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   Chapter 103 No.103

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'Well they can't get much worse.' She lifted her eyes to his and held his gaze, looking at him properly for the first time. 'You're the first one in years to show me true kindness.' She lowered her eyes to the ground again. 'Thank you.' Sonya glanced quickly behind her and back up the stairs. 'I have to go, my mistress will get suspicious if…' she left hastily before Flunkit could say anymore.

He gave a disappointed sigh, his body deflating as he watched her go.

'Hey' Blunkit said to him.

'What?' he answered his brother.

'I saved you something' Blunkit said lifting a chunk of stale bread.

Flunkit sighed wearily, feeling only resentment towards the bread.

'I would be far happier with a hot roast, with a stack of potatoes and loads of gravy.'

He took it gratefully from his brother nonetheless, thanking him for the trouble.

'Do you think we will get through to her?' Blunkit asked him.

Flunkit shrugged. 'Only time will tell.'

'I only hope it will not be too much time' Blunkit added as he considered the others around them.

Farrell was sitting quietly in the corner as usual, with his back to the room, Barrel and Woodworm were fighting again, having gained some energy to do so at the presence of food, however poor. And Carrot and Flute Stick were half-heartedly trying to break the two apart. After a while they gave up, and went to their own corner. Carrot slept, while Flute Stick sat beside him and stayed awake.

'What a sorry lot we are' Blunkit grumbled. 'I'm surprised we managed to get this far at all.'

'Luck must have been on our side' Flunkit replied. 'At least for a short time...'

Days passed and still they remained were they were. They at least had not been killed yet, but to say that they were alive would be an untrue statement. Days of living on poor food had left them all weak and lethargic. For most of the time now they sat there in listless silence, willing sleep to come, only so that it may pass the time. But it was hard to sleep on a solid floor, and they only succumbed to that blissful state, when their mind could no longer keep them awake, and the discomfort, at least for a short time didn't seem to matter.

For the most part recently they had simply ignored each other. Barrel, laughed half-heartedly now, even his laughter sounded weaker, and Carrot when he slept woke up screaming more than once, like Flute Stick had done. Flute Stick was there to comfort him, touching his shoulder lightly, letting Carrot know he was there. Carrot would slowly come to his senses and relax, remembering where he was and calming.

Sonya was letting her guard down. She still feared her mist

ress, but day by day she would dare to spend slightly longer down in the cellar, speaking to Flunkit. The others ignored them, reaching reluctantly for the scraps that had been left for them. The food tasted awful, whatever it was. Sonya didn't speak again of freedom, and still remained frightened of everything around her. But Flunkit still remained hopeful, long after the others had lost hope.

One day, an unknown number of days after the wine had started to run out, Barrel spoke.

'I want to die.'

Woodworm slowly turned towards him with hollow eyes; his face like the others had become gaunt.

'I could help you' he said.

'It seems perhaps that Tristan intends us to starve to death' Carrot spoke, 'or be driven mad with boredom.'

'Hey that actually sounds like a good idea' Blunkit said to Woodworm at Barrel's words.

'Don't say that' Flunkit frowned at his brother.

'Oh come now. I'm not scare of death, and neither are you.'

Flunkit only scowled at his brother.

'Death does sound quite appealing at this point, ' Flute Stick said in a mumble that was barely audible.

'Who's first then?' Woodworm spoke up.

Farrell regarded him silently. He thought nothing.

'I'm first' Barrel said rising.

Barrel walked over to where Woodworm sat on one of the empty barrels, Woodworm leant down to the floor, picking up an empty wine bottle. It took him several attempts to break the base, but when it was done he held Barrel by the shoulder, with the other hand he held the bottle, the sharp glass pointed to Barrel's throat.

'No don't do that' Flute Stick protected. 'You'll make a mess.'

'Bash his brains in' Carrot suggested.

'Strangle him' Blunkit added.

'Hold on' Barrel protested, but his words were cut short when Woodworm struck him.

Barrel stumbled back, landing heavily on the floor. 'You call that a hit?' he complained, crawling away from Woodworm and heaving himself up using the empty wine rack as support.

'Kill me properly.'

Farrell sighed wearily as he listened listlessly to the sounds of Woodworm trying to feebly beat Barrel to death.

'You're doing it wrong' Flute Stick whined. 'Here let me help.'

Farrell closed his eyes, wishing for it all to go away. Behind he heard the sounds of Flute Stick, Blunkit, Carrot and Woodworm slowly pummelling Barrel to death as he lay curled up on the floor. The only one who wasn't taking part in the long drawn out murder was Flunkit, who sat near Farrell by the bars of the cell, staring out towards the stairs. The exit.

Farrell contemplated saying something to Flunkit, but changed him mind quickly after, choosing instead to remain silent.

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