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   Chapter 105 No.105

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'Olithia' Tristan said rushing up to her. 'Are you alright? Are you hurt?'

'I'm fine' she said pushing him gently away and smiling.

'Why are you holding a knife?'

'She attacked me' Olithia said glancing down at Sonya casually as if nothing serious had happened.

Tristan rounded on Sonya with a snarl, pure rage filling his heart and soul.

'You would harm my wife and child?' he spat.

Sonya trembled beneath him in horror.

'She helped the others escape' Olithia told Tristan calmly. 'They're gone.'

Tristan tried to look for them, but they were already gone, escaped through several different windows and doors after they had scattered.

They were now lost in the night.

Tristan returned to the cellar. It stank, and the air was heavy.

Creeping down the stairs Tristan saw a single figure lying face down inside the cell. He reluctantly entered, turning the figure over with a foot, and saw to his surprise that the man was still alive.

'The others have escaped' Tristan told Barrel. 'They left you.'

Barrel blinked in confusion back up at Tristan, trying to understand what had happened and what he was saying.

'How are you still alive?' Tristan asked Barrel, noticing the state of him, the malnourishment, the fact that he had for some strange reason been attacked and beaten by the others he had shared his cell with.

Barrel did not answer him.

'You know where the others have escaped to, where they are heading from here' Tristan said to him. 'I will let you live if you tell me where they are.'

Tristan waited for an answer.

'Will you help me?'

Barrel closed his mouth, swallowing hard. His dry throat felt sore as he did so.

'Yes' Barrel rasped. 'I will.'

Days later

'What happened to you?' Shawn exclaimed at the sight of them. 'You all look like death.'

'Oh Shawn' Farrell groaned. 'It was horrible.'

The six of them once they had escaped, had spent several hours trying to find each other. After that, the small group had travelled on foot back to the town where Arlen, Shawn and Annabel waited, along the way they had stolen from wherever they could to find food. There wasn't much, but it was enough to keep them going.

'To think that I've been reduced to stealing just to stay alive' Farrell moaned unhappily at one point, as they lingered on the edges of a small village.

'Oh you'll get over it' Blunkit had said dismissively. 'We all need to do what we must to survive, and we need it more than they do' he said, indicating the peasants that cowered from them.

Even without weapons, even in a

state of malnourishment, the mercenaries were intimidating, perhaps even more so in their state of hunger. They were driven now by primal instinct, the need to live, to survive; to eat.

Woodworm snarled at a nearby child, and the boy had instantly burst into tears, running away in the opposite direction from his mother whom he had been clinging to.

It was no surprise that when they did finally return, Arlen, Shawn and Annabel were all shocked at the sight of them.

'We were captured' Blunkit explained more specifically, speaking to Shawn. 'For days we were trapped behind bars.'

'How did you escape?' Arlen asked them all in a level tone.

'We had some help' Carrot replied, speaking in his accent. 'But…I'm afraid we lost Barrel.'

'What are you talking about?' Arlen asked them raising an eyebrow. 'He's right here' he said indicating behind him.

The others looked past Arlen, their gaunt faces with mouths open in shock. Sitting atop a fine horse was Barrel. Beside him sat Tristan, mounted on his own white steed. Annabel nervously clung to Shawn at the sight of the prince, keeping her guard up.

'Barrel?!' Woodworm exclaimed. 'You're alive!' But his joy at the sight of him was short lived. 'How could you lead him here?' he said accusingly, pointing a finger at Tristan.

'How could you leave me behind?' Barrel replied calmly.

'We've just arrived here' Tristan told the others casually. 'It took a while for Barrel to heal. When we eventually got going, our journey was pleasant. We took our time.' He glanced at Barrel. 'He was only too happy to help me find you. I couldn't be sure if you had moved onto another town.'

'It's true' Barrel added. 'I was only too happy to help.'

'Traitor' Woodworm snarled under his breath, glaring up at Barrel.

Barrel smirked down at him. Beside him Tristan gave a signal. Instantly soldiers, bearing the crest of the prince, a wolf running up a mountain, stepped out from the alleyways adjacent to the road they stood on. The soldiers grabbed them roughly, subduing them and forcing them to their knees.

'Leave the girl' Tristan called over the heads of his men. 'And the other two' he added, meaning Shawn and Arlen.

The three were quickly released; Annabel composed herself as Shawn rounded on Tristan.

'What are you doing?!'

'You're going to kill us aren't you?' Farrell asked, glaring up at Tristan, hands behind his back as he was held by two soldiers. He leant away from the knife the soldier behind him held, wondering briefly what it must feel like running across his throat.

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