saw no keys visible on him, just a bulge at his chest where they might have been. He wore a high necked shirt Annabel noted, and chainmail. Annabel recognised him as the guards master.

'This one has been causing trouble with the others' the guard told him.

'Well' the guards master replied looking her Annabel, 'of course she would cause trouble. It's not often we get women here. Half of the men here are rapists, the other half would happily beat a sick child if they could. Did you put her in a separate cell? Or at least segregate her?'

'We've not the space sir' the guard answered back.

'You could have at least chained her up outside somewhere.'

'Nowhere available at the moment sir.'

The guards master sighed wearily, as if this were all a great burden for him.

'It matters not' he said at last. 'We're having a clear out soon anyway. We will have cells to spare then. What is your crime?'

he spoke to Annabel.

Annabel glanced towards him cautiously, but did not speak.

'The master asked you a question' the guard growled viciously before backhanding her hard.

Annabel stumbled again, but once again was pulled back by the guard that held the end of the chain.

The guards master held a hand carefully up to the guard, giving him a warning through his eyes. The guard stepped back, but continued to hold the chain tightly.

'I asked you a question' the guards master said to her. 'Do not make me repeat it.'

'B-blasphemy' Annabel began.

'Hmph' he replied, stepping away and turning his back on her. 'Funny' he said.

'Sir?' the guard spoke up uncertainly.

'Funny I said' the guards master repeated. 'It's funny how you could be imprisoned simply for speaking a few words.'

'Dangerous words' the guard shot a glare at Annabel before hitting her again.

Annabel fell to the floor this time as he knees gave way.

The guard kicked her while she was down, once….twice….his metal-tipped boots driving painfully into her.

'Enough' the guards master spoke lazily.

'Sorry sir' the guard said straightening up, 'got a bit carried away.' He immediately glared at Annabel again. 'The witch should be burned.'

'You take too much pleasure in this' the guards master noted. 'Get her up.'

Annabel tensed as the guard grabbed her roughly, hauling her to her feet. Annabel groaned in pain, hunched over and hugging her belly where she had been kicked.

'Take her shackles off.'


'Do, don't ask' the guards master said briskly. 'You know how much I hate repeating myself.'

The guard grumbled under his breath as he did what he was told, stepping back when he was done and falling silent.

'What is your name?' the guards master asked.


'Speak up' the master said loudly. 'You are not a mouse.'

'Annabel' she said clearer now.

'Nice name. You may leave us now' he said to the guard.

'But sir…!'

'But what?' the guards master answered back. 'I gave you an order.'

'But she's…'

'Dangerous?' the guards master asked.

'Untrustworthy' the guard finished. 'She will stab you in the back at the first chance she gets. Don't let her deceive you.'

'You think I can't handle an unarmed girl?' the guards master sneered. 'You insult me. Get out of my sight.'

The guard fumbled, stammered a few inaudible words, before nodding his head and leaving swiftly, cursing and muttering under his breath.

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