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   Chapter 101 No.101

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'That's a terrible thing to hear.'

Sonya lowered her gaze.

'Tell me about yourself' Flunkit said.

Woodworm smirked to himself, whispering to Blunkit next to him. 'This is going to be easy.'

'There is nothing about me that's worth telling' Sonya said.

'Nonsense' Flunkit told her. 'Everyone has something interesting to tell.'

She didn't answer him, merely stood there still holding the tray.

'There is a big wide world out there' Flunkit told her. 'You could do so much more.'

Sonya's eyes lit up.

'What do you mean?'

'Surely you don't want to serve cruel masters for the rest of your life. What do you want to do? For yourself?'

'I…I never really…'

'Let me guess, you've never considered the possibility?'

Sonya glanced at him briefly, before her eyes flickered down to the ground again.

'Just think' Flunkit spoke, 'of all the wonderful things you could do for yourself, if you were free.'

He spoke these words, aiming at the one thing that was most important to any slave in life, the one thing that to her felt so far out of reach.

'Free' Sonya repeated weakly.

'You would like that wouldn't you?' Flunkit told her, pressing his advantage. 'To be free.'

'I've never wanted anything more.'

'It can happen' Flunkit went on. 'You could be free…if you wanted….if you tried…'

'How?' Sonya pleaded. 'I've been a slave for so long. I know little else. I can't do anything.'

'You can' Flunkit said, 'if you tried.


'It all begins' Flunkit said, reaching towards her, 'with one small step of courage.'

She drew back fearfully, staring wide eyed at Flunkit's hand.

'Take it' he told her.

Sonya put down the tray, and took the item he offered from him.

'Give this back to me' Flunkit told her, 'when you decide you want to be free.'

'How will I be free?' she asked him.

'I will help you.'


'If you help me escape' Flunkit said, 'and help the rest of us escape' he glanced behind him at the others, ' we will help you in return. We will all be free, and you will be able start a new life for yourself, just like you always wanted.'

'It's so risky' Sonya said hopelessly.

'Freedom is worth the risk' Flunkit told her. 'Just think about it.'

At that moment a shrieking call came from atop the stairs, it was Olithia, commanding Sonya to return.

'What's taking so long you wretc

hed girl?' came Olithia's voice. 'Must I follow you to make sure you're doing your work properly?'

Sonya tucked the item Flunkit had given her away, turning and rushing as quickly as she could back up the stairs.

'What did you give to her?' Farrell asked Flunkit when she had gone.

'A knife.'

'Where did you hide that?'

'I'm not saying.'

'You know' Woodworm said with hope in his voice, 'I think this might actually work.'

'The girl is….unbelievably impressionable' Flute Stick mused, leaning back and folding his arms behind his head as he lay down. 'I predict we will be out of here by tomorrow. God I miss daylight. This is just like being in that awful cave.'

'It feels wrong to exploit her' Farrell was saying regretfully to himself. 'She seems….so desperate.'

'The strong pray on the weak' Blunkit shrugged. 'That's just the way it's always been.'

Farrell turned away from all of them, looking up towards the stairs where Sonya had fled. He wondered what would happen to all of them in the end.

'That girl took an awfully long time taking the prisoners their food' Olithia told her husband casually, the instant she had sent Sonya away to perform another petty task. 'I think they're planning to escape and using her to do so. I'd keep an eye on them all if I were you.'

Tristan made a noise of agreement at his wife's advice, but really he wasn't listening. Just like most things she said to him, he barely noticed she was even there, let alone what she said.

'Yes' he mumbled not looking at her. 'I'll see to it.'

Olithia smirked in amusement, before walking away.

Sometime later, Tristan stopped what he was doing, and sat back in his chair to think.

'I should see them' he said to himself, 'I have to decide what to do with them.'

'We don't know where she is' Farrell said to him. 'That's why we came here in secret.'

'Yeah' Woodworm added. 'We don't trust you. You're a liar.'

'You say I'm the dishonest one here?' Tristan asked in mock amusement. 'I doubt that, a comment like that is a bit rich coming from the likes of you. Who are you anyway?'

'I'm not about to tell you anything about myself' Woodworm quickly retaliated.

'In any case' Tristan shrugged. 'I have ways to make you confess to anything……if I wanted.'

'Make your threats scum' Woodworm growled through the bars. 'You don't frighten me.'

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