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   Chapter 102 No.102

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'Stop it' Carrot snarled at him. 'It will only be to our disadvantage to anger him.'

'So you thought you'd interrogate my wife' Tristan said to the others, ignoring Woodworm. 'And you planned to kidnap her I imagine, perhaps use her as a bargaining tool, perhaps a ransom even. You would have been wasting your time. I would have been glad to see her gone, and you would wish you had never taken her in the first place. I'm disappointed you didn't succeed.'

'It's like that is it?' Woodworm groaned. 'You're not the only one who's disappointed.'

'So' Tristan spoke to Farrell, ignoring the others now. 'There is nothing you can tell me that may help me find Amaia?'

'We seem to know as much as you at this point' Farrell admitted. He waited for a moment, considering the prince. 'Are you going to kill us?'

'That remains to be seen' Tristan spoke slowly.

'But think of how Amaia would feel' Barrel said, speaking for the first time in ages, 'if you kill him' he jabbed a finger towards Farrell. 'I doubt she would be very pleased about that.'

'I don't like you' Tristan narrowed his eyes at him. 'You laugh too much, and anyway' he went on. 'She needn't know. It will be as if you never existed' he said to Farrell.

'You would lie to her?' Farrell asked with a level voice, face expressionless.

'I would do anything to protect her, after all, she is my daughter.'

'You're wrong!' Farrell called after him as he made to leave. 'She has nothing to do with you! You're meddling in affairs that are none of your business. You are causing her more harm than good.'

'I am the one who protected her for most of her life' Tristan replied calmly back. 'If only you had done the same.'

Sonya continued with her boring and repetitive task, the knife she was given by Flunkit was hidden from view beneath her dress. She couldn't take her mind off it, the constant press of its steel touch against her skin was keeping her from concentrating on her work, and her mind began to wander.

She paused what she was doing for a moment, seeing a figure strolling through the room she worked, moving casually, a handsome figure, tall and lean and muscular. He approached Olithia, who was preening herself in the mirror. She jumped in surprised as the figure appeared suddenly behind her, turning and beaming up at him.

'Alan' she said rising to her feet. 'You're back. Did your hunting trip go alright?'

Alan gave her a quick hug, and Olithia embraced him lovingly back, sighing happily into his chest as he towered over her. He was the only person in the world Olithia truly cared about and trusted. Olithia alw

ays felt safer with him around. Her son.

'I've brought you a gift' Alan said to her, producing a beautiful fox-fur scarf from beneath his coat.

'Oh' Olithia exclaimed, hands going to her cheeks as she gazed upon the thing. 'How thoughtful of you' she said as she examined the scarf. 'My dear boy.' She caressed him tenderly, reaching up on her tip-toes to kiss his cheek. 'Thank you…'

Sonya watched the interaction between mother and son, feeling dead in her heart, and wishing more than anything for a better life. There was nothing in the world she wouldn't give to be someone else.

'Don't stop working' came a sharp bark from behind her. 'You've got plenty to do; you don't have time to dawdle.'

The order came from another servant, an older more experienced lady. Near enough everyone around her had the right to give her orders as the hierarchy amongst the servants in the house was based on age, and Sonya was one of the youngest here, in body and in mind.

Sonya glowered as she listened to the order, obeying silently but feeling resentment and anger stirring in her heart. It was at this point she took Flunkit's words more seriously, and she thought again of what he had said, but this time, considered it as a true possibility.

'Oh this is an exciting turn of events' Barrel chirped happily the moment Tristan had gone. 'Which of them do you think is the real father?' he asked the others.

'I don't care' Blunkit droned.

'Oh I can't wait to see how this turns out' Barrel went on gleefully, rubbing his hands together.

'How it turns out?' Flute Stick repeated. 'We could all be killed. That's how it could turn out.'

Barrel began to laugh hysterically then, the others simply turned away from him, even Woodworm who normally rose in anger to this sat quietly ignoring him. He was just too tired.

They all kept to themselves mostly from then on, each brooding on their own thoughts and feelings. Farrell sat alone in a corner, feeling thoroughly depressed, and wondering what Arlen, Shawn and Annabel were doing at this time. He was glad at least they were all far away from here and safe.

Sometime later, Sonya returned again, carrying another meagre tray of food.

The others were ravenous, and began to fight amongst themselves even before she had placed the tray on the floor. Flunkit however ignored to food completely, and spoke instead to Sonya.

'Have you decided what you will do?' he asked over the bickering voices of the others.

'My mistress is watching me' Sonya said fearfully. 'I…I can't…'

'Give it time' Flunkit said not giving up. 'Things will get better.'

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