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'That is the plan' Tristan nodded. 'But…it will be a long road to walk.'

Ten months pass

Chapter Thirty Four

Eerily on the Night

Arlen stormed forwards through the crowd. The soldiers either side of him parted to let him pass; and he stepped forward into the open space to face the commotion.

'What is the meaning of this?' he demanded, seeing what was before him. 'Put your weapons down' he ordered the soldiers. 'Now!'

The soldiers that had been surrounding the two figures, keeping them in place with their swords and spears pointed towards them, backed down on his command, but they did not break the circle they held to trap the figures in place.

One of the figures was a young woman, perhaps about nineteen or twenty in age. She had blonde hair, short and scruffy; it looked as if she had cut it herself. She was very slender, and pale, looking as if she had not eaten properly in days, and she had signs of torture shown clearly on her body. Across her bare shoulders and arms, could be seen scars, cuts and burns, and sections where the skin looked as if it had been peeled away. She glared at Arlen, and at all the men around them, with a look of hatred and anger in her eyes.

Her companion, a male figure, taller and muscular, stood by her side. Unlike the young woman, he looked fit and healthy as he towered over her. In his hand he held a sword, lifted high. He stood close to the woman by his side, glancing constantly at her, then back at the men that surrounded them, before glancing at her again.

Arlen had the sudden impression that the two meant a lot to one another, perhaps they shared a history.

'I said put your weapons down' Arlen ordered his soldiers. 'Don't make me say it again!'

The young woman turned towards him, hissing as the surrounding men obeyed his command.

'Are you in charge then?' she spat at him. 'Let us go' she demanded. 'I will give you nothing.'

'I'm sorry' Arlen spoke kindly to her, raising his hands in submission. 'We mean you no harm. We are on a quest to find a Weather Maker.'

Her demeanour changed. It was only subtle, and Arlen would have missed it had he not been watching her closely. But he saw it. He saw the slight frown, the way her cheek had twitched, and how her body had relaxed, ever so slightly.

The male companion beside her cast her a glance. He was silent, as he held the sword still raised.

'I don't know what you're talking about' the woman said to him.

'Reports tell me that you have killed three of my men' Arlen said calmly. 'I don't mean to harm you. I only want to know the truth.'

'There was something wrong with them if t

hey allowed themselves to be killed by a girl' she snarled at him.

'My men said they were turned inside out' Arlen said calmly to her. 'That is a particularly nasty power. I am somewhat familiar with Weather Makers. Come on. Let's not play this game. I know what you are.'

'You will get…nothing from me' the woman hissed.

'At least tell me your name' Arlen said patiently.


Arlen let out an exasperated sigh.

'I need your help' he said, trying one last time. 'My daughter is a Weather Maker, and has been kidnapped by the king. We found you only because we were looking for her. Please. Is there anything you can tell me that may be of some help?'

She bared her teeth at him, 'Let me go' the woman ordered him. 'I would rather die than be imprisoned.'

Beside the woman, her silent guardian glared at Arlen, tightening his grip slightly on the hilt of his sword.

Arlen let out another sigh, his shoulders sagging in disappointment.

He stood on the hilltop of their camp minutes later, watching the young Weather Maker and her mysterious, silent guardian walk quickly away, moments later swallowed by the trees that grew nearby.

'Do you think she knew anything?' one of the soldiers asked beside him.

'Who knows?' Arlen mumbled. 'Maybe she did.'

'We should have pressed her' the soldier said firmly.

'No' Arlen shook his head. 'Did you see her? No' he said again. 'She would never have told us either way.'

The soldier looked past Arlen, towards the forest the pair had slipped into.

'You think she escaped from the king's prisons?' the soldier asked.

'It's most likely' Arlen replied.

The soldier sighed then. 'I wonder how the others are doing.'

Annabel stumbled forwards. The shackles around her wrists were tight and hurt her; though she was grateful she did not have shackles around her ankles too, like some of the others did.

The man holding the other end of the chain the shackles were attached to jerked on them again, pulling her towards him as he strode forwards.

'Keep up' the guard snapped back at her without bothering to turn.

Annabel glanced about the narrow corridor at the walls around her. It was a dim place she had found herself in. The burning torches held on brackets on the wall showed her the flickering scenes of horrible things. The place was so overcrowded, there were even some imprisoned in the corridors themselves. Some in cages, others with their arms and legs chained and simply left to sleep and waste away on the solid stone floor, some with bags over their heads so they could not see, which only added to their already heightened fear.

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