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   Chapter 107 No.107

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'What?' Flunkit spoke up. 'You mean it was true what she said? She really saved our lives?'

'Oh yes' Tristan spoke in a drone.

'What happened to her? Where is she?' Flunkit asked desperately.

'She's dead.'


'She attacked my wife' Tristan explained.

'I thought you didn't care about your wife' Blunkit asked in a level tone.

'She is pregnant with my child.'

'But I thought you said you didn't care if we kidnapped her' Blunkit went on.

'I lied. Sort of. I care more for my unborn son or daughter than her.'

'But what happened to Sonya?' Flunkit asked Tristan loudly.

'She's been hung.'

The colour slowly drained out of Flunkit's face.

'Now are you going to die quietly and without fuss?' Tristan asked them. 'I really would like to get home and sleep in my own bed.'

'Wait' Farrell spoke again, quieter now. 'I think we can help each other. We are both looking for Amaia. We stand a better chance of finding her if we work together.'

'How do you work this out?' Tristan asked.

'Well…' Farrell began, choosing his words carefully. 'There was once a time when I was the most honoured soldier in the kingdom.'

'That was a long time ago.'

'Are you saying that means nothing?'

'I'm saying' Tristan continued patiently, 'that was a long time ago. You are not as good as you could be.'

'Those are fine words' Farrell went on, 'coming from one who is thirteenth in line to the throne.' He fell silent, letting the information sink in. 'Neither of us are as good as we could be, but if we work together, we have a better chance of finding her than if we were alone.' He waited a moment. 'Don't you agree?'

Tristan threw his head back then, laughing to the sky. 'Those are very fine words' he said. 'You make a convincing argument.'

'So you'll let us go?' Farrell asked hopefully.

Tristan let out a heavy sigh as his laughter ended. He thought for a moment before answering.

'Alright' he said. 'You've convinced me. Let them go' he said to his men.

'Get off me' Woodworm instantly snapped, jerking away from the soldiers that held him down and rising quickly to his feet, glaring at everyone.

Farrell straightened as he rose, breathing a sigh of relief. 'So we work together then?' he asked.

'Yes' Tristan gave a nod. '

We work together.'

'Then where do we start?' Arlen grumbled.

Beside him Shawn helped Annabel to her feet; she wobbled a bit, holding her head tenderly where the soldier had hit her. But she seemed for the most part to be alright.

'There is much you do not know' Tristan told the group, 'much that I must explain. I have to show you something.'

'What is it?' Farrell asked.

'It's a long way from here. You will need your horses. You must prepare to leave now.'

'Where do we go?' Arlen asked Tristan. 'And why?'

'To a small village north of here, you'll see why.'

'I'm not going' Flunkit spoke up.

'What?' his brother asked turning to him. 'But why?'

'Sonya' he said weakly. 'I must find her.'

'She is dead' Tristan told him heartlessly.

'I don't believe it' Flunkit said glaring. There were tears in his eyes.

'Go and find her yourself if you don't believe me.'

'I will' Flunkit snarled. 'I will find her, and keep her safe.'

'Good luck' Tristan frowned.

'She can't be dead' Flunkit said. 'She has to be alive.'

He turned from the others, walking away and mumbling to himself.

'Wait' Farrell said to Blunkit as he turned to leave also, following his brother. Blunkit hesitated. 'That story you told me' Farrell began, 'about the boy you killed. It isn't true is it? You are not as heartless as you say.'

Blunkit didn't answer; he only stared back at him.

'Goodbye' he said finally. 'We will not meet again.'

'And so we lose two of our company' Flute Stick sighed, watching the brothers depart.

Farrell looked about them at those that were left. There was himself, Arlen, Shawn and Annabel, the Weather Maker. The four mercenaries that were left, Barrel, Woodworm, Carrot and Flute Stick. And then there was Tristan the prince, and all his men.

Farrell thought then what a strange direction their journey had taken.

'Let's hurry up.' Tristan spoke loudly to the others. 'There's no point in hanging around here anymore.'

Chapter Thirty Three

The Broken Village

The group rode north across the land in the company of the prince. Led by Tristan and his soldiers, Farrell, Arlen and the others continued silently on their way, rarely speaking to one another, and wondering in their heads where they were being taken.

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