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   Chapter 106 No.106

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'Kill that one first please' Arlen said politely to Tristan as he pointed at Farrell.

'Arlen stop!' Shawn shot at him.

'You came all this way just to kill us?' Flute Stick asked incredulous. 'Why waste your time?'

'I'm going to find Amaia' Tristan explained. 'I have to get rid of you before you cause me anymore hindrance. You'll just get in the way and cause complications.'

'That would not sit well with her' Carrot called out loudly.

'She will never know' Tristan said. He spoke to Farrell now. 'It will be like you never existed. She is my daughter after all.'

'You're wrong!' Arlen snapped, unable to keep silent now. 'She is not your daughter.'

Shawn froze in terror, realising what was happening. Annabel curled her fists; she raised her head, shoulders hunched. Beside her Shawn quickly took her by the hand, eyes wide and shaking his head at her.

'Don't do it' he whispered, and Annabel relaxed slightly, easing her mind away from her magic, though remaining alert.

'She is my daughter' Arlen snarled fearlessly at the prince. 'I will find her, and when I do, I will keep her safe. And away from you.'

Tristan stared coolly back at Arlen. He then spoke to one of his men.

'Kill him.'

Arlen rounded on the soldier who whipped out a bow and arrow, quickly drawing it and ready to fire at Arlen in the chest at point-blank range.

'No!' Shawn screamed, grabbing the bow the soldier held and forcing it away from Arlen.

'You would dare to interfere?' Tristan asked Shawn in exasperation as he was thrown to the ground on his back, staring up at the soldier who had rearmed himself and was pointing the arrow at him now, the bow drawn and ready to fire.

A second later, vines shot up through the cracks in the paving at their feet at impossible speeds, shooting through the air and winding around the bow and arrow that threatened to kill Shawn.

'Annabel no!'

The soldiers now rounded on Annabel, who stood there calmly controlling her magic. The bow and arrow the soldier held was forced downwards, harmless now and entangled in the vines. The archer cried out in alarm as the vines began to wind around him too. He fought against them, struggling to free himself from them as they began to swarm over him, pulling him to his knees and winding around his chest and neck.

Behind Annabel, one of the soldiers attacked, striking her hard across the back of the head. She fell forwards on her hands and knees, fighting to stay conscious.

Tristan laughed in disbelief at the situat

ion. 'Should I just kill all of you?' he asked no one in particular as Shawn crawled over to Annabel, holding her head in his hands.

'If you kill us you will never find Amaia' Arlen said evenly, the only one still standing now.

'And why is that?' Tristan asked.

Arlen lifted his heavy black painted eyes from the ground, blinking slowly as if he was merely bored and hadn't just nearly been killed. 'It will take all of us to find her.'

'I can find her myself' Tristan argued.

'You're doing a pretty good job of it so far.'

'Barrel do something!' Woodworm called out to him.

'Why?' Barrel sang back. 'You all left me to die.'

'I saved your life' Woodworm said through gritted teeth. 'Does that mean nothing to you?'

Barrel shrugged. 'And then you left me to die. It cancels it out.'

'So this is revenge?' Woodworm snarled. 'What do you think will happen to you after we are killed?'

'I will let him go' Tristan said to him.

'You see' Barrel nodded to the prince. 'Everything will work out in the end…well…for me anyway.'

'And you trust him?!' Woodworm called. 'How can you be so fucking stupid?!'

'What do you mean?' Barrel asked.

'You know about Weather Makers. How can he let you live?'

'Ah.' Barrel said.

'Barrel has no reason to cause me more grief' Tristan explained simply. 'I will let him live.'

'Oh yeah' Woodworm chuckled humourlessly. 'You've been nothing but honest with us so far.'

'He's right' Annabel added, sitting up and holding her aching head. 'He's a liar. A liar! He will kill us all!'

'No!' Woodworm roared in fury, fighting in vain against the hands that held him down. 'I can't die! I can't meet her again!'

'Don't struggle' Tristan sighed wearily. 'You'll only make it worse for yourself.'

'How could this get any worse?!' Woodworm hollered back.

'Well' Blunkit said casually. 'I'm glad to see at least you're ok Barrel.'

'You too' Barrel laughed hysterically back. 'I do feel sad that this is the last we'll see of each other. I was just getting fond of you.'

'You're really going to kill us?' Flunkit asked.

'I'm getting tired of this' Tristan spoke turning to one of the soldier. 'Just hurry up and ki-'

'Wait!' Farrell shouted over the command.

'Don't bother. I planned to kill you before you escaped. But that wretched servant heard me say this. That's why she let you go. If she hadn't…you would all been dead by now, and I would have been saved the trouble of coming all the way out here and dealing with this nonsense.'

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