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   Chapter 104 No.104

The WeatherMaker Hearts Desire By Lady Lilium Characters: 5307

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Suddenly the door above them opened, and Sonya appeared.

'What are you doing to him?' she whimpered at the sight of Barrel on the floor.

'Is he dead?' Carrot asked.

Flute Stick shoved his head with his foot, staring down at him closely. 'He's still breathing' he said. 'I'm exhausted. We'll have to try again later.'

Woodworm turned to Sonya, reaching his hand towards her pathetically. 'Did you bring us some food?' he whimpered in a distant voice.


'Why not?'

'I'm going to let you all out' she said.

Woodworm's eyes instantly lit up. 'Really?' he said hopefully, feeling suddenly full of life.

Upstairs Olithia woke from her sleep. She left the bedroom, heading downstairs to the kitchen to satisfy a growing hunger. On the way, she hesitated, noticing the wall just inside the kitchen doors where the keys were hung. Something was missing. It was the key to the cellar, the one the prisoners were kept.

'I heard my mistress talking to her husband today' Sonya explained in a hushed voice. 'She asked the prince what he plans to do with you. He said he's decided to kill you all…tomorrow.'

'What time of day is it?' Woodworm asked her as if he hadn't heard what Tristan planned to do to them.

'It's night-time' Sonya replied. 'It's very late. My mistress would be in bed by now.'

'Why have you decided to help us then?' Farrell asked her flatly.

'Because of one small step of courage' Sonya said smiling weakly to Flunkit. The action seemed to be unfamiliar to her. 'I want to be free.'

'You made the right choice' Flunkit told her urgently. 'But you must hurry.'

Sonya drew a small key from her person, sticking it in the lock and turning.

The door swung open.

'Wait' Sonya whispered urgently to the others as they hurried past her, out of the cell and heading towards the stairs. 'What about him?'

The others hesitated, staring down at Barrel who lay on the floor still, seemingly knocked out but alive.

'Leave him' Woodworm said.

'What?' Sonya hissed.

'We can't take him with us. And we can't hang around here' Woodworm added. 'We have to get out of here.'

Sonya glanced uncertainly back at the still form of Barrel on the floor. She hesitated briefly before turning away to follow the others up the stairs, leaving the cell door open, and Barrel where he lay.

'I'm not familiar with this place' Flunkit said when they had reached the top of the stairs. 'Where are we?'

'Quickly' Sonya told them, skipping lightly past. 'Follow me, but you must be quiet, my mistress is a light sleeper.'

Sonya led the six of them down the dark corridor, all of them keeping as sile

nt as possible as they made their way. On several occasions Sonya whispered to the others to stay where they were, creeping forwards to check the rooms and make sure they were clear before proceeding. They walked in single file after her, glancing from side to side at the adjacent corridors, scared that someone was going to emerge from one of the rooms or corridors at any moment and find them. But no one did, it seemed that they were the only ones awake.

Or at least it seemed that way at first.

When Sonya rounded the final corner leading to the front door, she faltered, seeing a figure standing before her, a figure that had been waiting for her.

'Hello Sonya' Olithia purred. 'Fancy a late-night walk did we?'

Sonya's heart dropped to her feet, and she instantly paled, feeling nothing but stone cold.

The others behind her came around the corner, slowing to a stop they stared at Olithia uncertainly.

'My my' Olithia continued. 'You lot are becoming quite a hindrance.' She leant back on the front door, resting on the handle. 'This door is locked by the way' she said casually. 'It's usually left open, but I'm sure Sonya already told you all that.' She fixed the terrified handmaiden with a cold hard stare. 'Didn't you?'

Sonya whimpered pathetically, her breath quickening as Olithia took several steps forwards, coming to stand before her.

'What did they promise you?' Olithia asked in a deadly voice. 'Freedom? You won't get it.'

Something inside Sonya snapped then. Her face contorted in rage as she made a lunge for Olithia, intending to attack her, to hurt her, and release all the anger that had been bottled up inside her for all these years. All the suffering and pain and fear. But Olithia grabbed Sonya's hand in which she held the knife, hands clasped around the weapon, keeping Sonya's hand closed and forcing the point away. Sonya screamed in both fury and terror, struggling with Olithia who still held her tight in her grasp. Sonya whipped around to the others, still caught by her mistress in the struggle.

'Run!' she screamed. 'Run!'

They scattered.

'Sonya!' Flunkit hesitated, moving forwards towards her.

'Go!' she screamed at him, struggling with Olithia who refused to let go

'Come on brother' Blunkit urged him, grabbing his arm roughly and pulling him back. 'We have to go!'

Upstairs, Tristan heard Sonya scream, heard the commotion downstairs. Throwing back the sheets he tore down the corridor towards where the sound had come from. When he reached the front door, he saw Olithia holding a knife and standing over Sonya, who lay curled up and terrified on the ground.

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