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   Chapter 100 No.100

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'How did I get stuck here like this?' he mumbled incoherently to himself.

A short time later a figure descended the stairs beyond the bars that trapped them. She was a small female figure dressed in plain clothes and carrying a tray of meagre food.

'Oh' Blunkit said in a groan. 'You're that woman's handmaiden.'

'What woman?' Carrot asked him.

'The one we spoke to earlier' Blunkit replied. 'Olithia.'

'My name is Sonya' the small figure spoke in a quiet voice. She sounded as if she was not used to talking, only being spoken to.

Flunkit rose from where he sat, moving closer to the bars that caged them.

'I um…' Sonya mumbled quietly, 'this food is for all of you.'

'That is very kind of you' Flunkit said to her.

'My masters wish for me to bring this to you.'

'So they want to keep us alive' Farrell said not in the least bit relieved. 'At least for the meantime.'

'The prince said he would offer you drinks but you've probably already helped yourself to his wine' Sonya spoke. At this Barrel began to cackle.

Sonya placed the tray on the floor, just far away enough for her to be at a safe distance from their reach. She turned to leave.

'Wait!' Flunkit called after her.

The others gave him a strange look as Sonya hesitated, glancing fearfully up the stairs she had come from as if expecting an order to be thrown down at her, or to be scolded for being late. She looked back at Flunkit nervously.

'I've brought you food' she said. 'What more do you want?'

'What is such a young creature like you doing working as a slave?' Flunkit asked her.

'Hey that's a good one' Woodworm said. 'Gain her trust, convince her to help us then rip her throat out. I like it.'

'God will you just keep your mouth shut' Carrot sighed. 'You're as bad as Barrel.'

'I don't think so.'

'Listen.' Flunkit said to Sonya. 'Ignore the rest of them. They're not worth listening to.'

'Thanks' said his brother Blunkit.

'How did you come to be here?' Flunkit asked her.

'I…' Sonya began uncertainly.

'Speak girl' Flunkit said kindly. 'Don't be afraid. You can speak to me. How did you come to be here, in this retched place?'

'It was not by choice' the quiet girl spoke to her feet. 'My family were struggling with dept……and…'

'They gave you up?' Woodworm said loudly. 'Ha! That's unfortunate. HAHAHA!'

Sonya took a step back.

'No' Flunkit said. 'Please wait!'

But the poor

girl could take no more. She turned and fled back up the stairs she had come, with tears in her eyes.

'You idiot!' Flunkit snarled rounding on Woodworm. 'What did you have to do that for?'

'What?' Woodworm shrugged carelessly. 'I didn't do anything.'

'She could have put the food a bit closer' Carrot complained, reaching through the bars to grab the metal tray. 'Got it' he said triumphantly after a few seconds of trying. He pulled it closer.

The tray could not be pulled into the cellar without tipping the food, and so the others gathered around to eat the small portions given to them by reaching through the bars.

'Wait a minute' Woodworm spoke slowly as his thoughts processed. 'Are you…saying we can gain this girls trust? And….maybe……and you're serious about it?'

'I'm saying' Flunkit said through gritted teeth, 'that the next time she comes, you would do well to keep your mouth shut.'

'Wait, you are serious about this, aren't you?' Farrell spoke up. 'You really think it's possible to convince her to let us go?'

'It's the best hope we've got' Flute Stick grumbled at the thought, chin resting on his knees.

'She's quiet, submissive' Carrot said. 'It might be possible to sway her.'

'I think it's worth a shot' Blunkit shrugged hopefully. 'Good idea' he nudged his brother. 'It's not great, but it's the best we've got.'

It was several hours later that Sonya returned. She faltered with the tray in her hands, gazing back at the faces of the men behind the bars. They all stared at her now, smiling unconvincingly, all except for Flunkit, who appeared nervous.

'I'm sorry if the others scared you before' he said to her. 'Please forgive them for their crude soldier ways.'

Sonya said nothing, but stood there uncertainly with the tray in her hands.

'What time is it?' Flunkit began.

'The sun is setting' Sonya told him weakly.

'Is that it?!' Woodworm complained loudly. 'Just one day we've been here? It's felt like years stuck with you lot.'

Flunkit shot him a dark glare. The others were all glaring at him too.

Woodworm quickly fell silent, folding his arms and turning away.

'What have you got there?' Flunkit asked her, reaching to get a better look at the tray she carried.

'It's just…food.'

'You don't look happy here' he said to her. 'Why is that?'

'My life is very hard' she said to him sadly. 'I work hard every day, and my mistress is cruel.'

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